Is Nintendo's Lack of Online Gaming Experience Ruining Wii's Online?

Had Nintendo taken online gaming more seriously during the GameCube's lifespan, would Brawl's online play be better?

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ChickeyCantor3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

i don't think its "lack of experience", i think its nintendo who wants to do it Different....and apparently people think it sucks
Although to me Mario kart Wii online works fine, friendcodes still suck though.

but i guess its what you are used to.
If you come from Xboxlive i think it feels downgraded.

Also its per game though, its up to the developers on some parts how their online is going to be, just like EA did with MOH:2

And with 5 years of experience i do think their online would be MUCH better then what they have now.

PS360WII3893d ago

Yeah Nintendo just doesn't think online gaming is all that I don't think it's a problem really. It could be better sure but what couldn't get better?