SteamOS: Discussing the potential impact and unknowns of Valve’s next big thing

Could Valve's new operating system mean the end for consoles? Is there too many unknowns? Is it dead in the water? Pixel Enemy discusses Valve's first, big announcement.

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Timesplitter141457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I'm so excited for this, seriously. I'm guessing it'll be an OS you install on a computer that you buy just for the living room, turning it into a console/media-center equivalent.

But if the OS is good enough and gets enough support to replace windows, that would be just incredible. It's based on linux afterall, so all it needs is good software support (something like skype, for example, which isn't supported on linux anymore due to MS owning skype) and I'd totally get rid of windows

TekoIie1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I doubt Steam OS will replace windows. Do I think it will replace it for gaming though? Absolutely and I hope it does :)

Although should Steam OS actually be a hit, then it will be a big win for Linux which I really hope replaces windows :D

crxss1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I doubt steamos will replace anyone's current os. I'm thinking people would experiment with steamos through a partition or just get a separate machine

P0werVR1457d ago

Finally some sense!

Will it help games developers? YES!

Will Linux EVER replace Windows for general use?!...NO! And that is to you fanboys who keep transitioning this idea of consoles wars to OS.

UltimateMaster1457d ago

I still need windows 7 for some software.
But as far as gaming go, I'd trade away my gaming PC and change it to a Steam OS.
But given the fact that my other PC died, I can't make the jump yet and sacrifice the software programs I have in it. Maybe a bit later.

TekoIie1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )


You can have both a pick between the two when you boot up your PC :)

UltimateMaster1457d ago

Like Linux Ubuntu?
Cool, I'll have to try it out.

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ritsuka6661457d ago

It will probably takes a few years for Linux/SteamOS to take over Windows, but in Gabe Newell I trust.

badz1491457d ago

the unknowns remain too large for now. they specifically said "running on devices on your living room" but what is it? a SteamBox? any custom built PC?

I guess they are trying to offer a gaming pc without Windows but how will games work without Windows aside from re-coding them for the new OS? what about gamepads, which most of them still need drivers to be installed on Windows? or special gamepads needed? I don't think they can simply make the SteamOS as a derived version of Windows, right? that would be illegal and seeing how SteamOS will be offered for free, I don't think MS will want anything to do with it either! so many questions!

HarryB1457d ago

This os is going to bust. I'm not going to play computer games with a joystick. Its why I got a pc. Dont need it. Gotta be stupid if you think counter strike players and dota players are going to dump their keyboards and mouse for a joystick.

battlegrog1457d ago

Ive been playing cs since the first one. Ive been waiting for the day to play it comfy with a good controller on the couch that has pc mods.That day is going to come true, Apparently they are going to release a controller with better latency and precise aiming then the other consoles. I thnk if its good enough and controls are made well for it,It can be good.

HarryB1457d ago

You just said counter strike and joystick. You know how stupid that sounds? Are you an idiot? That means you never played counter strike. And what kind of moron wants to play counter strike with a joystick against others with keyboards and mouse. All this because you want to sit on your couch? You can do that already all flatscreen have hdmi inputs. I do it to play bf3 on ultra settings and I'd kick your ass with a pistol if you played me with a joystick. Fuck outta here.

HarryB1457d ago

And cloud gaming is good for one thing. Memory space. I can save mh settings online that's great. But everyone's been doing that. Shits going to bust. It already did.

The_Infected1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I disagree. Some people might like to try Steam and play while comfortable sitting on the couch like a console. It's an alternative to the two console makers. I'd love to try SteamOS on the big screen sitting comfortable with a controller.

Pintheshadows1457d ago

Take your tower downstairs and plug it into your TV then.

The_Infected1457d ago

Don't have one. To expensive for me to build a PC. Here's hoping for a cheaper Steam Console. Lol

ElementX1457d ago

I play my Windows PC on my TV via HDMI and I don't need Linux to do it. I also have the ability to play games which came out years ago which will never be ported to Linux.

ninjahunter1457d ago

Im curious about the numbers behind the performance gains. My lappy is getting a little aged and something like a 20% performance gain would make my day.

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