IGN: Namco Bandai Brings it On - Finally, an excuse to wear our skirts

IGN writes: "- Namco Bandai unveiled another casual "We" game at its Editors Day event yesterday: We Cheer. So you didn't make the cheerleading squad at your school -- no worries! Now you can lead cheers all day and all night on your Wii. A music/rhythm game that uses the Wii Remote like a pompom, We Cheer is aimed at teen and pre-teen female gamers (although Namco Bandai is crossing its fingers that a few young boys will want in on the action, too, based on the trailer it showed at the event).

We Cheer is doing something no other Wii game does: it requires two Remotes to play. One remote is held in each hand and the player follows onscreen gestures in time with the music. The Nunchuk doesn't work, it's gotta be two Remotes. This means anyone who hasn't bought additional Remotes (anyone?) cannot play We Cheer."

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