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Killzone Shadow Fall new multiplayer trailer and season pass details

As you can tell we’re pulling out all the stops for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer, and we already have a several forms of downloadable content planned for extensive post-launch multiplayer support. In addition to new competitive multiplayer maps – which, as we mentioned before, will be released for free – we’re also working on paid expansion packs that will further enhance your online experience. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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xHeavYx  +   868d ago
Not a big fan of FPS, but I played this game at PAX and it looks amazing, so I'll have to get my hands on this
black0o  +   868d ago
600+ hours on KZ2
200+ hours on KZ3 -didnt like it that much-

cant wait for this one and i'm sure i'll hit the 500h mark at less
lastofgen  +   868d ago
600 hours??
Dang. Honestly, I could never spend that much time on any one game.
Hatsune-Miku  +   868d ago
wowy wowy wowy. best shooter confirmed for this year, imo. i cant wait. im sorry ive been KILLZOWNED by those graphics gameplay and sounds. i cant wait. graphics looks better than reality

first day, first hr,first minute.
FATAL1TY  +   868d ago
looks amazing ★ True Next Gen ★
ZBlacktt  +   868d ago
When I earned this.

I was here.

When I plated KZ3, I went and ordered KZ3 online off the PSN and Plated that as well. I know those feels.
black0o  +   868d ago
@lastogen trust me back then KZ2 MP had something new everyday ''pistol only, eng vs eng, med vs med ...etc'' it was challenging and refreshing everyday, and we could do the same in the clan matches as well Ooh man the fan we had

KZ2 MP was the best MP this gen in my opinion

@zblacktt respect sir
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NarooN  +   868d ago

I clocked in around 5,000+ hours total on KZ1 online, but that was over a period of 4+ years, and it was one of the main games I played at the time.
Eonjay  +   868d ago
Deepest graphical detail of a console game to date by a mile. Best looking console game ever.
Imagine this on the big screen display at 60FPS... chills!
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TheOneEyedHound  +   868d ago
Off Topic: but I spend 2376 hours on MGO2 not counting single player.

600 hours is alot for a game like killzone, but I am sure I'll get close to that.
cell989  +   868d ago
Killzone 2 changed my life in regards to FPSs, I never saw Call Of Duty the same again, and I was about to finally try Halo 3, but I played this game and my FPS career has never been the same
AlexanderNevermind  +   868d ago
I'm sure I put in almost the same (470 hrs on K2 - just checked). I maxed out 2 accounts on K2. I didn't quite max out my K3 account as I didn't care as much for it. K2's hour long warzones were effin amazing. My favorite FPS.
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black0o  +   868d ago
^^ i only max out one account
rezzah  +   868d ago
To this day I still wait for an MP exp like that of KZ2s.

I don't recall my hours but I know my personal best was in the top 900s.

My younger brother who is generally better at FPSs was somewhere between 600 - 200.
Magicite  +   868d ago
I believe thats multiplayer, single for FPS usually is 10-15h
NukaCola  +   868d ago
I remember when I got the 1%. Longest week of my life.
LOL_WUT  +   868d ago
That spawn camping with rockets good times ;)
King-u-mad  +   868d ago
@lastofgen You can't play a single game for more than 600 hrs? Do you need a new game every month or something? Spending 600+ hrs on a game you like is completely normal for most real gamers.
Themba76  +   867d ago
i spent close to 1000 hours on bf3
NewMonday  +   867d ago
I keep saying this, the best thing about the PS4 is the lightning quick loading, going from the OS to a MP game and start shooting in 8 seconds

the long load times stooped me from switching games and I just kept on plying BF3 on and on, but next gen we can switch games and start playing faster then changing maps on a single game this gen.
lsujester  +   867d ago

So you're saying you have to be near OCD about particular games before you can be a "real" gamer? I've put in a good bit of time to mp in games like Killzone, BF, COD, etc. But I also try to play a lot of games. I could have spent this entire year playing BF3, but instead I played Tomb Raider, Ni no Kuni, DMC, Sly Cooper, MGR, MLB 13, SimCity, TLOU, Remember Me, GTAV, and a hell of a lot more that I can't remember right now. Maybe I didn't platinum any of them, but I did beat every story and experienced what that game had to offer mp-wise, if any.

If anything, I'd say someone who wants to play as many as possible is a real gamer. Those who play one game for the entire time are just simply KZ3/BF3/UC3/COD/etc players.
insomnium2  +   867d ago

LOL i believe my perspective is kinda crooked. I only game for about 5-6 hours per week. I have 2 jobs and my 3 kids (and wife) to attend to. I still consider myself a real gamer though :)

To me putting even 100 hours into one game is much. It takes MONTHS of gaming at my pace but hey we all have our own situations and perspectives. ;)

I just pre-ordered Dragon's Crown YAYYY!
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abzdine  +   867d ago
i dont know how long time i spent on KZ2 but it's TOO many hours, especially for the 1% trophy.

KZ2 platinum is my biggest pride, more than WipEout HD..
Jaces  +   868d ago
Is anybody else addicted to that *bleep* after a kill? Gave me chills just now watching the vid, can't wait to jump back online!
jahfen83  +   868d ago
YES! Im loving the bleep!
Sevir  +   868d ago
That's the Killzone Staple... ;) I absolutely love it. Mercenaries is so awesome. Been getting my fix of KZ with that on Vita.
yaz288  +   868d ago
bleep bleep bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep..

6 kill, one shot bazooka. (kz2.. it was chaos)
I will always remember that kill :) that was one of the coolest thing ever happening to me in mp .. the long bleep made me laugh so hard.

I hate the point system in kz3 (how it appear after every kill) I just want the bleep
XisThatKid  +   868d ago
Yes! Actually it's my text notification ringtone.
Insomnia_84  +   867d ago
I recently heard that *bleep* in a dream! >.<

Too much Killzone Mercenary I think. That's all I've been playing in and out of home.

Try close headshots with the M4 in Mercenary and watch half their head be blown to pieces! Effing awesome! Close shotgun headshots blow the whole head, those are the ones I know that blow their brains so far.
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Kurt Russell  +   867d ago
I'm new to the world of KZ (only got started on the MP of KZ3 about a month ago) and I am already hooked to that little blip!
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BallsEye  +   868d ago
I just wish they will tone down the lens flare a bit. It's everywhere and it's blinding.
_FantasmA_  +   868d ago
You said it looks amazing, but how did it play?? As long as its better than 2, I definitely see this game sucking the life out of me. I need a good shooter that I can play everyday like I used to back in the days on Counter Strike.
solid_snake3656  +   867d ago
PS4 exclusives look so good right now, imagine how sweet they will look in 2-3 years
Convas  +   868d ago
No new map footage makes me a sand panda. Looks great overall though and co-op survival modes sounds like it'll be great too.
MasterCornholio  +   868d ago
"No new map footage makes me a (sand panda)"

I know what you mean.
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DoomeDx  +   868d ago
Woohoo! Coop mode officially confirmed!
DoomeDx  +   868d ago
Why disagree? :/
Deadpoolio  +   868d ago
You know it's not co-op campaign right? It sounds more like Co-op horde mode than anything else
DoomeDx  +   868d ago
Yeah so? Still a Coop mode isnt it?
TheDivine  +   868d ago
Nice to see GG catching up to the standard Halo and Gears set a generation ago. I mean that in a good way, I've always loved KZ but 3 and Mercenary are 4-5 hour campaigns and lacking any extra modes like hoard or firefight. Outside of mp there's no longevity.

Also what's up with the season pass if maps are free? Is it going to be pay to win? What else could they charge for?
Angeljuice  +   867d ago

Try reading the article!!! The season pass is for the newly announced coop play and maps for it etc.
Xsilver  +   868d ago
Day One.
solidworm  +   868d ago
Damn those visuals are insane. Can imagine this on my TV with the audio banging. Good times a coming.
Starbucks_Fan  +   867d ago
Anyone know if this will have 3D?
mdluffy  +   868d ago
Same footage, that people got from the press site.
Still looks so freaking good, best looking launch game.
Still waiting to see more singleplayer footage, wanna see new stuff!
nategrigs  +   867d ago
I did notice that a guy explodes at 1:03 (I haven't seen that before), but yeah I can't wait to see some new stuff
majiebeast  +   868d ago
I can live with a season pass seeing as all future maps are gonna be free.
Regis  +   868d ago
NO they are not free as they are included in the season pass which is $20
TKCMuzzer  +   867d ago
All standard multiplayer maps are free. Only the co op maps are included in the season pass. Read the original article, its all explained by the devs themselves.
Majin-vegeta  +   867d ago
Learn to read.
Godz Kastro  +   868d ago
I dont know why but this game just doesnt appeal to me. Maybe because it resembles Crysis which is another game I just cant muster up enough interest to get into. Happy gaming to those who can.
ABizzel1  +   868d ago
You have to try it. I'm not a fan of Crysis, but I love Killzone. They look a like both having high-end graphics, but they play completely different.

Crysis gameplay is just off to me, but Killzone has it's own style but if I had to compare it it's like a cross between Gears (heavy, powerful weapons, cover shooter) and COD (great controls, and now 60fps).
_FantasmA_  +   868d ago
Crysis blows. I can't even get into that game. There' something about those games that just makes my head hurt. Killzone wasn't that great, going off of number 2, but Killzone Mercenary has changed my mind. I hope the controls are similar because its the one thing that I feel was preventing Killzone from being a first class shooter (well maybe some non generic characters and deeper storyline wouldn't hurt either but most shooters have neither of these anyways).
TheDivine  +   868d ago
That's the one thing that turns me off SF. They totally took too much from Crysis, the color pallet, open world ish, the power suit, hell it looks more like Crysis 4 than KZ. Outside of graphics it has nothing I love from KZ. Seems far more generic.
BlackTar187  +   867d ago
Divine i know its no coincidence you are making multiple undercover pot shots at the game right?
Thisisjuju  +   868d ago
Does anyone else think the vid quality sucks? Even on 1080P? Just seems really blurry and washed out compared to other footage.
majiebeast  +   868d ago
Youtube quality has been crappier then ever, lets hope Gamersyde uploads the footage.
Thisisjuju  +   868d ago
Yeah I got a 60FPS trailer downloaded from there in 1080P. Gave a real representation of how good Killzone really looks.

No matter how the game ends up, this is a big technical achievement.
Pandamobile  +   867d ago
A technical achievement? Really?
xKugo  +   868d ago
The quality of Youtube videos can't keep up with the newer games footage and they probably already know this. Expect to see some form of update on video playback from them sometime soon. Might even incorporate 60fps playback, like Gamersyde.
LetoAtreides82  +   868d ago
Doubtful it would come soon, people have been asking Youtube for video quality upgrades for years.
Shane Kim  +   868d ago
Can't wait.
xKugo  +   868d ago
Great idea making all maps free, which is going to keep the community from becoming separated. Gg, GG!!!
Thisisjuju  +   868d ago
I know!

I have this problem with my friends on BF3. Not everyone has premium so we have to specifically search for old maps which we have already played to death.

Hope they set a trend.
Tctczach  +   868d ago
Graphics are awesome. Gameplay looks a little heavy though. Kind of slow. Love the machete.
Deadpoolio  +   868d ago
Thats how it's supposed to be...People who want COD gameplay should just stick to COD and leave Killzone alone...That heaviness is what made Killzone 2 so amazing, obviously they learned after the backlash of KZ3 playing to much like COD
Tctczach  +   868d ago
Leave Killzone alone? I can't make a comment about a game? Never said I preferred COD. I mostly play battlefield. It just looks to heavy is all I said. If you can't handle a little comment like that then I apologize.
dragon82  +   868d ago
His response comes from the fact that KZ2 was amazing with its "heavier" feel. Then the COD crowd started crying about it every chance they got and GG changed it up in KZ3 to appeal to all the people crying about it. The result was that KZ3 didn't feel like KZ anymore. It felt like COD. True KZ fans want things to go back to how they were in KZ2.
PCfanboy  +   868d ago
looks generic
solidboss  +   868d ago
i agree. nothing about this game draws me. i had kz2 and it was fun for a while but eventually moved on to bfbc2. why doesn't this game include vehicles? not that im sucking on bf4 or anything, but DICE is the only company so far in the shooter category to do vehicle warfare right. halo would do it even better if given a grander scale. you would think a futuristic sci-fi shooter would give you vehicles in multiplayer, yet it seems to me like its the same generic thing from the past games.
EDIT: i was more impressed with kz: mercenaries given it was on the vita.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   868d ago
Because not all games need to follow other examples.

Killzone has always been known as a infantry shooter with more of a skill base than most shooters.

And it should stay that way.

I'm sorry but I hate a lot of you casual Killzone players that pick up the game and cry and say it needs this and that which is why kz3 turned out the way it did.

Please leave my fav fps series alone and go play bf if u want vehicles
Sevir  +   868d ago

Well, Go play Battlefield... Simple as that!
bjmartynhak  +   868d ago
I'm glad they don't put vehicles. It is the only thing that I try but can't like in BF.
black0o  +   868d ago
kz isn't BF .. see very simple
givemeshelter  +   867d ago
Different game. Can't compare the two
Deadpoolio  +   868d ago
Let me guess though you love you some Halo or COD?
#13.2 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Tctczach  +   868d ago
Skill base? Hahaha. Aim and shoot is not hard. Does it have bullet drop? No. So no skill base.
Tctczach  +   868d ago
I concur
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   868d ago

Very little aim assist to no aim assist + 20 variables of how bullets react + heavy weight feeling .

To be actually beast at Killzone 2 took way more skill than any other fps I have played this gen with the closest thing being halo to rival the skill curve.

Kz3 = a joke was hardly skill based

Kzsf= no aim assist, waiting on footage from final build when all guns are balanced to make a judgment then.

Just because it don't have bullet drop doesn't mean it's not skilled.

- Top 5 kz2 clan
- Pro sponsored on bf3 ps3 (Top 3 clan)

So I have had experience with competing shooters and I'm not drawing this from no where
#13.3.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report
Tctczach  +   868d ago
I have played my share of shooters and the only ones that take skill would be bf3 and halo. Halo only because of the br and dmr. Kz2 was way to slow paced and that was because of the weight. It was like controlling a character that weighed a ton so no it was not a great game.
abusador  +   868d ago
Like king of generic Crysis, right?? Lol
AnteCash  +   868d ago
so does your post
GABRIEL1030  +   867d ago

PCfanboy is a very accurate nickname for you !

C'mon the game looks great, all the MP maps will be free and the DLC is cheap.
Destrania  +   868d ago
:-O ...this looks so f'n awesome!
Holeran  +   868d ago
Love the beep when you kill someone for some reason it is very satisfying.
cell989  +   868d ago
headshots and the chirp sound go hand in hand
Ticklez  +   868d ago
I have 238 days played on socom con.. Too much of my life gone right there ..
cell989  +   868d ago
yay!!! coop modes available!
KrisButtar  +   868d ago
I will pick this game up sometime when its on sale but I needed/wanted a FPS with local mp in the house and now I'm left with picking up Ghosts. KZ does look awesome and was hoping to get everyone away from COD but we all love the local mp
ipe  +   868d ago
1300h on kz2, cant wait
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   868d ago

I have also played bf3 and at our highest point of being the #2 team on bf3 and seeing the competition in and out there were very few actual good team/players.

The only clan in bf3 that we're any good IMO were QxD,AoB,LoD,6FU (became decent), TAo

Now on the flip coin I have played kz2 in and out and it def had way more competition and had better skill based players.

It's ur opinion if u think kz2 wasn't great but to me just sounds like u were bad at the game and just couldn't get used to the feel and decided to ditch it.
badboy776  +   868d ago
PCfanboy  +   868d ago
This game should be free to PS +
This game is a joke do not understand what all the hype.
dragon82  +   868d ago
Good games aren't for everyone.
inf3cted1  +   868d ago
Eh, ill stick with bf4
dcj0524  +   868d ago
Eh, I'll get both
shimme01  +   868d ago
Guns sound like Sh#te but thank God for the visuals
BeardedPriest  +   868d ago
I could have sworn they said it would be free.
Majin-vegeta  +   868d ago
Read the damn article jeezus christ.Theres both free and paid DLC.
Goku781  +   868d ago
Killzone has been a bumpy ride, but an undeniable graphic powerhouse. My day one purchase even though I'm not a hardcore shooter fan.
cunnilumpkin  +   868d ago
so wait.....
I have to buy the $400 console
pay $60 for 1 year of online play
buy this game for $65
then buy the "season pass" for $20 to get all of the game I just bought(worst bs scam bullshit ever, F all DLC)

so, $545 for 1 year of playing killzone?

and if I want anymore games besides the free ones, which is cool, but they are all already free on pc with way better graphics and performance and way larger communities

so anymore game and I gotta pay $65

so say I get 3 more games all year

$740 for the ps4 and 4 games and 1 year of online gaming?

and the sad thing is the xbox1 is an even worse deal!

nah.....I think I can wait until these things are WAY cheaper and there are like 50 good games out that I can get nowhere else and they cost $20 in the bargin bin

killzone was never a true AAA shooter, I certainly ain't paying $545 just for one generic space pew pew game
nades_all_night  +   868d ago
You dont have to buy the season pass to play. Did you even read the details? If you did, you must have trouble comprehending. Also, IF you can get ALL the free games on PC then why not stick with your rig? (There are games you cant get on PC, by the way) You don't have to buy anything. someone holding a gun to your head? Hold on I'll call for help.
#27.1 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cunnilumpkin  +   868d ago
no, you misunderstand me, my point is, isn't it overly greedy to have a LAUNCH title talking about the freaking season pass?

they KNOW you just dropped $500 to get their game and still have the audacity to stick their dirty little hands out for an extra $20

granted, I realize the game is only $65, like all console games have been last gen, but, it is only available on a new $400 system that charges me $60 for online as well and its like the only worthwhile launch game that I cannot get anywhere else (knack looks kinda cute for a kid, but you get my point)

I just think its tacky as hell and next gen is going to be an even worse spectacle of greed

I think I will vote with my wallet and give my money to devs like CD Project Red who make drm free games that have LOADS of free "dlc"

I'll support valve as well, and any other devs who aren't unabashedly in it solely for the money!

and I realize it is just business, and the money is the reason most people get into it
its just disturbing to me and it points to next gen being even worse than last gen with the day one dlc garbage

and please don't think I am bashing sony, I think the ps4 offers a far better value than the xbox1

but I think they both are not offering enough for me to spend that kind of money

now if they both would play ALL of my ps3 and 360 games and upscale them to native 1920x1080p with 4x anti aliasing

then we would not even be discussing this and both systems would be pre-ordered for me, but, I be sony and ms both cannot wait to RE-SELL me the games I already own, they are licking their chops!~
dcj0524  +   868d ago
Its only for co-op. The competitive maps are free. Did you read the article? And both BF4 and GHOST are charging $50+the regular $60.
GABRIEL1030  +   867d ago
c'mon, you need to be relaxed, take a don't want to buy the game, the console or the DLC, is ok, nobody is forcing you, is only a game. All the competitive maps will be FREE, only co op mode will require payment, 20 bucks, others subscriptions are much expensive like B4 Premium 50 USD.
#27.2 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kenshiro100  +   867d ago
Just say you have no interest in this game and get over it. Seriously. You make other PC gamers look bad with your attitude.
ziggurcat  +   867d ago
1. i don't recall them holding a gun to anyone's head, forcing them to purchase the season pass.

2. why you continue to troll sony-related articles with your PC elitist garbage is beyond me. even more mind boggling is that you still, somehow, have 3 bubbles.

3. the game won't be $65 (i don't know where you're getting that price from since they said a *long* time ago that games will be the same price as new, current gen prices).

4. it's only $50 for PS+, and you're getting a lot of value out of that $50 (it's not $50 just for online multiplayer).

5. do us all a favour, and stay out of PS4 articles...
_FantasmA_  +   867d ago
That is why you are fat. Nobody likes you. I hope you land on your back and can't get up.
KontryBoy706  +   867d ago
Looking very good!
fyapitt  +   867d ago
Titanfall smashing everything on this ps3.5
Evilsnuggle  +   867d ago
Hahahahaha titanfail last gen 720 p. Killzone true next gen 1080p 60fps .xbone one 80 can do true 1080p 60fps xbone upscale alert buzz buzz .lol lol lol
#29.1 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EastBayPunk  +   867d ago
I'm looking forward to this game and think it'll be great.. but this is an underwhelming trailer.. they need to learn from DICE on how to make good MP trailers... and no I'm not a BF fanboy.. I play everything I can get my hands on
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