PlayStation Vita Memory Card & Software Bundles Launch

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has launched the first of a newseries of PlayStation Vita Memory Card bundles, including a voucher to download eight videogame titles as part of the package. This is an extension of the campaign that began with the console bundle which included ten titles and is billed as the PS Vita Sports & Racing Mega Pack.

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Rockets121638d ago

Why don't we have any of these bundles in NA?

Transporter471638d ago

Honestly I think they are doing a test run, if it succeeds over there they will do it here in NA

nevin11638d ago

They should bring this for Black Friday.

lategamer1638d ago

Geez, I would really like a VITA but it seems like EU gets all the cool deals.

They get the Vita Mega Pack while NA gets the Walking Dead Bundle.

They get these memory card bundles.

AND to top it off there PS Plus shits on NA. This month they got Jak & Daxter for Vita, NA got GTA PSP.

OldGirl1638d ago

This bundle is nothing to be that excited over.

paul-p19881638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Not too bad a bundle, but i wish they would stop bundling PSP games with them. I like playing my PSP games on my Vita, but when it is advertised as a Vita bundle i would expect it to be solely Vita games....

EDIT: I thought there was a Vita Wipeout game, why include the PSP version?