Apple iMac 2013 Refresh Focuses on Gaming - Nvidia 700 Series, Iris Pro Graphics and Haswell Introd.

Apple iMac 2013 Refresh was just launched. The 2013 refresh of the iMac includes Iris Pro Integrated Graphics, Nvidia 700 Series Dedicated Graphics and Faster Intel Haswell Processors.

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cococabana1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Dont see why Apple even bothers with Good Graphic Cards, its not people buy Apple to Game :/

DamntaionEternal1490d ago

ikr..... Its wierd that people use iMacs for gaming lol....

xharrypotterx1490d ago

You know this Apple hate should be a thing. Like Racism :|

Pandamobile1490d ago

It's almost like graphics cards are used for other things besides gaming.

ATi_Elite1490d ago

I about spit my starbucks out when I read Nvidia 700 series GPU but those silly iMac's are using Mobile GPU's!

well at least the GPU's are current Gen unlike most macs that use old Gen GPU's and still charging $4000 for a computer.

After the HUGE SteamOS announcement Macs will be getting a lot more business and Gamers.

I already have OSX running smoothly on my PC so I doubt I will ever buy a MAC...YUCK!

2pacalypsenow1490d ago

Macs look Better than about 98% of the worlds PC's Macs are the best looking compared to other non customized Computers

jimbobwahey1490d ago

I'm the opposite, I use an iMac but run Windows 7.

I stick to Windows because it's what I know and it's easy to setup dual operating systems via bootcamp, but the iMac is hands-down the most reliable computer I have ever owned in my life. Sure their systems are expensive but damn, those guys know how to build good, stable and reliable hardware.

It's the same reason I use the iPhone too. After having so many crappy phones for so long, I took the plunge and coughed up the cash for an iPhone 3 years ago, and it's still working perfectly today. I really wish other companies took that much care with their hardware design and reliability.

badz1491490d ago


looks? that's it? looks are subjective at best and you think EVERYBODY drools over how Apple's products look?

some people might have too much money in hand to buy overpriced Apple products but a smart consumer knows what worth buying! no gamer in their sane mind buy Macs for their gaming needs! Mac's prices make Alienwares look like a bargain! - and a more powerful specs to boot too!

hiredhelp1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

"Sure their systems are expensive but damn, those guys know how to build good, stable and reliable hardware. "

Actually Foxconn makes there devices same they make majority other major things like motherboards mobile phones ect.
But your right they do design great devices simple smart easy to use I use my ipad everyday just got ipad 4 love it play clash of clans poker use it for n4g every single day like i had 3 years ago when bought ipad 1st gen. I dont have to worry about viruses.

Obviously for anything else proper gaming i use my PC but linux is growing so are games library.
Why tye hate i think its more lets do what everyone else is doing jump on hate train pethetic yes there dam costly over priced my eyes. But i love the device i use.

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Ohlmay1490d ago

If you look on Steam, there's actually a fairly decent library of games available for Mac OSX. I personally game on Windows, but OSX still has a decent library of games.

Hazmat131490d ago

i love my iMac, GTX680mx is awesome. don't know why people hate them. i love it.

Pandamobile1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

You could probably build two half decent computers for the price of an iMac with a 680M. That's why people don't like them.

Kyur4ThePain1490d ago

"two half decent computers"
And that's why there will always be those who prefer a Mac.

Half-Mafia1490d ago

I would like to see you build 2 computers with iMac specs and 2 monitors @2560x1440 res.

Pandamobile1490d ago

For the price of an iMac with a GTX 680M, you could build two $800 desktops with a 24" 1080 monitor each.

Hazmat131489d ago

well i just love how simple it is, i love how hardcore PC gamers hate this. get all mad when its my money thats im spending. besides i got it for my family or very old imac was on its last legs so i decided to upgrade. the graphics card is just a nice to have. so stop crying about it and be a gamer, not a fanboy.

Pandamobile1489d ago

No one is getting mad here. You just said that people get mad, and I explained to you why some people might see that as a silly investment.

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2pacalypsenow1490d ago

Gaming on mac "aint nobody got time for that!"

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