Videogamer: Monster Madness: Grave Dange Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "Previewing a port of game we've already reviewed is never easy, so we can't say we were overly thrilled when Southpeak Games' Monster Madness: Grave Danger arrived through our letter box. In the middle of last year we wanted Monster Madness on the Xbox 360 to be a modern Zombies Ate my Neighbours, but it ended up feeling rather dated without the nostalgia. Now coming to the PlayStation 3 with the Grave Danger subtitle, we headed back into the zombie infested world to see if any significant changes have been made.

As in the Xbox 360 version you are thrown into the deep end, as a marauding pack of cold-blooded Zombies storm into the sanctity of your living room. From thereon in you're exposed to a consistent stream of undead beasts of human and animal descent. There are quiet moments on occasion, but the emphasis here is on hack 'n' slash and trigger happy combat, with a mixture of button mashing combat and Geometry Wars-style directional shooting."

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