Battlefield 4 50 cal sniper rifle gameplay

Gameplay of the Barret 50 cal sniper rifle has surfaced for Battlefield 4. TNT Gamer also takes a closer look at some of the things you may of missed in the video at a first glance.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141486d ago

Gun seems OP as hell.Luckily it's just a spawner and not unlockable.Should make for some interesting team scrambles for it tho..

And good to see BF hasn't changed, support still hogging those ammo packs while you risk death standing in front of them begging for ammo lol

TNTgamer1486d ago

See I thought that, but then I had second thoughts and thought that someone may of died and dropped it up there?

MWong1486d ago

I thought the M82A3 was going to be OP also, but it was balanced with limited ammo. If really good the user can get a maximum of 30 kills before having to ditch the gun. In defense of the support guy, it wouldn't have done anything for the M82A3 anyways, since you cannot refill it.

sAVAge_bEaST1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

It seems like it has a hell of a lot less bullet drop, than normal sniper rifles. -That gun is definitely a beast, & semi-auto.

Monkeysmarts1486d ago

The real Barrett is ridiculously powerful. It's honestly underpowered in any game I've seen it in.

xxxsiegezzz1484d ago

All guns are underpowered in 99% games.

nades_all_night1486d ago

I like the fact that you cannot reload the gun, but I'd like to see more recoil. Its a .50cal for goodness sake. As far as everything else about the gun, it seems legit and balanced.

ZBlacktt1486d ago

And that high wind storm is not affecting those shot, lol....

grenadeh1486d ago

Are people going to die when you kill their asses or is this just going to be another joke of a .50 to add to the pile of every game that makes this gun a joke? Like how the Barrett in BF3 is a .338 Super Lapua and that apparently means that, although it is referred to as a magnum round, it still can't kill anyone in one hit without a headshot.

I've hit people in the face with the Barrett on HC in BF3 and still not killed them. Here's an idea: Omit the gun entirely. Obviously EA can't handle it.