Spider-Man: Web of Shadows teaser and info

Activision announced today that Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is currently in the works from Shaba Games and Treyarch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC. Although it wasn't ready to say too much about the action-adventure game, Activision did tell us that Web of Shadows will be set in a free-roaming, open-ended New York that combines web slinging with customizable superpowers. There will be the traditional combo attacks on the ground, but the game will also feature a brand new emphasis on vertical combat as gamers take Spidey to the skies and duke it out with bad guys.

However, it might not just be foes who are getting socked in the jaw. According to Activision, Spider-Man's latest adventure will let players choose how they want to play -- if folks want to be the friendly neighborhood superhero, they can, but they can also ignore missions and be the anti-hero who is only looking out for himself. Marvel heroes and villains will pop up in the adventure, and gamers will have the ability to change sides as they see fit.

Activision is keeping its lips sealed about what Spider-Man is up against in the new game but we know it's a threat to the entire world and that it can do some real damage to New York. From the one screenshot and teaser trailer, it looks like Spidey's up against a number of villains who can redecorate buildings and create giant oozing black tendrils. The black gunk and the alien-looking dudes crawling on the side of the building in the teaser makes us think symbiote, but there's no way to know what's going on at this point.

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brothersimon3896d ago

Id rather play a demo then go straight out to buy this

-EvoAnubis-3896d ago

Looks interesting. Let's hope it doesn't suck.

Legionaire20053896d ago

I like the good and evil feature they added, but this game better be good.

CrazyMystical3896d ago

this game can't be possibly be worse than spider-man 3

Marceles3896d ago

tell me about it...*looks at Spiderman 3 Collectors Edition*


bizzy123896d ago

is it carnage the red one

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The story is too old to be commented.