Fallout 4: 10 Things Fans Need

Fallout 4 is one of the most speculated about and anticipated games of this year and next. Since our last irradiated travels in the Mojave back in 2011, many fans have been clamouring for more. Bethesda has only endorsed one comment for the supposed game, which stated that resident DJ Three-Dog may return.

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wtopez1730d ago

This should be next gen only. No Xbox 360 or PS3 version. That way Bethesda could focus on a true next gen experience.

ravinash1730d ago

Bethesda have always had problems coding for the PS3, so hopefully if they focus on next gen only, it will be a much more enjoyable expereance.

Blues Cowboy1730d ago

Multiplayer? Really?

Not entirely sure every game needs multiplayer, especially those based around - you know - the harsh reality of living in a depopulated nuclear wasteland.

RBlue_Desire1730d ago

and co-op or anything close to it will make it hell alot easier. ._. unless all the enemies got buff when someone else joins.

Also multiplayer in fallout would suck, it already has weak shooting mechanics, and VATS in multiplayer mode would SUCK and would be OP as hell.

Excalibur1730d ago

TBH I don't agree with most of that list.

RBlue_Desire1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

10. Bigger, Populated Maps.
Yes. We need this.

9. Quicksaves (On Consoles)
Uh, so two less buttons for console players? Quick save-load.

8. Less Bugs at Launch
Derp. Bugthesda games, but we can sure hope for it. :D

7. Multiplayer
Aw, hell no.

6. Better Hardcore Mode

5. Weapon Varieties.
That should also include more energy weapons.

4. Better Story.
Better Side Stories IMO.

3. Higher Difficulty
Fine at it is, just varied enemies with specialites and weakness.

2. Vehicles
Unless we talking about custom made slow speed vehicle, not something that would go 60+mph. It should be limited to little bit faster than sprinting, with NOS or anything close to it.

1. Race Customisation.
Yes, lets change it into DA:O. And while at it lets add Elves, robots at too.

HopoSenpai1728d ago

10 Things?. . . . Hmm
1) Keep it Multi-platform
2) I wouldn't mind getting my Highwayman back, if the Maps could keep up with it.
3) We like our Radio, but, could you give them a Bigger play list?
4) Multiplayer? How would you do it with out screwing up the desolation of the game?
5) Skills: Fishing, would make a nice addition, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Bring back good recipes while giving us a new variety. Maybe have more taught by NPC's.
6) Setting Boston has been mentioned, although Chicago might be a good choice too. New Orleans would be cool too.
7) I remember a certain intelligent Deathclaw is still out there someplace, he or his descendants would be a neat addition.
8) Do not give out starter packs, that removes the challenge of starting out.
9) It would be good to hear from Three Dog again, Though is not him, another strong DJ.
10) actually have the character come from a Vault or Vault descendant.