The Wonder Years: Vectorman

A robotic toxic avenger... a bit like Wall-E, but with more guns. 411's Owain J. Brimfield looks back at Vectorman in the latest edition of the Wonder Years!

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BlackIceJoe3841d ago

I so would love to see a new Vectorman game on the PS3 & 360. I would love to see what Sega could add to this series. I am not sure a fps game is not the way to go but if Sega could pull it off it would be cool to see. I my self would like to see a side scroller game but it be in 3D. Seeing as there are not that many of those games any more I would like to see Vectorman come out in a new version like that.

blynx1823841d ago

Vector man was AMAZING... *SIGH* If Metroid went 3D nicely, Vector man could have a good degree of success.