Nazis in Gaming

Matt from DarkZero asks the question: Time to draw a line in the sand?

"The other day I was suddenly struck by a rather odd realisation- I've been killing Nazis since the tender age of 7, back when I first got my grubby little mitts on a copy of Wolfenstein 3D. Games based around WW2 have been hugely popular for the last 10 years, and perhaps I've just hit my personal quota for German killing- but I'm beginning to find it all a bit tasteless…

Ooh, he said GERMAN there, not Nazi! Did you see that? Did you?"

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Lets-Game3713d ago

well Nazi's were Germans -.- so whats your point?

iilluminate3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Taken from article - "So what’s my point? War in games- lets get clever."

The last paragraph is the key bit and he makes a very good point.

Someone (not you) actually reported this as pro-Nazi, seriously this is totally not what this is. Anyone with the smallest understanding of world history would understand that. So many games paint a black and white picture of war, whereas in reality things are more complicated. It's time gamers were treated to a more intellectually stimulating war game.

Palodios3713d ago

Well, the general idea is that Nazis were inhuman, mechanized and the closest thing we will get to purely "evil". Killing South Americans in Uncharted is purely racist, but killing Nazis in Wolfenstein is justice. The moment we turn killing Nazis into killing Germans, that's where it gets messy again. I think that's the idea.

Leathersoup3712d ago

Yes they were German... However these days, Naziis are everywhere. They're in the Good ol' U.S. of A. They're in Canada. They're all over the place.

Hey... if Naziis are an "acceptable" target for FPS games, where are the games where we get to blow away the KKK, or anyone else responsible for hate crimes?

SeanScythe3713d ago

What part of good and evil do you not understand?

PirateThom3713d ago

What is good and evil?

Why are Nazis considered Evil?

Because they lost the war.

Had they won, the history books would say how the heroic Nazis triumphed over the savage Allied forces who were trying to invade Germany.

History is written by the winners. There were people in Germany who were against the Nazi regime, but because of threats from the various outlets, they were forced to serve in the army. Just becauses they are "Nazis", bare in mind some of those people were conscripted and had no choice but to fight. There's no difference between some Allied and Axis troops, they were't there by choice, but my their government's necessity.

SeanScythe3713d ago

Yes lets not forget about the killing of countless Jews and anyone that wasn't blue eyed and blond hair. What is this world coming to when we feel sorry for the wicked and evil? Some people live way to sheltered lives.

Palodios3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Evil is still evil. Today, April 17th, 2008, The Pope at his first public mass in the United States mentioned the injustices of genocide of Native Americans and ill-treament of blacks as marks on American history. Did the Native Americans win any major war with the United States? No, yet humanists now still take their side, evil is still evil.

PirateThom3712d ago

I'm not saying the Nazi party wasn't full of evil people (let's face it, most of the most powerful people in the party were terrible people), what I'm saying is being evil was not a requirement of being in the Nazi party and some people do forget that there were regular Germans serving in the army, people who didn't believe the Nazi policies, they just had no choice, this was huge numbers of people. You can't fight back in that situation, like you could in a democracy. There's also the problem that because of the good the Nazi party had done for Germany, many good people were willing to look the other way to the attrocities. History is dynamic.

I'm in now way condoning Nazism or what the Nazi party stood for, I'm just making a point that not everyone in the Germany army at the time was evil or even believed in what Hitler was doing.

I can't really comment on Native Americans or anything, as I have never really read up on it. I'm not sure what the effects were.

InMyOpinion3712d ago

Only uneducated, religious zealots categorize people as "good" and "evil". It's always easier to see things as black or white.

Rocko3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

The concept of a German fighting for the Fatherland is incomprehensible for some, its just good vs evil.

Rocko3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

The Soviet Union killed millions more people yet are hailed as heroes. Like Thom said, "history is written by the victors".

...and console, your pathetic.

Shortstop3712d ago

I don't know why anyone is agreeing with you. Sure, history is written by the winners, but to deny that the holocaust was not evil is just something else. How many must a dictator slaughter to become evil?? 6 million+ not enough?

Palodios3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

I understand what you're saying. Basically, that the people who were Nazis weren't evil, just most of its ideas, right?

That is understandable, but to say that history is determined by the winners has nothing to do with good and evil. War is bad, sure, but its inevitable, and sometimes killing millions in war is the lesser evil to alienation of human rights, and genocide of millons of innocents. You could definitely argue about the use of the Atom bomb, which MANY humanists do, but it inevitably ended a war that would have lasted much longer otherwise. We have set boundries of right and wrong. Geneva Convention, and whatnot.

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derseb3713d ago

im german and i will not enter this discussion, because it doesnt make sense.
im just tired of the WW2 theme and many will agree. CoD was awesome, but i was also very happy when they changed the theme in CoD4.

consolewar3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

of what your grandaddies did, needs to be told over and over again.

Edit:is that your spin?lol are you German too? or just a wannabe?

devilhunterx3713d ago

wow. i didnt knew his grandaddies had zombies and super robots too. moron.

blynx1823713d ago

I really hope they stop putting these people in their games. If they refuse to stop though, that would probably open the floodgates for more intolerant stuff like the kkk.

Superiorrior3713d ago


Your an idiot man.

Jamegohanssj53713d ago

They should let us play with Nazi's, so I can kill the inferior races.

The Genius has spoken.

devilhunterx3713d ago

now that be interesting. playing from otherside. hmmm.

Nagthragarthoth3713d ago

hahaha lol... Inferior races? Race is just a word dude.

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