Shuhei Yoshida: "Knack will last a bit more than 10 hours"

Shuhei Yoshida confirms the length of a complete Knack playthrough.

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Goku7811579d ago

Will it be a memorable experience is the question?

Alexious1579d ago

Memorable? I doubt. Fun? Could be!

Festano1579d ago

It will be a fun game where you can spend time.

JimmyLmao1579d ago

Well if it took Shu Yoshida 10 hours to complete Knack, it is going to take us normal people about 20 hours... because Shu is a god among men.

emad-E-three1579d ago

Why coming to the article in the first place?! Let alone writing a troll comment!!
And btw I care.

masa20091579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

10 hours in publisher time = 7 hours.

Santa Monica also said that God of War III was 12 or 13 hours long at one point.

king_george1579d ago

Maybe its just because lately ive been playing longer games like The Last of Us, Bioshock, and skyrim but 7 hours seems short as hell. Hopefully knack has some kind of replay value cuz i do love platformers and it looks super fun but idk if i could see myself paying full price for a game that i could beat in a day :/

God of War 3 was short (my only gripe about the game) but it did have some replay value and i appreciated that

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