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Snookies121246d ago

This opening felt... A little rushed or something. I dunno, felt like it needed to be longer.

wishingW3L1246d ago

it felt like extra cheese and extremely cringe worthy. You wouldn't caught me dead playing this....

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1246d ago

Why do you come to these videos just to bitch? Stop being a troll dude.

minimur121246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

This actually looks really good, and I want it. But I couldn't complete FF XIII-2 because i didn't really like it, how essectial do you think this game will be to the previous ones?

Did anything in here majorly shout FF 13-2?

Goku7811246d ago

I don't know on this one. The first 13 was horrendous so I skipped the second.

Magicite1246d ago

FF13 was better than FF13-2 story wise. All that time-jumping made me dizzy.

Goku7811245d ago

I might check this one out.

colonel1791246d ago

Does the story make sense anymore? Not that it has ever made, but I don't think it's coherent and consistent from FF XIII and XIII-2. I'm not even sure why this game exist?

Square Enix could have done so many things, such as localize Final Fantasy Type-0, Finish Final Fantasy XV, start making Kingdom Hearts 3, release KH Birth by Sleep on the PSN, develop a new The World Ends With You, etc, but they decided to make ANOTHER FF XIII?


Kalebninja1246d ago

it doesnt make sense because u obviously didnt play the first two games cuz if u at least saw the ending of 13-2 you would know that it wasnt a happy ending and it said TO BE CONTINUED and if u ddnt know two completely different teams are working on 13 and 15 and 15 has the team that works on home console kingdom hearts thats why kh3 is taking so long and there decision on a sequel to twewy or western type-0 are not affected by the 13 series

Nitrowolf21246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I've played and beaten both and I still don't think the story makes a whole lot of sense. They went from being a completely linear story way of telling things "Save the princess", to the second one being about time traveling with a worse story IMO (better gameplay). I feel liek they are trying to hard to establish FF13 as something with each game trying something completely new. This one is going for the complete dark vibe now.

I get it, each FF13-X is suppose to be a completely different scenario, but at this point it's hard to connect the dots between each game beside having the same characters and an ending point. IDK man, i just don't know anymore XD.

Redempteur1246d ago


If you think that the story doesn't make sens then youweren't paying attention.

And no each game of teh FF13 trilogy isn't a different scenario, the events are actually properly linked within each game.

If anything else fails , just read the damn datalog to pick the clues you've missed.

KonsoruMasuta1246d ago

The production of KH, FFXV and TWEWY have nothing to do with this game.

CrossingEden1246d ago

You do realize that this is the most profitable and popular FF sub series in Japan right now right?

Lucreto1246d ago

It doesn't feel like an openong of a game. I expected to start as she breaks free of the crystal.

Kalebninja1246d ago

she got out of it in the 13-2 dlc

FamilyGuy1246d ago

Yeah this definitely seems like a scene that's from within the story rather than it's opening sequence. :/

smashman981246d ago

I thought that was cooler than anything I've seen from xiii or xiii 2

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