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Submitted by Abriael 865d ago | news

Shuhei Yoshida Explains the PS4′s “Epic Fail” at Tokyo Game Show and Crash at E3

A few days ago a PS4 failed to respond to the controller and to the PlayStation App on a Japanese live TV broadcast (event that Yoshida himself defines an "epic fail") from Tokyo Game Show. On the other hand, at E3, the console crashed during the reveal of Assassin’s Creed 4 at the press conference.

Today he explained both events. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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GribbleGrunger  +   865d ago
More or less what I said when the Dualshockers article was put up. Of course the always honest and sincere Yoshida will be 'just talking PR' here. :)
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Abriael  +   865d ago
I said the same myself in the article, good to see that we were right :D

Not that I expected not to be :P

The worst offenders with interference are actually Wiimotes. Every single time I go to a Nintendo press event I find one every 3-4 wiimotes failing.

Edit: lol thanks :D
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GribbleGrunger  +   865d ago
Well I knew about the AC problem because I read an interview with the devs on that very issue, and whilst I didn't discount that there 'could' have been a hardware problem at TGS, I was more inclined to believe it was either a pairing problem or an interference problem.

I've got to say, Abriael, I've been reading your posts just recently and you seem a fair minded person. Just wanted to say that ...

[Waiting for the 'get a room' comments]
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pyramidshead  +   865d ago
get a room man....
....but only if I'm invited...
GribbleGrunger  +   865d ago
How old are you? I'm only interested in mature men, sweety ...
Muerte2494  +   865d ago
Called it
Eonjay  +   865d ago
"...and none of the two issues are likely to happen when it’ll be installed in your living room (unless your living room is in the middle of a show floor with hundreds of other consoles and thousands people typing madly on their cellphones around it..."

Oh no! Thats where I live!
MWong  +   865d ago
I might be in trouble then.

Even though they didn't have to, I am still glad they did. Sony has pretty much explained their console, fails and successes from reveal. Leading the way are Shuhei and Cerny, honestly I don't remember any system being explained so well. I think if M$ had a Shuhei/Cerny of their own they wouldn't be looking so bad this next-gen.
4Sh0w  +   865d ago | Well said
"@ that was a game and the system still in development, not throughly tested"

OK but if this was microsoft all you same ones would be screaming "OMG Xbone isnt ready yet", or "just stop talking and fix it", "enough excuses show us". Hypocrites are so patient and very understanding when sony says anything.

Mark my words ps4 will have more post launch problems tham X1 because micro has been alot more open to scrutiny and then addressing issues while sony is getting a free pass. I woneer then if the same ones will continue to be so forgiving then, yeah probably on n4g but normal gamers won't.
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MWong  +   865d ago
M$ hasn't been more open to scrutiny, M$ had to pull their collective asses out of the fire. Which is a place that they put themselves. The difference is when or where Sony has been scrutinized they have addressed each issue. There vision has not changed, they haven't made choices that made the public say WTH.

Also I don't really get your logic, if there is a plausible explanation you don't think "normal gamers" are smart enough to believe it?
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D1LLW3ED  +   865d ago
@4Sh0w very well said my friend.
andibandit  +   865d ago
well well well, isnt that sweet...Sony fails, resulting in 2 gay men finding love

ms fails and its nuclear war....only on n4g gents, only on n4g
MasterChief3624  +   865d ago
I always hate it when people feel the need to announce that they "did it" already. Quick way to get me to hate you for a moment? "Called it!"

Yeah. Hate that, too. So stupid. Why even say it? For a false sense of superiority? Ugh.
BlackTar187  +   865d ago
Do you xbox only fans really not know any history on MS as a company as a whole? I mean really were you all born pre MS takeover?

Seriously educate yourself on this company and its behind the scenes underhanded bad business practices. Michael moore would have to make a double sided DVD to cover it all.
UltimateMaster  +   865d ago
A company admits a fail when there is one.
You don't see that everyday.
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cleft5  +   865d ago
He was actually upfront about the failure and stated the actual reasons and calling it a failure on their part. No excuses, no bs, just a honest response. Loving how Sony is operating right now.
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CRAIG667  +   865d ago | Well said
If it was Microsoft it would be WW3...

I couldn't care less, as long as it works fine in my home were good.

As I say though, if it were a Microsoft mistake this thread would be HEAVING with Sony fanboys predicting the end of modern civilisation at the hands of M$
jessupj  +   865d ago
Exactly. Well said.

I love how Sony excecs are so down to earth and get to the point while being honest and up front.

Larry and penello could learn a lot, and I mean A LOT from the sony guys.

It's amazing how any idiots can defend MS and their utter douchery.
Septic  +   865d ago
How else were they supposed to respond though.

"that was a game and the system still in development, not thoroughly tested"- Shuhei Yoshida

I can imagine others spinning this along the lines of "omg, it still hasn't been thoroughly tested yet" if this happened to the X1.

Also, blaming "wireless interference on the show floor" isn't really calling it a failure on their part. This isn't something to go shout praises about.

Also, this isn't an 'epic fail' by any means. This stuff happens and the Playroom has been quite stable for the most part.
ChrisW  +   865d ago
Epic Failure isn't so bad when you're a fan...
lawgone  +   865d ago | Well said
This post is the perfect illustration of the head-scratching, wtf-logic of fanboys. Sony's system crashes twice and its fanboys praise Sony for their honesty in a couple tiny, low detail tweets. MS uses a conference to explain their vision of going to a steam like model and they get bashed for being evil. So, they listen to the criticism and releas a detailed statement that they are going back to the old model. They get bashed for being evil. God I'd love to meet a Sony fanboy IRL.
srd4484  +   865d ago
well saying "wireless interference" is better than saying "system failed".
Fanboys so quick to believe anything Sony puts out there.
Sarick  +   865d ago
I don't know how to convey this without sounding one sided.

What else could they say? If they started making excuses and promoted arrogance that wouldn't have been taken well on any front. If they started saying "Please forgive us" that would've been seen as a weakness. By ignoring it would also be looked down on.

Murphy's law has no predisposition towards reasonable logic or any amount of advance contrivance.

Bottem line: I see it for what it is. A response that says "We screwed up." I don't see it as a way to save face or show arrogance. I honestly see no need to glorify or condemn his response. There was really no other professional way to admit fault without ignoring it completely.
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miyamoto  +   865d ago
Yup. Shu has all the confidence to be honest...its a PS4 we are talking about here.
joefrost00  +   865d ago
Let this hqve been MS and the world would have ended on this site lol
But I forgot sony never lies about anything
Even though the editior from ign just a few weeks ago tweeted that sony has yet to show an actual functioning ps4
I know im going to get disagrees but before I do
What would you disagree with
Everything I said is fact

Look it up only the third party games where running on pc dev kits
All of the first party games with the exception of lococycle where running on xbox hardware
Go check eurogamer I think that was the site
Sony fans:
Ignorance is bliss
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johndoe11211  +   865d ago
you know what? Even if those games weren't running on ps4's, which i'm not even sure you're right about that, most of them were at least running on dev kits. Unlike microsoft who's games have been running on high end nvidia PC's. Please feel free to reply with microsoft PR damage control BS.
Death  +   865d ago
Those high end PC's running Nvidia cards are early dev kits. They run software that emulates the consoles hardware. This is very common.
LordMaim  +   865d ago
You mean the guy who since retracted the statement, saying they were PS4 devkits and lost all credibility?
D1LLW3ED  +   865d ago
Props for speaking the truth!!!
Xsilver  +   865d ago
So i see xbox fans crying in the comment section stating if this was MS bla bla bla, well here's the thing Sony is way more trustworthy than MS think im lying do some research.
there's a reason everyone has their doubts about what MS says they have been lying constantly are you blind but yet you come on a Sony article crying with your BS, quick question what has Sony done to anger you so far please let me know.
Silly gameAr  +   865d ago
Yeah the whole "if this were MS" thing is getting real old real quick.
Xsilver  +   865d ago
ikr its all i keep hearing.
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BallsEye  +   865d ago
Both companies lie and you should know better if you are a fan of sony. From the very first crap about ps2 emotion engine to presentation of ps3 with their killzone2 fake demo saying it's all possible thanks to THE CELL to recently donwngraded graphics of ps3 games after release (TLOU,great game tho) and now some ps4 games being donwgraded bit by bit (deep down as an example...watchdogs is rather fualt of ubisoft). You gotta stop being a blind one yourself. Both companies lie, both companies do PR talk, both companies want your money, stop thinking sony is a knight in shiny armor, it is not.
Xsilver  +   865d ago
@Ballseye i give credit where credit is due i don't just blindly follow Sony they felt my anger when they messed up at the start of the pS3 gen thats why i owned 360 before i owned a ps3, but to me what Ms has tried to do this gen is unacceptable i don't care if they changed it they still have to prove that gamers come first and they haven't done that yet so for now I follow Sony because they didn't try to take ownership of your games and say deal with it. i know both companies lie but microsoft is making a habit of it to get my support. annnnnnnd Sony has created some amazing exclusives and devs for me not to own a PS4.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   865d ago
@Silver wanna know why?

Because sensibility and logic suddenly kicks in when something negative happens to PS4. This isn't even anything truly bad since its still in the works, mistakes happen.

90% of comments here from Sony fans are MS lies. Lies about what I'm still yet to see links or facts or anything.

900p native 1080P? Is that it? Because if so than that's just a pathetic lame attempt to hold MS accountable for "lying". In the real world a gamer won't notice 900p from 1080p especially if its scales to 1080p.

Any other "lies" MS made let me know, I would really like to know myself.

Anyway, what happened to Sony is no big deal, like at all. Accidents happen and its still in development.
5eriously  +   865d ago
must b e8 Year old American babies, so what do we expect. Most real grown up gamers can not be that stupid. All I hear is crying about the eXBone'd everyday as if SONY is responsible for the M$ PR mess.

We have to be patient, there are so little coming from the M$ camp the kiddies have to came play troll in the PS4 related articles. Maybe one day they will grow up and all this would change. Just as long as they do not breed.
BallsEye  +   865d ago
I dont trust MS as console manufacturer ! Look their console gets stuck on e3, now the controller doesn't work! I'm 100% sure the console was rushed and not ready for 2013...oh wait.. it's sony.. NEVERMIND! We love you Sony/Yoshida! /s
MasterCornholio  +   865d ago
You just hate him for trolling Microsoft.

BlackTar187  +   865d ago
You Xbox fanboys and this victim crap is so tired and sad. STOP have some damn self respect. OLD AND TIRED.
hulk_bash1987  +   865d ago
Glitches are all commonplace when it comes to Conference presentations. Move along everyone.
Sarick  +   865d ago
This is true look at this video. Notice how the audience laughed about it. I'm sure that wasn't the intent of Sony.

That video is proof of Murphy's Law. Sometimes the best recourse is just to laugh and as Hulk_bash1987 and the presenter in this video said "move along." <grin> Please don't forget to have a sense of humor.
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Gamingsince75   865d ago | Spam
cell989  +   865d ago
Lol he actually said "epic fail" only him, good sport
drsfinest72  +   865d ago
So they get a slide. What if it was ms?
Izzy408  +   865d ago
On this site? Not a chance.
Studio-YaMi  +   865d ago
You can always be a citizen of,if you always want to hear good stuff about MS,just a suggestion ?
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drsfinest72  +   865d ago
Lol then in that case. I can't wait for November to get my Xbox one day one !
Studio-YaMi  +   865d ago
lol I wonder how many Xbox fanboys trolling accounts(maybe even from the same person) are giving me thumbs down. :)

Fanboys are really pathetic.
#5.1.3 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(8) | Report
joefrost00  +   865d ago
Its not about hearing good stuff about MS
Its about exposing the bias and hypocrisy that has flooded this site by sony fanboys
This is only a general gaming site but the sony fanboys has made this site with a couple others the joke of the internet
But you fanboys are entertaining lol
I will give you that
Studio-YaMi  +   865d ago
He had the guts to call it an "EPIC FAIL",when was the last time that Microsoft spoke OPENLY about anything regarding their company or their Xbox brand ? not to mention how many bad decisions they made about the XboxOne and not even admitting it ?

yeah,thought so ! :)

I dare you to show the paragraph where he said "I'm sorry" or "I apologize",or do you go by the "title" of a news article ?

guess who's ignorant now ?
MS as a company does not show remorse or apologized for their mistake,whether it's their whole company or the Xbox branch.

Don't like the truth ? you don't need to hear it,as I told you before,there is always ! :)
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Izzy408  +   865d ago
Here you go. http://www.huffingtonpost.c...

see what I mean about the fanboys on this site. Ignorance is bliss.
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rainslacker  +   865d ago

That article is the author apologizing on MS behalf. MS made no mention of being sorry or asking for forgiveness for their apparent mistakes. It's all conjecture based on press releases and statements made by MS with the author making his own assumptions that it is MS way of apologizing, when in reality everything he uses as evidence is just PR spin to deflect the issue. In fact, to date, MS has shown no sign that they even understand why people were upset.

I personally don't feel that MS has to apologize, we aren't required to buy their product, and they did what they felt was good, even if not well thought out.
tarbis  +   865d ago
I suggest you read your own article and not just the headline. Thanks.
joefrost00  +   865d ago
I have read atleast a dozen articles with penello, and other execs apologizing since the reveal
Hell its even one up now about him apologizing for not being able to show the UI publicly yet
See this is my problem with you sony fanboys
Its one thing to prefer a certain console thats cool
Im getting both my self
But when you go out you way to bash or criticize another console and then dont even tell facts doing it
Just lies and rhetoric
Thats just sad
johndoe11211  +   865d ago

Do you know why microsoft has not apologized or has not shown any remorse? Because, as was stated by one of their execs at gamescom, they still whole heartedly believe in their DRM BS and will be reintroducing it one day once they can get people comfortable with the idea. As far as the are concerned they did nothing wrong, we are the ones with the issue. It's like a husband who beats his wife and justifies it by saying she deserves it.
Death  +   865d ago
Why would Microsoft apologize for their initial proposed features? They were not adding DRM for the sake of adding DRM. They were allowing gamers to rip their games to the consoles HDD so they could access them anytime and anywhere without having the disc in the drive for verification. The DRM everyone focuses on was to verify gamers libraries were intact and not traded or sold. I will absolutely opt in for this if it is ever reinstated.

As for going to OXMonline to hear "good news" for the Xbox One, how is that not an ignorant statement? N4G is News for Gamers. Sony has their official forums too. If you want to wave your pom poms like a 3 year old on a sugar high, maybe you should go there. Here's the link:
Chaotic_Lament  +   865d ago
Has MS ever apologized? Right here:

Front page of n4g and submitted 8 hours prior to this story. Stop trolling. It's pathetic.
srd4484  +   865d ago
MS policies from the start were fine with me. I wanted to go this new route. Why should they apologize? Their mistake was listening to the sony fanboys whining since they had nothing like it. Poor babies wanted to share a physical copies with their friend. Stop being cheap and ripping off the developers.
Sony should be apologizing for all those broken promises.
joeorc  +   865d ago

"See this is my problem with you sony fanboys
Its one thing to prefer a certain console thats cool
Im getting both my self
But when you go out you way to bash or criticize another console and then dont even tell facts doing it
Just lies and rhetoric
Thats just sad"

be very careful what you write, it may end up biting you in the rear end, people in a glass house would best be ready to not throw stones.


"This site has at least the same amount of xbone fantards as PS4 ones, so trying to pretend this is some sony site is complete BS, xbone fannies always trying to act the victim lol.

People will respect MS more when they tell the truth for a change , but so far all they do is tell lies or PR BS and get caught doing it."

100% they really have no room to really be upset, the way Nintendo and Sony have got hate over not just one year, but try more than 5+ year's and yet Microsoft gets some lambasting right now not really even for 6 months yet they call this hate?


they do not even know what Hate is, try 5+ year's worth, or how about a web site with over

2,834,976 people are tired of Sony's bull$hit.

hxxp://www.thebestpageintheun i t

show me a single site with a level of bashing number's with over 2 freaking million for Microsoft, let alone Nintendo. but yet Sony's fans are the worst? ok what ever people.


"If you can't admit that fans of Sony are more verbal in a negative sense about their competition than people that like MS and their products on this website you are seriously just fooling yourself mate. More often than not people have more negative votes when they say something positive about the Xbox One. It's just what this website is like and there is nothing to do about it, nor do I care, but don't talk like it isn't true."

Oh please, where was this freaking outcry when those very same Fans of more than one other console fan group kept taking shots at Sony and the fans on this site for over not one year, but 5 freaking years straight? humm where was the outcry only matter's when its against Sony or its fans because they deserve it right? because they are arrogant?

give me a freaking break. the fans of any console no matter what group are just as bad as nay one other group no more no less. its not one sided bull crap. the 5+ years worth straight bashing is proof + of that. Now all of a sudden its too much?

#5.2.9 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
Death  +   865d ago
5 Years straight?

2006, 2007, maybe 2008. During the 360's launch Sony was on a smear campaign discrediting the system every chance they got to try and persuade people not to buy it. The launch a year later was horrible with high prices and a severe lack of games to justify the wait and price. 2008 seen a pretty big turn around with a lower price and much better software. I'll give you 2 years of grief, but much of it was their own making.

Microsoft is getting hate for policies that were proposed on an unreleased system. They removed those policies months before launch to make the wrong people happy. These same people are still bitching and the system still is not out. If these people are hating to simply get back, not only is it unwarranted, it's childish.

If you are a diehard Sony fan, what is there to be upset about 7 years later to act this way? I admit revenge is a dish best served cold, but this is absurd. I'd have thought most got this out of their systems with the whole RROD fiasco. When is enough, enough?
5eriously  +   865d ago

You are a real Sad Sack. I am sure you are to young to know Sad Sack go do research on him.

Stop your crying FFS and grow some.

another lying Bozo M$ eXBone'd fannyboy "claiming" that are getting both consoles. Seems like a M$ virus are doing the rounds, LOL. If and only if you were even for real you would post different more balanced comments. Most people owning both consoles would not be such a biased c@nt and vomit so much BS. They would know what the reality is and post sense.
madpuppy  +   865d ago
oops, wrong thread...
#5.3 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
madpuppy  +   865d ago
"So they get a slide. What if it was ms?"


#5.4 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123   865d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Angeljuice  +   865d ago
If it were ms, they would deny all knowledge of the event, nobody would answer the question and Major Nelson would announce that Japanese electricity isn't of high enough quality to run the Xbone properly (or some other random BS).
#5.6 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Sephiroushin  +   865d ago

Love how some people use the word "fanboy" as an attack when, by their definition of fanboys they are fanboys themselves but just from a different company!
awesomeperson  +   865d ago
Gosh, so many people have a persecution complex on this site.

I don't understand why the issue was blown out of proportion enough to warrant this article. Both Sony and Microsoft made their fair share of hardware faults at the conferences this year, and no, neither have really being called out about it.

Anyone with an inch of maturity would be able to understand that the system software for both consoles still in development, especially was the case at E3.

So unless Sony try and introduce mandatory DRM or an always-on console, and we immediately forgive or advocate their case, do not try to complain about Sony getting "slide[s]" for relatively minor events.
jackanderson1985  +   865d ago
consoles failing to work correctly at a major event, never heard of that before ha talk about a non-story
Izzy408  +   865d ago
I have a feeling people are going to be having the same problems once the ps4 releases. How do you fix these problems on the ps4 consoles that have already shipped?
#7 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(31) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   865d ago
I have a feeling you didnt even read the article right <----rhetorical because its a fact you didnt otherwise your stupid comment would never have been made.

Go back to your xbone articles along with the other 4 ppl buying one k
jessupj  +   865d ago
MS apologists are the worst of the worst.

I try not to, but every time they open their mouths it severely pisses me off because it's always something utterly stupid and untrue.
Ravenor  +   864d ago
You're right, what he said was kinda silly.

Buuuuuutttttttt, it's probably a better course of action to knock down his silly argument or ignore it entirely. Both you and MRMagoo123 took the extreme childish route, kudos.
hellrazor  +   865d ago
Looks like a fanboy war going on here.oh not good...any way am not sure he is being honest with us about this...why you ask?...if you look at the video and watch the left hand side of the screen you can See that the joypad is working and responding to the touch pad as the lady and the tech guy keep swiping the's a software problem.....but to be fair the software is still in development and these short of tithings happen....and am sure it will be working just fine when the system ships.
sprinterboy  +   865d ago
Has anybody here been to a game conference/ gadget show. It happens all the time with tech at these shows, just 5 year old fan girls being pathetic as usual. Actually getting to the point of being embarrassed about saying I am a gamer with fanboys these days.
Lucreto  +   865d ago
Firstly how was the E3 a hardware failure when it was clearly a software failure.

The TGS one I think Yoshida was correct in saying it was interference. The E3 Skyward sword gameplay video suffered the same thing on stage.
NoTheMama  +   865d ago
Its funny.....all this bile coming from the Sony fanboys these last few months has actually put me off the PS4 for now.
5eriously  +   865d ago
Thanks for that. I for one would never like to meet a 8 year old stupid pissy crying fantard in a man's game during online battle. So stick with your choice and please cry on mommy's bosom in future when you feel compelled to complain about M$ not delivering. You know why I know? Where is the promised Milo and the super AI that was promised years ago?
NoTheMama  +   864d ago
did I say I was getting an xbox you asshat?
5eriously  +   864d ago
So you are getting no console? So why troll the console articles then? Get a life!
SegataSanshiro  +   865d ago
It's okay guys, this is Sony. They can fail all they want and we still will forgive them cause its our favourite company and it makes us feel good with ourselves to forgive them because they make the cartoons and games that we all like. There, someone had to say it.
#12 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
SegataSanshiro  +   865d ago
Yeah as much as I like Sony, this wad BS and this site is full of rabid fangirls
#12.1 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
lawgone  +   865d ago
I think I love you LOL
srd4484  +   865d ago
and they always promise us all these awesome things but then break those promises in the end. but that's ok. we love sony!
Whitefox789  +   864d ago

Please tell me if there is news of a Dreamcast 2!

Make me believe the dream isn't over!
isa_scout  +   865d ago
This may be slightly off topic, but my son accidentally cancelled my PS4 Watchdogs bundle(he's only 5 years old and I left running on my laptop when I left for work, and he got a little click happy)I'm very worried because I literally called over 15 stores, and tried numerous websites, and they're all sold out EVERYWHERE. So my question is, does anyone know any legit websites that are still taking pre orders for a launch PS4??? Dont think I can wait until a week or two after it launches to pick it up.
AfterThought  +   865d ago
I think you are out of luck mate.. You can always try to win one from Taco Bell ... Apparently they have some.


Shitty answer I know but I don't know where to get any right now. Maybe around the holidays there might be another chance to get more, I don't know really.
dboyman  +   864d ago
This is why you NEVER leave a running laptop easily accessible to a unsupervised 5 year old , especially if on Things like this or much worse happens. Turn it off before you leave, and hide the laptop if necessary. Believe me I've had experience with dealing with this with relative's kids....

Hopefully you are lucky for someplace still offering preorders. If you live in Canada, is taking pre-orders, although no watchdogs bundle.
#13.2 (Edited 864d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
isa_scout  +   864d ago
Yeah, now I know for the future Thanks for the advice and the info. Looks like I'll be hittin the stores hard tryin to find one on launch day. I have such bad luck.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   865d ago
PS4 hardware is garbage. Confirmed.
Angeljuice   865d ago | Immature | show
Thunderhawkxbox  +   865d ago
Of course he's gonna say there was no problem with the hardware I can't wait to see when too many people gonna buy ps4 at launch gonna cry about it omg my console keep crashing
isa_scout  +   865d ago
Sort of like the 360 at launch??? I went through 3 Xbox 360s within the first week at launch, it took me forever to be able to finally finish King Kong. I'd be more worried about the Xbox One if I were you, after all MS is the one with a proven track record of console failure not Sony. I have a PS3 now because after over 10 360s(not an exaggeration) I got fed up with MS, and switched. I got my fat PS3 at the end of 2007, and the damn thing is still running like new. Although, I bought another 360 a year ago, and it runs fine(had to play Gears:Judgement and Halo4) it doesn't make up the fact that MS produces extremely faulty hardware...
hankmoody  +   865d ago
Tell me about how you and your friends got your account info hacked.
AfterThought  +   865d ago
Counting me and my friends 360's you don't want to know how many we replaced within the 2 years until they finally made a better heat sink cause at the time we had to play Gears of War non-stop.

What is stupid is no one ever believes me about the heat sink but if you actually go to the Xbox 360 Technical specifications wiki, it shows you each revision and their upgraded parts..

Funny how the 2nd revision , the upgrades listed is a better heat sink. Sigh.. No one ever wanted to hear me out when I said the crappy heat sink was the reason for the 1st Xbox 360 over heating so frequently.

Those first batch of 360's were so cheap, you should have taken them apart to see for yourself.


Luckily I am smart enough to never use my real information on anything that isn't absolutely needed. I also never put credit card information on something I can't completely trust and I did this long before Sony ever got hacked.

If I need to buy anything on PSN or Live I simply buy the little cards at the game stores.

Not my fault others are not smart enough to do the same.

So me and my friends never have those troubles because we know better than to just put our information any where.
#15.1.2 (Edited 865d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Fireseed  +   865d ago
Yeah these demo models need to be restarted all the time, this one just had the unfortunate timing of being when a TV crew set it's eyes on it. No big deal.
Lourenco  +   865d ago
ps3and 2 and 1 came out in different models and some made in japan and some made in china wahts the different between japan and china in consoles and will be there ps4 japan and china like the past or its only ps4 made in china whats going on with sony
TBONEJF  +   865d ago
It because u guys at SONY don't care for your home turf plus the gamers of TOKYO to launch the PS3 at the same time as in the U.S./EUROPE regions. I know ur going up against the XBOX 1 but still AT LEAST LEARN TO LAUNCH AT ALL REGIONS to take TOP SALES
AxeCain  +   865d ago
The fact that the PS4 does not have wifi direct or 5ghz wifi band really bothers me. Connectivity between my vita & ps3 has always been an issue, even with my bluetooth headset.
Gamer666  +   865d ago
Another "not really news article"...

Both MS and Sony will be tweaking and tuning stuff until the final possible minute before the devices and games ship.

Expect both Sony and MS to have a day one firmware upgrade (MS has already confirmed that), and every game will probably have a day one patch.

That's just how these things work...
larrysdirtydrawss  +   865d ago
RAIG667 + 10h ago
If it was Microsoft it would be WW3...

I couldn't care less, as long as it works fine in my home were good.

As I say though, if it were a Microsoft mistake this thread would be HEAVING with Sony fanboys predicting the end of modern civilisation at the hands of M$

you hate sony huh? i can tell
hankmoody  +   865d ago
I can't be the only one here who finds all these excuses hilarious. If this were the XBox One, you dingdongs would've been all over these comments raining down fire and brimstone.
D1LLW3ED  +   865d ago
Hankmoody... does it really surprise you to see Sony fanboys acting like this? lol Very well said sir.
hankmoody  +   865d ago
Not at all, sir. Not at all. Bubble for you. Day One, baby.
dragongod64  +   865d ago
This is a brand new type of console so some bugs are to be exacted & fix as found.
If you do not like a bugy ps4, what 3 months to a year after lanch.
Bad at spelling some times.
voodoogts  +   865d ago
Fail again to Sony. And still can make profit for the last three years.
robotgargoyle  +   865d ago
I'm sure everything will be ironed before system launches. Epic fail, though? Seems a wee bit harsh.
Krosis  +   865d ago
Yeah it sure does...unless it was MS--then it would be completely justified.
Krosis  +   865d ago
lmao Only on N4G..."Ps4 actually catches fire when it is turned on"

N4G response: "Oh that's'll provide warmth in the cold months! Greatness awaits! Derp!"

Well, hey, you know what? At least this article got posted. Surprising really. We all know if this was the Xbox One it'd be all doom and gloom. Anyone who thinks N4G isn't a playstation Kool-Aid jar then they are in denial. Even the PC tab gets polluted by this redundant dribble. Proof? Watch the disagrees on this post or anything remotely positive about anything other than PS4.

Greatness Awaits/Ps4 for teh winz foeva!=243 likes
I think the Xbox One will be fine=182 disagrees.
Whitefox789  +   864d ago
To each to his own mate,

Every brand on here has had the doom and gloom articles

Sony -> PS3, PSVita
Nintendo -> 3DS, Wii U
Xbox -> Kinect, Xbox One

I however will give you an agree! Plus a bubble because your comment was filled with non biased reason.

Though I will say probably the reason there's so many Sony guys on this site is because N4G is advertised in Sony's Official Playstation Magazine (at least that's where I first heard of N4G)
robotgargoyle  +   864d ago
I was just "turning the other cheek". I'm buying an Xbox one on day one. I've taken a lot of flack for defending MS by self righteous message boarders. I've called some people out on their opinions being stated as facts. I've been called out too, but I'm really sick of the negativity, in general.

Never thought I'd get fronted on by a fellow xbot.
robotgargoyle  +   864d ago
I wasn't aware the system caught fire, though. Couldn't view the video on my phone. Bad signal.

The Sony fanboys have been especially malicious the last few months about how "superior in every single way" the PS4 is and how the xbox one is just a " weak motion-controlled cable box" that is destined to fail.

I'm just trying to be positive because I'm tired of negativity, in general.

BTW, I preordered an Xbox One.
Krosis  +   864d ago
They don't get to me as my PC, 2 years old, is superior to both consoles! =P The only game so far that has me interested in another console is Destiny SOLELY because it is console-exclusive (for now?). I'll probably get that for Xbox One as my friends list is on Xbox (mostly PC gamer). As a tech nut, I don't like wasting air as to why these systems will not differ greatly. Console loyalist idiots lack brain capacity: basically they'd take 5 pennies over 1 dollar--meaning they think higher numbers always mean more power. If only they took the time to study benchmarks. EG: Ill take my 16 GB DDR3 over the Ps4's memory ANY day--and mine would be (and is) superior. I've said it so often: care about graphics and "power"? Get a PC. Otherwise, shut up, pick a console and enjoy.
#26.3.1 (Edited 864d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
fyapitt  +   864d ago
Xbox one day one
ghostrider32  +   864d ago
If these fanboys was in line at the midnight launch, it would be a huge fight. Sony and MS fanboys are barbarians on steroids.
Krosis  +   864d ago
Correction: 'pizza-faced virgins' is far more accurate-- "Barbarian" implies they are
A) bad ass B) Have touched a female that wasn't drawn by someone from Japan C)are heroic D)Leave their parents house
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