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Check Out Four Gameplay Videos of Killzone: Shadow Fall Including One Recorded at 60 FPS

Killzone: Shadow Fall was showcased at the PlayStation booth at Tokyo Game Show and videos are surfacing for those that didn’t get a chance to attend.

Here are four gameplay videos, including one recorded at 60 FPS to give a better idea of the game's actual framerate. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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Pandamobile  +   458d ago
>60 FPS

Youtube doesn't support 60 FPS videos. Why are people advertising such things without actually delivering.
Abriael  +   458d ago
Because the 60 fps video is on nico nico, which supports 60fps. So yeah, it delivers, and it actually looks awesome.
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Pandamobile  +   458d ago
First time seeing a 60 FPS game with decent graphics?
Abriael  +   458d ago
I would define the visuals a bit more than "decent" to be honest, but to each their own.
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hulk_bash1987  +   458d ago
Amazingly detailed comes to mind when I look at KZ: Shadowfall. This, Knack, AC IV and Watchdogs are my day ones for sure. I can not wait, less than 2 months to go.
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DoomeDx  +   458d ago
Its all singleplayer footage. The single player runs at 30FPS. Multiplayer runs at 60 FPS.

So having a 60FPS camera on a 30fps game doesnt really make a difference lol
GribbleGrunger  +   458d ago
Now THAT'S next gen folks. The density, detail, lighting, animations ... The list goes on and on, and all running buttery smooth.
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ZBlacktt  +   458d ago
Single player is only going to run 30fps which is standard play. Not sure what the 60fps is seeing that is MP only. All these video are single player mode.

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mewhy32  +   458d ago
This game is just going to be amazing!!!!
5h4h4b  +   458d ago

If I remember correctly, you are pc gamer, so what are you doing here?
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Pandamobile  +   458d ago
I came hoping to see a 60 FPS embedded video like Eurogamer does.
RyuCloudStrife  +   458d ago
this game has the best graphics. this and deep down. hands down..........
hulk_bash1987  +   458d ago
I concur and wish to throw Infamous Second Son in there as well.
mkis007  +   458d ago
I think infamous will make a lot of people giddy when we see the final product Can not believe they had it at 1080p 30 (no dips) at E3 that is just crazy...it comes out in February!!
Studio-YaMi  +   458d ago
Come on Pandamobile,even being a PC elite;surely you would at least admit that Killzone:shadow fall is more than just "decent".

Not the best visually sure,but 60FPS on a great looking game like this is amazing for a $400 hardware.
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ssj27  +   458d ago
Looks like someone is mad at Killzone because looks better than anything on PC, and it uses way more advanced technology than any PC game so far.

This is 2013, is not cool to hate Killzone any more mr. PC fanboy! You should be amazed on how the PS4 what you guys PC fanboys call a 2009 pc tech can pool this tech running on native 1080p at 60fps .. shouldn't you be amazed at GG and exited of at the advanced technology KZSF is using? Since you seem to love technology , ohhh wait you are a PC fanboy and you are a Killzone veteran hater.

Anyways Killzone has the best graphics advanced technology and it's existing because it has a amazing gameplay and hardcore good competitive players that will not have mercy of anyone and I'm one of them! Only two months to go!

And is just the star! Soon games will look better and even use more advanced technology and as a gamer I'm happy!

I'm also exited that we are getting all free dlc! A kind and smart move!!!
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Pandamobile  +   458d ago
lmfao, it looks pretty good, but it's not the best I've seen.

"ohhh wait you are a PC fanboy and you are a Killzone veteran hater."

I own Killzone 2 and 3. They're two of the five games I have for my PS3. If I own the games, that doesn't give me the right to be critical of future installments?
Studio-YaMi  +   458d ago
You're not better than him with this paragraph :

"Looks like someone is mad at Killzone because looks better than anything on PC"

That statement is NOT true at all even when I prefer Playstation IPs,sure Killzone:SF looks great and is beautiful to look at,but considering how much you can squeeze out from the PS4 hardware compared to limitless power of a monstrous gaming PC,what you stated is just false.

Still,for a $400 console,the PS4 amazes me with how much you can squeeze out of it,that's a really good job on Sony & its dev team(including various game developers who are trying their best to get fully great software experience on the PS4).

I agree with you,wish your other statement was as mature as this one.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   458d ago
It doesn't. I am a PC gamer and I am still excited for what the PS4 has to offer. What annoys me is when people try and pretend like the PS4 offers the same level of visual fidelity and performance as a proper gaming rig.
It just doesn't work that way.
starchild  +   458d ago
It looks really good, but don't exaggerate so much. There are other next gen games that look just as good and Crysis 3 maxed out on PC still is the more graphically advanced game.

Still, it is exciting that we will be getting graphics like these on a console at launch. It really does look fantastic.
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karl  +   458d ago
This guydoes not represent playstation gamers... lol

Thar said kz sf looks amazing
Ohlmay  +   458d ago
Looks better than anything on PC... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't get me wrong, it's a great looking game, but PC blows this game out the window.
Evilsnuggle  +   458d ago
Im sorry zillzone sf looks better than anything i have seen on pc
Shane Kim  +   458d ago
Crysis 3 maxed out sure looks great, but it also maxes out your wallet since you need a $1500 gaming rig.
xKugo  +   458d ago
The game does look good but it's not using "the most advanced technology". I don't know where you got that from, but it isn't the case. The FPS genre generally sticks to the same types of visual effects, lighting, generally stays away from physics computation, character animations, post-processing, exc. exc. They generally even use the same type of anti-aliasing(with only COD using the inferior FXAA and BF using stronger types of AA if the hardware used can support it properly i.e SMAA, MSAA, and SSAA). The game is at 1080p/30fps locked in single-player and probably a soft 60fps in multiplayer. The soft frame-rate in multiplayer probably has nothing to do with the hardware, it's simply a by-product of the game being built from the ground-up with 30fps in mind, with the change in frame-rate concerning multiplayer coming much later in development. With all that said, take into consideration that an FPS such as Metro: Last Light on ultra settings can use the most demanding settings possible in PC gaming and still run at 1440p/60fps locked or higher if the hardware is able. KZ is a great franchise and Shadow Fall will be a great game, but it can't compete with that. I'm sorry but it just can't.
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ssj27  +   458d ago
I never say this will be the best looking game ever but so far it's! This game uses technology no PC game has jet like it global lighting etc etc.
I never say PC's can't do what KZSF does but so far they don't I meant no PC game does at this graphic levels and I bet soon many PC and more PS4 games will. The raw power of PC are always way ahead any console.

Pandys you just need to stop hating KILLZONE. Is getting up to you, you soubded like a fool in your comments, you need yo relax and enjoy the game!

KILLZONE is not the one to blame if your $900 graphics card is not been utilize at Max.. but that's how thibgs are done PC devs have to make their game playable for most PC gamers and not just for the elite.
5h4h4b  +   458d ago
Amazing graphics :) looking forward to it.
showtimefolks  +   458d ago
can't wait to play it
Jazz4108  +   458d ago
From what I understand is Killzone 4 only has 60fps on multiplayer and probably thirty on the campaign?
Abriael  +   458d ago
Yep, but seeing an off screen video of 30 fps recorded at 30 fps and put on youtube will give you a faked idea of the framerate (it'll look more choppy than it is). A 60 fps video will give you a more faithful idea of the game's actual framerate.
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CyrusLemont  +   458d ago
Yes, however in a recent interview, the developers said they were pushing for 60fps in the Campaign as well, so fingers crossed!
DialgaMarine  +   458d ago
Guerilla already confirmed that the campaign is already "running well above 30 FPS". Even though they didn't give an exact number, we can pretty much assume it'll be 60 (or at least pretty damn close) come launch. It's so amazing too because of how much more open the game is compared to previous installments, and it's only a launch title no less.
chrissx  +   458d ago
Man Its gonna be a wild ride when Ps4 finally lands.This game looks amazing no doubt
Starbucks_Fan  +   458d ago
looking sexy
nosferatuzodd  +   458d ago
Wow that's all I have to say
DoesUs  +   458d ago
The new SF build looks fantastic! GG once again showing their technical prowess. Most impressive launch title IMO.
Cogentleman  +   458d ago
Anyone else only see 3 videos?
ChipChipperson  +   458d ago
The fourth video is located on 4gamer.net, but it's all in Japanese and it's a non-Youtube video. It's linked in the article as 4Gamer. Here's the link: http://www.4gamer.net/games...
Abriael  +   458d ago
For some reason nico nico embeds fail every time you edit a page. Fixed now.
static5245  +   458d ago
here's the fourth they are talking about


Looks beautiful
mdluffy  +   458d ago
Killzone:sf best looking next-gen launch game, and the game will be more open (sandbox) style.
Can't ask for much more.
tubers  +   458d ago
The nico2 chic looks and talks cute :)

Smooth vid but I'm not sure of the point.

KZSF campaign is what's shown and that's limited to 30 FPS.
Abriael  +   458d ago
if you combine 30 fps off screen plus 30 fps recording plus youtube it'll look more choppy than it actually is.

A 60 fps recording will give you a better idea of the actual framerate.
BABY-JEDI  +   458d ago
The environments really give a good sense of scale. Also, the forest map looks like it will support various tactics from snipers/stealth & all out assault. Which to me is a total win in MP land
; D)
cyclindk  +   458d ago
Can't wait, more than a few Helghast pulled a couple of over the top and disproportionate death "animations" when killed -- see the shotgun footage, but looks fantastic.

:) silly over dramatic Helghast

See around 11:00 minute mark onward
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mkis007  +   458d ago
The problem with this gen is that we really havent seen much locked at 30 fps even. Most games dip A LOT! So when people see a 30fps no dips game it will open their eyes. Those extra frames really help out.
SlapHappyJesus  +   458d ago
It really is an eye opener. I was primarily a console gamer up until February of this year. After building my first proper rig, it's honestly hard to go back. Most console titles feel way too sluggish and imprecise anymore. Something I paid no mind to when it was all I had.
mkis007  +   458d ago
There are 2 things that keep me into console gaming. 1. PC games have a crap ton more bugs that never get fixed (see Bethesda) 2. Console game exclusivity. It really is hard to go from 60fps in sleeping dogs or just cause 2 to playing gta5 at below 30. But I want to play games! When a game is properly made for pc I cry a little. Just cause 2 I maxed out and had a no dips 60 fps; a lot of games are not optimized for pc so the potential is lost...and I cry a little more.
xKugo  +   458d ago
In my opinion, developers should drop the 1080p dream for console players and give them the experience for 900p/60fps. Once you've experienced a locked 60fps or higher game, you will find it damn near impossible to return to a crappy 30fps game that dips at will.

I'm somewhat confident that some of the Sony exclusive developers might manage 1080p/60fps in their games, but other than that just give them 900p/60fps. They won't even be able to tell the difference because they have no idea what 1080p/60fps even looks like. Frame-rate is way more important, even to PC players, than resolution is. Add to that it will still be a monstrous leap over what they were gaming at, as most games on current gen systems were sub-HD and an unstable 30 frames per second.
#14.2 (Edited 458d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
mkis007  +   458d ago
I kinda agree with you in that frame rate= most important. But i can not stand to turn down 1080p
Sirlancealot  +   458d ago
I just wish the helghast were as developed as the killzone 2 helghast. They use to scream curse and play intelligently. Hop over barriers, duck behind cover, flank you, throw grenades. It just made me feel that they really hated me, and that they had pride in helghan. Willing to defend it at all costs. I need that intensity. I don't like when the enemies are standing around waiting to be brutal meele'd
cfir  +   458d ago
Normally at these events they have the difficulty set to the easiest so people don't have too much trouble. So I wouldn't judge a games AI from such events.
abusador  +   458d ago
Best looking launch game easily on any platform and infamous looks to be best looking nxt gen game.
black0o  +   458d ago
is it nov?
MotoDot  +   458d ago
So good !
CanadianTurtle  +   458d ago
This is getting annoying. I've seen videos of people playing this same level thousands of times.
PowerPlayaaa  +   458d ago
looks fantastic, eye candy to the max, cant wait for next gen, but soon its here though :D

Has anyone seen the stage demo they had in Tokyo game show when they played the hole part of this demo, and the ending of that demo had a HUGE explosion, that was freakin crazyyyyy.
But ive only seen one vid of that part and the vid was 240p, when i saw it, i was both excited and sad at the same time, cause that explosion was one of the most beautiful explosions i have ever seen in a videogame, but the resolution in that vid was so low so i couldnt se it in real detail. Does anyone know a link to a high quality video to the stage demo they had in tokyo game show? i really want to see that ending in high quality, cause that explosion was MINDBLOWING..
arbitor365  +   458d ago
the link is dead. at least for now
KontryBoy706  +   457d ago
it looks very polished

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