Tales of Xillia - Toronto Sun Review

"Whether you have an intimate knowledge of the series like I do or you’re part of a new generation of fans perplexed by which Tales title to begin with, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t pick this one up."

Timothy Krynicki, Toronto Sun reviewer

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kratoz12091669d ago

New to the series and loving it so far :D

Inception1669d ago

Welcome to Tales series mate. I'm glad you love Xillia. Don't forget to try the other title and Xillia 2 on next year ^^

tulholdren1669d ago

Can't wait for part two love me some Tales and JRPG's

Hicken1669d ago

I need to go back and finish Graces, now that I've beaten Xillia. Though I'll probably finish up this second playthrough first.

Have to say, I absolutely loved everything about this game.