Here Is What GTA V Could Look Like On Super Nintendo

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's "machinimarespawn" has shared an amazing video, showcasing what GTA V could look like on 16bit systems such as Super Nintendo or Genesis."

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TrevorPhillips1101d ago

I've already ordered my SNES copy,can't wait

onyoursistersback1101d ago

HAHA....its funny that where getting a copy on SNES, before it comes to Wii U!

AngelicIceDiamond1101d ago

I don't think its funny I think its kinda sad.

And a little funny lol.

Spinal1101d ago

Wow that actually looks amazing. I would totally buy that.

I love Retro style games. I'm still waitin for retro city rampage an hotline Miami to come to ios.

mikeslemonade1101d ago

Lame.. Nintendo fans eating crow when they said graphics didn't matter or were good enough after the PS2.

Majin-vegeta1101d ago

Still better graphics than COD.

OT:Do want.

ziggurcat1101d ago

but does it have fish AI?

onyoursistersback1101d ago

it dose actually, and better too!!!
"shark AI"

LOL_WUT1101d ago

I would totally buy this ;)

maniacmayhem1101d ago

The 9/17/93 was the cherry on the double fudge sundae.

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The story is too old to be commented.