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Capcom Is Losing Money? It Can’t Be True

The Tyuno Project: "So I know I’m late to the party with this story, but I want to say something about this issue. So news are spreading around the internet that Capcom is losing money. Reports are saying that Capcom only have about 125 million dollars in the bank. Capcom have acknowledge this issue and made a statement saying that it will focus on creating new DLCs. Now it’s ashamed that Capcom is facing this financial crisis but to be truly honest, Capcom did this to themselves." (Darkstalkers Resurrection, Mega Man, PS3, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

refocusedman  +   357d ago
Although I'm sure that nintendo has an exclusive contract but I'm pretty sure capcom wishes mh4 was multiplatform right now. An extra million sales of the franchise wouldn't hurt.
PSNintyGamer  +   357d ago
Doubt that Nintendo Money Contract + 'Monster' Monster Hunter Sales = $$$$
GreenRanger  +   357d ago
@ PSNintyGamer

Capcom would get more money if MH was multiplatform.

When a game is exclusive, you always have people who want the game but don't want to buy the console/handheld it's on, or they just can't afford another console or handheld.

How many people wouldn't buy a game because it's a multiplatform title? Not a lot, I'd bet.

EVERY exclusive game in the history of the games industry would have sold more if they were multiplatform games.
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insomnium2  +   357d ago

Porting costs money too. Money made from exclusivity deals make up for the sales losses to some extent.

It's not all black and white.
Studio-YaMi  +   357d ago
I agree to a point,but don't forget that porting the game and polishing it for another gaming platform costs money too.

Maybe they just can't handle the stress right now,who knows ?
zeal0us  +   357d ago
They screw most of their franchises up, made them look like quick cash grabs and cancel games that fanbase wanted.

Creating new dlc isn't going to help much. They have a portfolio of games they should be trying put some of these old games on multiple platforms and selling them at a decent and attractable price.
TrevorPhillips  +   357d ago
It's no wonder why so many people have left Capcom. A good friend of mine Vince Tran has left, Shinji and Christian Svensson
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   357d ago
its okay guys you can get it together just rape Dante again,keep megaman in his cellar,and butcher resident evil,the kids will love it
tubers  +   357d ago
Faux dinosaurs give them great hope.
JewyMcJew  +   357d ago
Marvel vs DC using the Street Fighter IV engine!!!
showtimefolks  +   357d ago
lol why is it surprising, they have done everything possible to take as much money away from gamers as possible


on disk dlc
selling actual ending of asura wrath via DLC

they took very good and potentially great franchises in dead rising and lost planet and made at best average games.

some of these Japanese publishers don't need to wonder why they loose money, the answer is right in front of them
Deadpoolio  +   357d ago
Uh Dead Rising and Lost planet were always mediocre to average at best...They were never "very good" or "potentially great"
showtimefolks  +   357d ago
i agree but the potential for DR was there, but it went for being okay and selling few million copies route

now again with DR3 its let's throw more zombies on the screen and call it a day
Horny  +   357d ago
They can shut down for all I care. They ruined all good franchises so I have nothing to look forward to from them. Most the crap they release are actually re-releases (4 versions of sf4) and dlc. Greed got the best of them, just keep ignoring your fan base.
wishingW3L  +   357d ago
it's kind of sad really. If they went out I wouldn't give a single fk because they already ruined all their IPs that I liked. And from now on you bet they will be more of a mobile developer while making Triple A games that they hope cater more to the westerners while giving the middle finger to their fans.
CrimsonDragon90  +   357d ago
The thing I liked about the old capcom and their games, was that they felt different from western games. Now every Japanese developer wants to go western. It will be ashamed if capcom when out of business. But they have time to save and redeem themselves. Capcom go back to your old style. Dust off your old franchise and give them a proper sequel. Your classic games are better then your new stuff. WTF is remember me? and I didn't even know Lost Planet 3 was out.
sashimi  +   357d ago
But RE6 & DmC did so well....
thelastawakening  +   357d ago
I honestly don't feel bad for them, they deserve their misfortune and downfall
BG11579  +   357d ago
For me it's their fault. I boycotted every game they had because of in disk DLC. There were some titles I wanted to buy and play, but no, I let my wallet do talking.
If Capcom want me has a costumer again, they just have to drop this in disk DLC fowl practice.
Hanso  +   357d ago
same for me
Deadpoolio  +   357d ago
It's always amazing how some idiots cry about on disc DLC when it's Capcom...But when other companies do it it's A OK....Like the extra Borderlands 2 character on the disc and the 2 $5.00 level cap increases that are obviously on the disc with their 100kb unlock downloads...Yet Capcom has had several games well every since SFxTK that didn't have on disc DLC
LoaMcLoa  +   357d ago
Yeah, and even GTA V had the pre-order DLC on the disc
BG11579  +   357d ago
We are talking of Capcom, because it's the subject of this story. I assure you, there are a lot of games and compagnies which games interess me, yet I won't buy because of in disk dlc.
gamepard  +   357d ago
they wanted MH series only on Nintendo consoles while the game already had an enormous fan base on Sony systems,they wanted to make RE,5,6 cheap COD clones without listening any of the fan reaction,they went with the easy way on every new game for the current gen (same graphics engine in all fightings,no update graphics for MHseries,Lost planet and DMC were given away to some untalented western developers etc etc)now they deserve what is happening to them ..and still they dont listen (Breath of Fire 6 for mobiles,Monster hunter 4 still on 3ds... Capcom you should really fire your and replace your managers ..not the developers aka (SHinji .Kamiya.keiji..)
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TongkatAli  +   357d ago
They love quick cash grabs, but long term they gonna fail harder then this.
Deadpoolio  +   357d ago
Psssst....Idiot RE 5 and 6 weren't COD clones, pretty far from it....RE6s problem was it tried to be too much of everything it's still a solid 8......And DMC was GREAT, sick of you fagboys crying about DMC because wah wah Dante looked different....Sorry but if you're actually competent at games the combat could be pretty deep and was smooth at 30fps....But we all know with the fagboys it was all about Dante's look since all the fagboys want to blow Dante
insomnium2  +   357d ago
LOL. That's quite a salty comment. You'll loose your bubbles pretty quick with comments like that.
Lord_Sloth  +   357d ago
Absolutely. DmC's failure was all about the aesthetics. It couldn't have been the terrible music, horrid story, atrocious voice acting, mediocre gameplay, or nightmarish PR job. Yep, it was all about the hair because that's all we loved about DMC anyway. Just the hair.
gamepard  +   357d ago
..while the new Dante was the impersonation of masculinity ?? hahaha...ok now get your restriction for personal attack and calm down...
grimmweisse  +   357d ago
Ninja theory's DMC was a good action game, but not a good action game by DmC standards.

I personally enjoyed it, but I can fully understand the anger capcom caused by outsourcing the game and Ninja Theory completely changing what DmC was supposed to be.
ShaunCameron  +   357d ago
Judging by its opening week sales, MH4 being a 3DS exclusive is one of the better decisions Capcom made recently.
gamepard  +   356d ago
no ...because the sales would be at least the same or even better if it was released for a Sony console ..but sales it s not the only point ..the point is were it would have better potential for further development (aka stronger hardware).. MH4 has the 70-80% same content with the previous games..that s lame and shows laziness
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animegamingnerd  +   357d ago
here is what capcom should do
stop doing on disc DLC
stop rehashing games
stop with the exclusives to one platform
stop giving your IP'S to mediocre western developers
make a f***ing megaman game already or better yet bring back everyone you cancelled
actually treated your developers with respect that way you don't lose anyone important again
don't leave fan favorite IP'S like okami, viewtful joe, and darkstalkers in the dust to never be touch again
princejb134  +   357d ago
Cap com hasn't made a great game in a long time
They should reboot some of their ps1 classic such as resident evil 1 and 2
Make them in he with Improved graphics and control, but keep the story the same. And no capcom no co op
gantarat  +   357d ago
Resident Evil 6 Wins Award of Excellence at the Japan Game Awards 2013

grimmweisse  +   357d ago
I have worked in Japanese schools before and junior high school students think the resident evil movies are amazing. That's got to tell you something. They have a hard on for the franchise, even if some of the games were rubbish, and movies atrocious.
TongkatAli  +   357d ago
Confirmed the Japanese have horrible taste, jk : D
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Knushwood Butt  +   357d ago
I thought DmC was DlC

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