Weekly Sales Analysis, 14 September - Monster Hunter 4

Vgchartz: Overall hardware sales increased by 38 percent week-on-week, due to the release of Monster Hunter 4 (3DS). Week-on-week sales is up for the 3DS, and down for everything else. Overall year-on-year sales are up 13 percent. The 3DS is the only platform to be up year-over-year. The DS has the biggest drop year-on-year by percent, at 78 percent.

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Zichu1702d ago

Nice, hoping for a release outside of Japan and maybe even a port to the Wii U or something.

Concertoine1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Or a console exclusive for wii u. Look at the 360 game, frontier. Even that game sold modest. It really speaks volumes about japan's monster hunter obsession when they'll flock to the 360 to play it...

Neonridr1702d ago

If Nintendo wants to move units, especially in Japan, they need to partner and make a Wii U exclusive Monster Hunter. This time make it ground up for the Wii U.

paul-p19881702d ago

MH3U is exclusive to Nintendo (Wii U and 3DS), and MH4 is the same i believe.

No more Monster Hunter on Sony platforms, except for the port that even the Japanese were laughing at, which is coming to PS3 and Vita... so i won't be getting that if even the Japanese don't want it lol

Neonridr1702d ago

oh I know that MH and Nintendo share a great exclusivity at the moment. I just meant if Nintendo wants to move some Wii U units, then make a new MH game for the Wii U. Don't take an existing 3DS game and then port it over.