IGN's Favorite Zelda Moments

With IGN's Zelda Week officially upon us, we decided to go all nostalgic and take a look some of our favorite moments from the series. These in include memories when we bought the games, our favorite in-game scenes, and even trips back to the early days of IGN64. The Legend of Zelda is a series that helped shape the relationship that many of us here at IGN have with video games as a whole, and we suspect that it had a similar effect on a whole lot of you.

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Khimarhi1704d ago

Favorite Zelda moment for me was: My dad bringing home Ocarina of Time on N64. There was something wrong with my reservation and I couldn't get the game. He spent hours driving around to find the only one left in our area. Thanks dad... I loved that game so much.

Tiqila1704d ago

was your dad playing that aswell or have you gotten on his nerves until he gave in and brought you that copy?


My favorite Zelda moment was when I was a child and my mom bought me a copy of Zelda. I got home and opened that box and pulled out a gold cartridge. My young mind couldn't understand why it was gold so I invited a few of my friends to check it out. We played Zelda all day then talked about it all night. Those were the days when we would all crowd around each other reading nintendo power lol. Good times.

Goku7811704d ago

The first Zelda, and beating a link to the past in hurricane whether. Those were epic times with family indeed.

Tiqila1704d ago

Links Awakening. Cant remember my favorite moment, but I enjoyed that game like none ever again. A link to the past came close and Ocarina of Time because of 3D, wind waker is my favorite zelda game today, but I would drop it for a HD remake of Links Awakening, so I can play it on my telly

TheDivine1704d ago

Climbing down from your treehouse in OOT. Timeless and classic.

First puzzle in the Duku Tree in OOT, I knew the game was different then. It was a ladder I had to shoot with a slingshot. Had me stumped for 20 minutes lol.

When I realized OOTs first half was the first half lol. Becoming adult Link was mind blowing.

Seeing a destroyed Hyrule in OOT. Totally changed the atmosphere to bleak, dark, depressing, and hopeless.

The first time I set sail in WW. It was the start of a grand and epic adventure full of possibilities.

Seeing the moon get closer in MM. Totally dark and twisted.

Playing TP with a wii mote. As much as dislike motion the experience was exhilarating.

Meeting Zelda in SS. Totally stole my heart right out the gate.

Becoming Wolf Link in TP.

Becoming miniature in Minish Cap. Took me back to my childhood watching the borrowers.

Throwing chickens in OOT.

Cutting grass, throwing pots, and other simple but immersive things for the time.

Zelda is easily the most beloved game for a vast majority of gamers. It has a charm and beauty to it similar to Ghibli films. Its timeless and appeals to everyone. It makes children feel adult and adults feel like a child again. Its a grand adventure that isn't bogged down with special effects, voice acting, mp, and other trends. Every new iteration is the same series with the same things we love retold in new ways. I may not like every release but every release is still beloved by me if that makes sense. I still haven't played past 6 hours in SS because of handholding, not being able to spread up or skip text, motion controls exc but I adore it for the artsyle, storytelling, and beauty. Even at its worst its still the best.

Thank you Myamoto. Nobody else does what you do. The series had a profound impact on most gamers like myself. I had never been totally absorbed into a world like that except by CS Lewis and Tolkien. Reading through Hyrule Historia reminded me of why I love Zelda to begin with. Adventure. Becoming the hero. Saving the princess. Exploring foreign worlds. Its a universal story that strikes a chord with all of us. I am Link just as all of you were and are. We've all had our own adventures with our own emotional investments. Its a very personal experience and why the series has such a loyal fan base. Its Zelda, point blank. Everyone whose played it understands what that means.

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