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Austin481700d ago

The roster looks great but I wish yukes didint develope the game there graphics look old

Yodagamer1700d ago

Which is why I'm kinda hoping 2k15 is better. It seems like this was done under the THQ with a smaller budget and was then released by 2k. 2k15 will probably be done by 2k and a larger budget.

Nightfallen1700d ago

I agree. I'm not buying this game, just going to wait for 2k15 for the PS4 (most likely) and get a full upgrade.

Ezz20131700d ago

the roster is awesome and the gfx is not bad

4logpc1700d ago

Has Goldberg....will buy and spear everyone.

PunisherRevenge1699d ago

Um....Where are the Hardy Boyz, 2Cool, and the Dougly Boyz?

SquareEnixFan1699d ago

This roster is pretty good. Now I would like a NXT dlc pack with Paige but there is zero chance of that happening. I guess that is what create a wrestler is for.

bilzdabest1699d ago

yh. But that kinda spoils it 4 everyone else that doesn't watch.

SquareEnixFan1699d ago

I can see how that would be a problem. Hopefully she will move to the main roster in time enough to make the 2K15 roster.

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