Moments – Returning To Shadow Moses in MGS 4

Recycling an area from a previous game may seem like a lazy way to approach a sequel, but Metal Gear Solid 4 pays respect to the series' fans with an homage to the place where Solid Snake became a video game superstar.

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wishingW3L1310d ago

the nostalgia was off the charts. More than being a good game MGS4 got many perfect scores for pulling the right strings on many people.

DigitalRaptor1310d ago

Pulling them heart strings.

Fantastic game, wonderful memories of playing (and watching) it.

Grave1310d ago

probably the the coolest thing ever done for fans. it was perfect.

fardan851310d ago

Totally agree, amazing game specially for us who were with snake since MGS1, Everyone felt a burst of emotion in his heart when they reached Shadow Moses.

Who got his mind Fu**ed when you get near the stairs and Otacon asks you to insert CD2? :D

paul-p19881310d ago

"oh wait, it's a Blu-Ray, dual-layered too" made me LOL so much!

DEEBO1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago ) of the best games in this generation.and a great gaming franchise too.i can't wait to be big boss, putting together my army of child soldiers.going to watch the gameplay MG5 right now.

ThatCanadianGuy5141310d ago

One of the best games this gen.And one of the deciding factors of my PS3 purchase.

Just an overall masterpiece.Especially for it's time, early in the PS3 lifecycle.

fsfsxii1310d ago

It was nostalgia done right.

Punished_Snake1310d ago

Best game ever and best part of the game is when snake return to shadow moses

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