Greg Phillips Talks Development on the PS4 for 'inFAMOUS: Second Son"

8CN: In a recent interview, Sony Entertainment America's Senior Producer, Greg Phillips, was able to share a bit about the newest addition to the inFAMOUS franchise, inFAMOUS: Second Son. While Phillips wasn't able to reveal much, he did talk a little about developing for the PS4.

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WorldGamer1670d ago

Though short, this article is definitely indicative of whats been said about the PS4 over the past few months.

November can't come fast enough, already got November 15th off from work as a "personal" day.

UltimateMaster1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

PS4 has a ton of studios producing a ton of AAA games.
You can't deny that.

mewhy321669d ago

Sony definitely has the advantage in the area of studios and AAA exclusives.

Destrania1669d ago

I'm taking a week off haha. Vacation pay ftw!

MadSientist891670d ago

this is "THE" game to get for ps4.. looks amazing

Sevir1670d ago

I 100% agree with you. Second Son is absolutely jaw dropping. Im psyched for this game!

JoSneak1670d ago

I wish i could pull a "cartman" and freeze myself till february

TheOneEyedHound1670d ago

So early in the playstation 4's life span we will get a great game for every catagory

Sandbox Super hero:Infamous:SS
Family platformer:Knack
Horror:Outlast,Everybody has gone to the rapture
MMOs:PlanetSide 2,Warframe,Warthunder
Indies:Secret Panchos,Octodad,Res0gum and alot more
Sports: Mlb The Show 2015

All this in the first 5 months of the playstation's life span.

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