Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

The Piledriver: Since it’s launch in 2005, the Xbox 360 has been the platform for some very amazing and innovative titles. Out of thousands of games, what are the 10 that stand out from the pack?

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SolidDuck1581d ago

Left for dead is must, it's my fav 360 console exclusive. I'd prob remove mirrors edge for it.

XB1_PS41580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Left for Dead is amazing.

Here's my top 10 360 games.

10 Shadow Complex
9 Minecraft
8 Super Meat Boy
7 Crackdown
6 Trials Evolution
5 Fable II
4 Left for Dead
3 Gears of War
2 Mass effect
1 Halo 3

Not all are still exclusive, but they were at some point. (console wise)

Also, I tried not to pick two from the same franchise.

SegaSaturn6691581d ago

They're almost all multiplats o_O with skyrim at #1

itBourne1581d ago

Wowww... with 8 years on the market thats the best there is? Umm, I sincerely feel sorry for any of those out there who only had a 360 this console generation.

XB1_PS41580d ago

This is an awful list. Almost insulting.

joel_c171581d ago

Either a poor list or Xbox really sucked this gen - haven't turned mine on for over a year :-(

ShadesMoolah1581d ago

If were talking best 360 games of all time... and that list doesn't include BioShock, Alan Wake or Left 4 Dead - well, that's just meh.

Neomic1581d ago

I thought BioShock: Infinite was miles better than the original.

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