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GTA V players urged not to store vehicles inside garages at this time

Many gamers may have experienced issues with storing cars inside garages within Grand Theft Auto V that results in the loss of the stored vehicle. Rockstar support released a comment about the problem on Monday in which the developer recommended fans avoid using the garages inside the open-world game until a fix can be deployed.

The known bug that has a tendency to delete saved vehicles from garages seems to be triggered by several different things. Rockstar Games’ support stated that these include completing a mission or driving a character’s personal vehicle while controlling one of the game’s other two protagonists. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   651d ago
Which garages? The ones outside your homes, or the ones you can purchase?

I know one of my cars was deleted at Micheal's home garage for me. :\

Can't care too much though, the game is too fun for me to be mad lol.
Ezz2013  +   650d ago
i didn't encounter any of those glitches so far on ps3
i'm only 5 hours in though ...so who knows

don't like the combat at all though
and when i drive any car it feel like i'm driving it on ice or something
but the gunplay is good though very similar to RDR gunplay
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snipab8t  +   650d ago
No glitch on my end on 360 either.
Hellsvacancy  +   650d ago
My car disappeared, it's wasn't in my garage and it wasn't impounded by the police either, just gone

Didn't bother me much, I just stole another one lol

I agree about the driving, most of the cars feel like balloons, as light as a feather
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elhebbo16  +   650d ago | Well said
I dunno what you are talking about, the cars are more grounded and easier to control than in GTA4.
Spinal  +   650d ago
Yeah this has happened to me once, but also happened when Franklin got a new house an the car i had stored in the old garage was gone :(

Playing on 360. But yeah also agree the driving in this GTA is soooo much better than that floaty driving in GTA 4. I couldnt drive anythin in GTA 4 it was terrible. The shooting/cover system blows GTA 4 out the water.

Just imagine when GTA online kicks off! i booked off days from work to get better acquainted with it :)
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buynit  +   650d ago
On Ice? Sure you not playing Gta4? Driving skills get better as you play just like stamina aiming and all the other stats..

On topic

I spent over 50k on a car and only drove it for like five min.. Up looks like i got robbed in my garage too, Gta4 online must have started Early! Lol
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Coach_McGuirk  +   650d ago
I agree about the driving, Ezz. GTA4 felt more realistic, like the cars had actual weight.
guitarded77  +   650d ago
I had cars disappear at both Michael's and Franklin's (Aunt's house) garages. I was wondering WTF was going on.
Raf1k1  +   650d ago
GTA4 did have more realistic driving but the cars were too easy to tip over when hitting a curb. Ultimately driving became too much of a chore in that game and I remember a lot of people not liking it.

GTA5 now as improved driving for an open world game as it bring the fun back into it.
MysticStrummer  +   650d ago
I haven't had any cars vanish on me yet, but I probably just jinxed myself. Doh! I have seen other glitches, but not enough to really complain about.

I wouldn't say the cars feel like they're on ice, but they don't feel quite right. The only ones that feel like they have weight are the big trucks, like garbage trucks or larger.

The whole game seems to have gotten a lot easier, including the driving. I'm only at about 30% completion, and I never played the PSP versions, but so far this is the easiest GTA I've ever played.

I love the game, but once again too many 10s are being thrown around. I guess maybe people feel obligated to make sure GTA5's Metacritic ends up higher than GTA4's.
Dee_91  +   650d ago
They only disappear in Micheal home garage for me sometimes.Trevor and Franklin garages seems to work.I did have another glitch though, where the health would always blink red even when it was full, but a simple restart fixed that.
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Ezz2013  +   650d ago
i played GTA4 for short time got bored with it very fast and sold it
but i'm enjoing GTA5 alot more than gta4

maybe "on ice" is the wrong way to say it
it just the cars feel very light
don't get the feel of cars weight at all
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cybervike  +   650d ago
The driving in GTA 4 was awful. They seemed to have addressed it in GTA V. I have no complaints.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   650d ago
Driving in GTA4 was much more realistic than it is in GTA5. People were just upset that you couldn't turn corners on dime while going 100 miles per hour in GTA4. Only issues I had with Gta4's driving was with bikes.

Driving in GT5 feels super duper arcadey. The cars feel like they don't have the weight on them that they should have and the roads feel slippery smooth.

Only when driving with trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and damaged cars do I feel like I get the appropriate feeling. I can't blame Rockstar though as they are only responding to the complaints many had with driving in their previous game.
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alien626  +   650d ago
i did encounter this once on ps3 and xbox but that was in the start of the game
Lord_Sloth  +   650d ago
My only real issue with the game is an I die after the enemy sneezes in my general direction. That being said, I can adapt to it, just have to be more cautious.
ShinMaster  +   650d ago
It sucks when there are cars I spent money fully customizing, only to be forever lost in the game, even if I bring it back to a garage.
If you die or it gets destroyed or you use it to get to a mission and have to leave it, you won't get it back.
One time I backed into the garage at Franklin's place and the game didn't save it.

I haven't purchased any vehicles yet out of fear of wasting my money.
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Septic  +   650d ago
I just spent loads of cash modding my car and then it disappeared from the garage in my home. AARGH!!
Monolith  +   650d ago
Same. Completely modded this sexy banshee and stored at Micheals garage. Come back later, it was gone. I thought maybe some one stole it like his son Jimmy or something. LOL oh well.
Boody-Bandit  +   650d ago
Go to the impound. There is a good chance it's there. You have to pay a fee though. I think it's $250. It's worth it to get them back. I had 3 disappear on me and found them there. My only problem is every time I go to the impound I pick a fight with the police. I know it but I can't help myself. I love trying to out run them.
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Septic  +   650d ago
Ah cheers Brutallyhonest, I'll do that!
violents  +   650d ago
I had the same happen to me, I spent a boatload of cash on a car and when I started a mission it showed.being parked outside mocheals house, becausr it made me take his cat and when I got back it was gone, no imppund, just gone.
Darth Gamer  +   650d ago
how do you store more than one vehicle in your home garage. Every time i go to put another car in my one car garage, the first car that i brought back to it is always in there and I ccan't fit another in. Iv'e been parking them outside in my driveway. lol
slazer101  +   650d ago
I lost a car I fully upgraded. It was parked in the garage of the house that is given to Franklin.
llMurcielagoll  +   650d ago
It happened to me too, I had a "Grotti" in Frank's garage then replaced it with a Commet in which I went and customized it. Next time I played it was like I never got that commet and my previous car was in the garage -_-

I suppose I am going to wait for a hot fix before I go crazy and buy me a Cheetah and lose it.
Dirkster_Dude  +   650d ago
I encountered losing vehicles that I had stolen, purchased, and the personal vehicles such as Trevor's truck or the cars for Michael and Franklin. Now that I think on it the personal vehicles came back at certain points, but I never recovered the other vehicles stored in the personal or purchased garages.
konrad  +   650d ago
It's Grand Theft Auto V so you shouldn't be surprised when you lose a car :)
3-4-5  +   650d ago
DON'T store them in home garages.

DO store them in garages you bought.
stone_cold  +   650d ago
xActionBasturdx  +   650d ago
This happened to me but only after i finished the last mission. But it doesnt matter, smart people like would create multiple game saves, even though that wasnt the purpose for me doing it was good to have
SilentNegotiator  +   650d ago
Well at least cars aren't important in Grand Theft Auto. No big deal, Rockstar.

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delicia  +   650d ago
50 hours in (just started another new game), Digital PS3 version, I think only once, a car inside Franklin's garage disappeared, but other than that, checking the cars every hour, no problem.
Chris_GTR1  +   649d ago
yea ive had this happen many times now :( really annoying.
ShiranaiJittai  +   649d ago
You are supposed to lose Michael's car it is story related.
jc48573  +   651d ago
sounds pretty serious.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   651d ago
***"driving a character’s personal vehicle while controlling one of the game’s other two protagonists."***

This is definitely one of the triggers, although I didn't realize it at the time until now. Franklin is the only one so far where I lost a vehicle (car & bicycle) that I stored in the garage outside his home. I drove Micheal's vehicle while playing as him.
ALARM-clock  +   650d ago
I've lost countless millions on the cars I stored in my garage.

One less than perfect work around is to just trick out the cars that are part of the story, since no matter what you can't lose them. Franklin has one muscle car, one bike. Michael has one sports car, one convertible. And Trevor just has his truck---which, believe it or not, is actually a beast when it's fully customized.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   650d ago
Trevor also has a beast of a quad, it has flames on it and doesn't look like a normal quad Ron gives it to you
FragMnTagM  +   650d ago
I am pretty sure that "quad" is a lawn mower. It is, however, bad ass.
franko  +   650d ago
All my cars are fine. Ps3.
RE_L_MAYER  +   650d ago
I dont get it-so how many garages you can buy cause I dont see any for sale???
ChipChipperson  +   650d ago
You have a garage that is at your actual safehouse. Trevor has another safehouse later on in the story that doesn't have an actual garage, but it's more of parking lot. Then there are actual garages that are similar to the Los Santos Customs garages. I don't think you have to purchase these, but these are the ones where you can store several vehicles in and each character gets his own garage. Look on your map and find a icon that looks like the safehouse icon, but it's colored either blue(Michael), green(Franklin), or orange(Trevor).
Pintheshadows  +   650d ago
I have only lost one car and that was parked in Franklin's aunts garage after Franklin... you know, I don't want to spoil it for anyone.
PCGamingNoobs  +   650d ago
exactly the same for me. i was a bit gutted because i only just put the car in there and only put it in there to save for races as i just fully customized the car lol ah well another heist will pay for it. and some blooded up civiz
AllroundGamer  +   650d ago
waste of money collecting them anyway, i just crash one and take another :D
Crazay  +   650d ago
I had an awesome thing happen to me the other day with vehicles. I was rocking out with the sub and got bored after a while and switched characters. Next time I went back to Franklin, I walked out of the house and was greeted by the sub sitting in my driveway. Was very impressive.
This is why you wait for the PC version instead of beta testing the game on consoles.
paul-p1988  +   650d ago
And comments like that are why you only have 1 bubble...
terrordactyl  +   650d ago
Lol, you are seriously suggesting PC games are less buggy than console???

Hahahahahaha !!!
georgenancy  +   649d ago
dont you ever get tired of posting the same repetitive comments?geez get a life
SITH  +   650d ago
I lost all the cars I have stored. Xbox version. 74% complete.
MacTastic  +   650d ago
I am playing on PS3 and have had vehicles deleted and have also had multiple cars on top of each other when I open the garage.
Ezz2013  +   650d ago
""have also had multiple cars on top of each other when I open the garage. ""

so the Cars are having sex and you interrupt them that way without even knocking the door?!

shame on you :P
terrordactyl  +   650d ago
Just roleplay that someone stole your car......until they fix the bug.

It makes sense that if you can steal, so can the npc's :-)
sAVAge_bEaST  +   650d ago
I finished the game, with only 2 cars tricked out, -the original cars of Michael and Franklin. No other cars stay saved , I learned that the hard way.
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PiperMCFierceson  +   650d ago
Yeah I've been jacked , out of Michaels and Franklins aunt house , also I tricked out a car got out jacked another turned around and the car vanished. I was pretty pissed
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FunkMacNasty  +   650d ago
I have lost a few vehichles as well, but I think mine are dissapearing when I abandon them, then they don't appear at the impound when I go to collect them...I don't recall having any issues with losing cars I stored in my character's home garages though..

I'm having so much fun with this game, though! However, I do agree with the few folks above who feel that the driving is a bit too easy..It's definitley an improvement from IV, but I do wish they could've used a bit more realistic physics without making the cars unmanageable.
r21  +   650d ago
You all store cars? hahaha, all i do is just grab cars that I like from a random NPC. Call them nature's delivery.
We store the cars that we actually invest into not just random ones. Cars were you drop a good 100k in paint jobs, Armor, Mechanics and body parts are meant to be saved or else what would the point be in dropping so much money on them only to use them until you die ? :)
tigertron  +   650d ago
I lost a modded Coquette that I stored in Franklin's garage.

I'm also experiencing a problem buying vehicles off the websites too. They're taking a long time to appear.
ChipChipperson  +   650d ago
Have you tried the safehouse bed trick with fast forwarding time? Sleep for a full two days and the next time you wake up, walk around for a few minutes, you should get an email that your purchased vehicle has been delivered. I hope this helped.
Kidmyst  +   650d ago
I just modded out cars for all 3 guys and a bike for Franklin. But it sounds like as long as another character doesn't drive it I should be good. So won't take these on a mission and chance losing it. Modded trevors truck and tried 3 times to steal a Fighter Jet. First attempt I died looking for it and none had spawned, 2nd was too soon and I was greated with 3 tank barrels as soon as I got past the main gate and 3rd the cockpit was locked and would'nt open. I'm gonna get one though!
ChipChipperson  +   650d ago
Are they the characters' actual personal vehicles like Trevor's truck, Franklin's bike, etc.? If they are, don't worry about losing them. Those will always stay with the characters. I customized all three of their vehicles and never lost them, but then again I did well after I had beaten the game, so I don't know if that affects it, but I'm certain it doesn't. Tips for getting the jet, try to steal one of the jets that face south because you'll have a better chance of not getting hit enemy AA missiles, it's not guaranteed though. Once you get past the gate, try to lose your wanted level fast and then get to Trevor's hangar fast and park the jet in there, but you have to use Trevor. Michael and Franklin can do it, but they have to purchase a hangar while Trevor's is free. If there's a plane in his hangar already, just park the jet near the hangar and take the other plane out.
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Jamaicangmr  +   650d ago
I stored a Lambo Gallardo-ish looking car in my Micheal's home garage and it's gone. I want it the hell back Rockstar. Expect a letter from my lawyer.
r3f1cul  +   650d ago
yea lets not store cars that you can still buy for millions of dollars or any nice vehicle we find because you fucked up... ok makes sense to me... i love gta but this has pissed me off since opening night... nothing like finding one of the rarest cars or paying millions for something to have it POOF! on you because something so simple as storing it in a garage wasnt tested properly ...
SDIII  +   650d ago
No glitches here...PS3, downloaded PSN version.
cell989  +   650d ago
meh.. you could just steal another one
Hazmat13  +   650d ago
i just bought a 1 million dollar sports car and stored it at the grove street garage.....
sync90  +   650d ago
How did the playtesters miss that one?
ChipChipperson  +   650d ago
It sucks this has happened for some who purchased and customized a vehicle. You could just customize the characters' personal vehicles because no matter what, you never lose them. I've been lucky and have had only one vehicle(not one of personal vehicles) disappear from my safehouse garage, but not from my other garage, the one where you can store more vehicles in. I also hope they address the problems with the stock market though. You can't affect the stock market such as killing the competition to raise the stocks of the company you invested in like all of these game sites have been talking about. GTA forums tested all of this and the stock market is just all over the place. Only way to really benefit from it is to invest in the right companies that deal with Lester's assassination missions, I believe a few of heist you take on, definitely the final one, and a random encounter who is a hitchhiker. Other than that, if you're trying to do it outside of missions and on your free time... well good luck, because it's near impossible at times since the numbers are all random on whether they gain or lose.
azshorty2003  +   650d ago
Theres an endless supply of cars on the street, I haven't bothered to store a car in a garage for longer then over night.
GentlemenRUs  +   650d ago
I've had it twice in my 83+ hours playing...

One time was where it locked me out of Michael's garage and the second time was when a car was parked in Franklin s garage.

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georgenancy  +   649d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   649d ago
Make that 88+ hours played now :)
MadforitUK  +   650d ago
I did not have any disappear but I had two in one garage on top of each other at franklins house.
Truth  +   650d ago
I lost a Banshee I had completely tricked out somewhere in the first few hours, but nothing else has disappeared on me yet. The one gripe I have with driving is that it seems cop cars catch me way too fast on the open road... With a Infernus with 100k in upgrades, there's no fucking way a police cruiser should be catching up and bumping me off the road. That and I tried driving all realistic and little piece of shit cars were beating me off the line... Cmon Rockstar, give us speed, not the illusion of speed. I wanna feel like my Infernus is one of the fastest cars on the road, not the shitbox utility truck next to me.
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