Penello "really, really sorry" that the Xbox One UI hasn't been publicly shown

Examiner: "We're only two months away from the launch of the Xbox One and Microsoft is still yet to show the user interface in a public manner."

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Regis1489d ago

Well he should show a video to rectify this

TomShoe1489d ago

"We're sorry"

How many times have I heard this before?

elhebbo161489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

reminds me of that south park episode with the BP oil spill.

edit: seems foxtrot already said it.

Magicite1489d ago

That Penello is a joke really, where did Mattrick got all these people?

wishingW3L1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

"we are sorry" is becoming synonymous with MS. XD

JokesOnYou1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Why apologize show things when they're ready, again whenever hes tries to be sincere folks only sling more mud, when a sony exec says we're sorry or something genuine like Yoshida for example about ps4 reveal no console, No Last Guardian or the terrible Gamescom streaming footage or when Cerny admits Knack is a "secondary purchase", its all good because see thats just sony being honest with their fans. lol, so many hypocrites.

Heres a fair assessment of the latest UI demo:

-For the most part it sounds as if so far the UI is working properly with still some minor bugs to workout, I imagine their priority is to get everything running as smooth as possible before launch. Secondary is showing close to finished UI functionality, I dont recall any hands on public demos by the competition either but maybe I missed it.

xHeavYx1489d ago

It's probably taking a long time because Penello is working on his fact sheet

DigitalRaptor1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

@ Jokes

All I can really respond to that is, the UI is basically Microsoft's whole sell with the XB1. Before they showed games, it was all you guys were talking about, and they haven't shown it yet, along with all those supposedly integral features that aren't there at launch.

That is not comparable to them not showing us a console that we know will be console-shaped, or a couple of games, or a live streaming issue.

wishingW3L1489d ago

oh Jokes you're always a joke. How many times MS has said that they are sorry in the past couple of months compared to any other company, ever? Maybe you have short memory spam but it has been a ton of times due to the multiple 180's. 0_O


FragMnTagM1489d ago

When did Microsoft go Canadian?

I kid I kid.

dmeador1489d ago


I cant remember them saying they are sorry, just changing things bc the public outcry was much more than anticipated . And the "flip the switch" statement is a ridiculous point jumped on by PS fanboys. Its stupid how political the console wars are getting. He made a generalization that accurately reflected that it wasn't a 2 second process. If you have ever worked in tech, you know that even if something is achieved through a seemingly minor code change, there are many, many ripple effects. People worked a lot of hours to put changed into place quickly

Eonjay1489d ago

There is no need to be sorry... just show it. Problem solved :) The system launches in 60 days and I'm sure they want to give it a public showing before hand.

Eonjay1489d ago

"We've booked to do it a couple times, and my schedule hasn't allowed it. I wanted to get this demo out publicly sooner."

- Okay this isn't a valid response. Why do we have to wait for his schedule? Just take it over to IGN, Cnet, or Gamespot and do a sitdown. Anyone can do it, it doesn't have to be Penello, and it doesn't have to be a 20/20 special report with Barbra Walters.

UltimateMaster1489d ago

Of all the things Microsoft did and should be sorry for. This is not one of them.

UltimateMaster1489d ago

Start by being sorry about the DRM ordeal first.
"Which they were not, btw. The only thing they're sorry for is that it blew up in their faces."

UltimateMaster1489d ago

Get a Life, JokesOnYou.

4Sh0w1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

UltimateMaster why because he speaks the truth?

Sorry for what? The guy is just being nice there isnt anything to even be sorry for and as usual you haters cant resist attacking him. We've seen more about every aspect of the X1 than ps4. Sony did one little walkthrough on stage with I believe it was Yoshida, nobody has had hands on with ps4s UI functionality running realtime showing us with independent people using it but once again all the n4g sony fan kids pretending like micro is the one hiding something. I can see there being more issues for ps4 when it launches like the touchpad not working during the live on air demo at TGS because nobody asks sony anything or they simply say hey just wait everythings coming in the future and its fine. The positive scrutiny from real gamers has been good for X1 though, so the console has improved, Ryse & DR3 are better off from the bad press and constructive criticism from true fans, so its all good but the level of hate on this site is ridiculous some of you need to focus on what sony isnt saying because karma has a way of biting haters in the butt.

Gekko361489d ago

@All Since when is a VP required to pull out a trampoline everytime a news reporter says jump?

Answer: Never.

That reporter is a right cheeky twat!

NoLongerHereCBA1489d ago

Atleast he isn't afraid to say "I'm sorry". Glad they are able to say that some things didn't go the way they should. People complain about everything. Then they should apologise because of their mistakes. And when they do it's also not ok? Tjeez.

NukaCola1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Well sorry is better than the typical MS arrogance that we have to deal with alo the time. They should do a video to showcase the UI. Even if it features stuff that is unusable at launch, we can at least have a better idea of what we're getting.

More importantly, who is supporting Jokesonyou's biased trolling PR bullcrap? 8 bubz now? Why would N4G let a troll make it to a mod level?

mewhy321489d ago

"We're sorry" is becoming the repeating theme from micro$oft.

Sarick1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

@joke When you take into account the most recent history of failed promises blotched accoutrements and overall anti-consumer nature of Microsoft's PR department you can't just condemn everyone who shows mistrust or disdain.

You also fail to take into account the retroactive opinion of the community. It should be very clear that when a company gets a large following of people hating them. There is a very good reason for that. Likewise, if a company gets a good reputation in the eyes of public its because they're doing something RIGHT or the competition is doing something horribly wrong.

There is no mind control going on here. Everyone isn't being paid for their subjective views. They aren't all hypocrites like your personal attack comment states.

I believe all people have the infallible rights to generate their own opinions based on personal insight. Not because they have shallow views or loyalties but because they've been given the free will to express themselves without ridicule.

Flat out calling people hypocrites to insult them is by no means constructive or privy to any professionalism.

On any level the comment posted by TomShoe is based on reality. Sure he's implying that the representative may be lying. Lying is sometimes the nature of being a corporate representative. His comment is simply taking into account that such matters are ALWAYS apologetic.

Nothing more nothing less.

Please don't insult the community. I've tried my best to be fair and humbled to others. I've never received a well said for being straight up that I'm aware of. I try my best to represent the best understanding of all views before passing judgment on others. I don't have friends bubbling up from popularity pyramids or alternate accounts. I would hope you would choose the same path.

Lastly: You have so many disagrees yet the comment gets "well said" +bubbles despite the obvious trolling and insulting nature of your post. This defies all reasonable logic. No offense to your fans but who's supporting these disruptive comments. IMHO, the anti-social nature of your comment should count for -bubbles not well said even if there are partial truths. So please, try and keep it classy. By doing so you my gain more sincere respect in the community.

JamieL1489d ago

@ Sarick
Wow man, on this site you call out Jokes for this? Are you new here? After all the "MS sucks" and "PS4 fo life", comments on here that get a "well said" and 100 to 1 agree to disagree ratio, and you call out Jokes for this? You may not agree with him, but his comments are at least rational. If that bothered you then this is NOT the site for you, that comment is tame and professional for this site.

andibandit1489d ago


you must be stoned off your ass if you think n4g represents the general opinion

Sarick1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

@JamieL & andibandit

Did I say anything or do anything immature by appealing to the community. I'm saying if we don't like how the community is organized or run we don't have to support it by promoting destructive comments.

I looked at his comment. I didn't deny there is some truth in it. I can't speak for others but as a being of free thought and moral understanding I'm capable of modest restraint.

I don't see any reason why someone would become so upset over "How many times have I heard this before?" The comment jokes made is relevant to a point of his own inception. I haven't seen much from both Sony or Microsoft's UI. Such comment applies to either company and its representative not just Penello.

As I've already said. I haven't seen much from Sony or Microsoft's UIs. I wouldn't go so far to be insulting about the ignorance of others for one generalized comment that applies to everyone.

In that respect I'm simply appealing to the intelligence of others to support a firm moral stance. That stance is to just hit agree or disagree without supporting derogative comments that promote disruptive attacks.

For the record I'm not new. I just feel I have a higher understanding behind the psychology of most N4G members. I'm willing to dismiss most reactions but to what end if others don't follow by example.

madpuppy1488d ago

You should be amazed, Microsoft has never apologized for anything they have done before this.

JokesOnYou1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Sarick for the record while I do appreciate what is obviously mostly other members who support the xbox brand supporting me I have never asked for bubbles or cared about my bubble count. When I joined this site years ago I was just as immature and irrational as any of the worst fanboys past or present. I justified my behavior back then as what I saw as "tit for tat" but long ago realized I only lowered myself and represented myself in a way I didnt like. I like to think although admittedly I'm no saint and I will let some know not so nicely from time to time, still I'm better off without anger. Ive apologized and although its the internet where we are all anonymous and I dont want to sound cliché but Ive just tried to be true to myself and never let others affect how I feel or dictate what I say. I'm right sometimes, I'm wrong sometimes but either way its how I genuinely feel when I comment. See its not impossible to turn over a new leaf but I keep this account instead of starting over so everyone can see my flawed past and I remember where I came from. lol

Now on this issue I stand behind my statement that calling out Penello for simply saying he's sorry for basically not showing the UI publicly is hypocritical when you consider the general reaction to the topics in regards to sony being honest about some things that didnt happen, or weren't as first perceived. It's not even a case of a lie or mistake, he's really apologizing out of nowhere.....also its fair to point out their direct competition has shown far LESS of their UI functionality so again I FEEL like its very hypocritical on many known sony fans part to bash Penello on this issue. I do respect and appreciate you disagreeing in a very rational manner. Either way I'm not here to convince anybody about me or this subject just saying what I think and let folks make up their own mind.

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MRMagoo1231489d ago

they have shown it the same way they show their multiplat games .......on a pc, its windows 8.

Naga1489d ago

@ MRMagoo123

Dev kit = Xbox One. Dev kit =/= PC.

They have already said the Dev Kits are exactly the same as the retail console. Please refrain from spreading lies.

Sarick1488d ago

Are you sure? I see the some relevance to your reasoning. They'll clearly want to keep it analogous with their PC OS and mobile devices to promote cross platform acceptance.

I my doubts the XB1 OS will be a direct parallel to windows 8. I assume it will have some overlapping relationships comparable to Microsoft's metro interface but not be a complete variation of windows 8 itself.

bligmerk1488d ago

There is the undeniable proof there, believe it was every third party, including "console exclusive" had high-end gaming PC's for their stage and booth demos at TGS. This is after rage-bragging a few weeks ago, they would have "hundreds" of XBone pre-production units at TBS. So, they didn't have enough to give to their third party partners or did the third party partners basically say wanted their demos to be on a gaming PC? *cough*Titanfall*cough*

ZeroX98761489d ago

I'll tell you one thing though, I prefer them to wait and have a good and well made UI than rush it like they did with X1 at the beginning. better not show anything and wait for it to be "presentable"

windblowsagain1489d ago

Problem is, nobody wants that type of UI. It's horrible on windows 8, it's horrible on windows phones.

Nokia made a big mistake going that route.

mcstorm1489d ago

That's your opinion. I would take the Windows 8 and Windows Phone UI over IOS and android any time. IOS is just a list of Icons and Android is a updated version of Windows Mobile's UI. None of them I have ever liked.

Also Nokia never made a mistake by going down the Windows Phone rout and sales prove this. Nokia were flapping and going the same way RIM have just gone. Nokia now have one of the best selling phones on the market in the Lumia 520 and have made the Lumia Name a big name along Galaxy and Iphone in terms of the general public.

Also if you think Nokia should of gone Android this is also wrong. The Android market is flooded by devices and owned by Samsung and Nokia would not of been able to stand out just like HTC are having the same issue with the One.

I am not saying Microsoft have the best products on the market and im not saying Sony, Apple, Google ect are too as it is a matter of choice but ide rather have OS's that look fell and act different to each other rather than everyone just copy everyone else.

showtimefolks1488d ago

MS we heard your sorry after every single xbox one mistake, just don't mess it up please

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-Foxtrot1489d ago

"We're Sorry"

Had to....if I didn't someone else would of :)

Fireseed1489d ago

While I find it funny and all... some part of me thinks that you actually think Xbox is comparable to the BP oil spill.

buynit1489d ago

Nope... Ms is much much worse than that Spill! /s

SegataSanshiro1489d ago

What does "would of" means? I see that everywhere and nobody even explains to me after I ask a million times!

-Foxtrot1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Means the same as Would have but it depends on where you were brought up and how they say things round that area. They say it's "not correct" but to be honest, I've heard a ton of people say it. I don't think no one cares to be honest. I live in Newcastle by the way so I feel like it goes along with Geordie slang

SegataSanshiro1482d ago

Bad grammar is bad grammar, just because everyone does it doesn't make it "alright to do"

cell9891488d ago

lol dat southpark episode, thats how I picture Penello and Larry Major/MAjor Hyrb/ Nelson Hyrb/Nelson Larry or whatever his name is

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jhoward5851489d ago

I'm not interested in seeing the Xbox One UI right now...I want to see some game demos.

XB1_PS41489d ago

With all the supposed "magic" that Kinect bring to the UI, I kinda want to see some demos of just navigation.

Goku7811489d ago ShowReplies(4)
Animal Mutha 761489d ago

Oh that's ok Albert. It doesn't matter too much, I'm not worried. You guys have great form with the UI. Its a changeable thing so I'm sure you will change several times during the X1s live span as you did the 360.

Just make sure the thing plays games really well out of the box and you can tinker with the UI to your hearts content.

I don't buy a console for its UI but if you can include a good one that would be nice - cheers :)