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A link to the past – we review the NEOGEO X [Gaming Trend]

Ron Burke: " If, like me, you never got your hands on a NEOGEO system, this is the next best thing. While the emulation isn’t perfect, and in some places is even a bit lackluster, it is the best legal way to play classic NEOGEO titles. The handheld lets you take them on the go, and the included 21 are some of the best this system has to offer." (NEOGEO X GOLD Handheld, Tech) 80/100

darthv72  +   648d ago
I had an AES years ago and this is a fine alternative to the real thing but no way a replacement.
prodg52  +   648d ago
We had a game shop near our house growing up and they would rent out the NeoGeo. They also had imported games in japanese for SNES and Genesis. That was a cool store. The NEOGEO was a great console, just way too expensive. The cartridges were almost the size of VHS cassettes!
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bumnut  +   648d ago
Games were crazy expensive, around £150 per game back then is like £250 per game now!

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