Xbox One advertised in stadium at Ravens/Texans game

The latest place that Microsoft chose to advertise the Xbox One was at the Raven vs Texans game in Baltimore yesterday.

This marks the latest of many high profile areas in which Microsoft is advertising and promoting their upcoming console.

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Goku7811104d ago

Behold, the poisonous terraforming has begun. No one is safe. No where to run, nowhere to hide!

CrimsonStar1103d ago

Are you talking about your obnoxious trolling ?

True_Samurai1104d ago

Looking good MS is the king of advertising

TNTgamer1104d ago

It gotta be in the billions for the X1, gotta be.

FrigidDARKNESS1104d ago

Awesome stuff. Would love to see Xbox one advertising on the Cowboys giant humongous video screen now that would be awesome.

Grown Folks Talk1103d ago

This is silly. People who play video games ONLY play video games. They don't watch tv, listen to music, use social media, go on the internet, like sports, or anything else. They ONLY play games all the time.

Supermax1103d ago

It is the console of the season ticket will be on 360 and x1 for a long time.

FrigidDARKNESS1103d ago

I forget that MS has that NFL exclusive deal so the advertising will be at all NFL stadiums every game.