GTA Online Microtransactions Leaked?

TSA writes: "We recently reported that GTA V might feature Microtransactions. While skeptical, since the images were clearly photoshopped, it would make sense for Rockstar to put these increasingly popular mini-payments into the game.

Although a Rockstar spokesperson confirmed to us that $5 guns weren’t part of their plans for GTA V, an outed XML file (hosted on Rockstar’s site) shows the current DLC for the game, including all of the special edition content and “cash cards” which appear to accept payments of real money for in-game cash."

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DoctorJones1704d ago

I love articles that start with a question.

GTA Online Microtransactions Leaked?

I don't know? Are they? Who are you?

admiralvic1704d ago

Well it's a rumor, so it can't be stated as a fact. Also some of our rumors that are based on factual information turn out to be incorrect. Like Biohazard 6 was data mined and several costumes and another difficulty were found, which spawned at least 1 article calling Capcom out for on disc DLC.

A few days later and the costumes were actually unlockable things very few / no one was aware of and the difficulty was announced to be free via patch.

Remember, anything can happen till it happens.

cleft51704d ago

Considering there is an option within the main game to access the PSN store this is hardly a surprise. If a GTA came out every year I would be a little upset about this news. But since the dlc for GTA4 was arguably better than the base game, particularly Gay Tony, and GTA Online is going to be this massive endear that could be it's own thing I really don't have a problem with them doing this now.

That's the power of not releasing a sequel every year I guess.

DoctorJones1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


Exactly. Until it becomes reality it is just a rumour. People are still hunting for Bigfoot in San Andreas.

You're never going to find him people.

XB1_PS41704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I'd buy an outfit that looks like an alien. If that's one of the micro transactions, then i'm fine with that. If it's money, I don't like it. Earn your money.

I remember the pre micro transaction days.. Things were so much simpler back then.

BattleTorn1704d ago

Yup. The description says it all:

"We recently reported that GTA V might feature Microtransactions. While skeptical, since the images were clearly photoshopped, it would make sense for"

So, they're skeptical cause the photos they reported were photoshopped, but then go on to speculate more!!??

How about you were outright wrong for reporting "clearly"
photoshopped stuff and will not refrain from meaningless speculation - oh, wait that doesn't garner hits for the website.

SMH - how can they say they're now ONLY "skeptical" because what they previous reported was COMPLETELY fabricated. Gosh!

Mr_Writer851704d ago

TSA are shit at reporting.

They are always saying 'take with a pinch of salt'. But then claiming they had reported it if it turns out true.

And thier reviews are very fanboyish.

Plus the 'photoshopped' pictures kind of make sense, as when you go into ammu-nation there're are spaces for guns which are on the PS store.

sinclaircrown1704d ago

Can't imagine them allowing people to steal soemthing that you paid real cash for in the game. R* are a business, so I don't mind them finding more ways to make money.

They're not stupid though. They won't let you drop $10 on something that can be destroyed or stolen seconds later.

BLAKHOODe1704d ago

If I can just steal it, no point in spending any cash for it. Sorry, R*, but I'll be keeping my money and taking whatever everyone buys with their money, too.

nooneknows1704d ago


If it was EA or Activsion they would be getting Death Threats right about now.

DOMination-1704d ago

Well tbf Ryse is only 900p and also has microtransactions so thats what I hate that and EA suck because they forced the doctors at bioware to make a bad ending but as long as I don't have to pay for weather or night cyclesIin gta I'm fine with that

Lord_Sloth1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Stop making excuses for Bioware and just admit that they flubbed the project on their own. EA was in charge when Origins was made. They were in charge when ME2 was made. ME3's ending is on Bioware and no1 else.

The only thing EA made them add was the online which many of the fans seem to enjoy.

cleft51704d ago

That's because EA and Activision are constantly trying to squeeze every penny out of their consumers. Microtransactions done right isn't a bad thing, but when a company abuses the system it upsets people and for good reason.

Jovanian 1704d ago

'Microtransactions done right isn't a bad thing'

How the hell is real money for in-game cash and guns cut from the game not a bad thing

They did good with gay tony and TLAD but this right here? this is some ole bull$%*t

ziggurcat1704d ago

@ swadian:

because none of the content is actually cut from the game - you can acquire it all through natural progression.

pompombrum1704d ago

NO! Just NO! Please don't allow people to buy ingame money with real cash. After GTA 5, I consider Rockstar my favourite developer but this is just wrong. If they want to do cosmetic changes and have some awesome stand out outfits for people to buy with real money, cool, I can accept that and it doesn't effect mine or anyone else's gameplay experience what so ever but buying ingame currency would be bad.

Obamanationn1704d ago

its kind of pathetic , i can already read future headlines , Man loses his real home in the stock market with risky investments in BAWSAQ exchange after purchasing virtual currency .

-Foxtrot1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

The problem is if a company like Rockstar thinks it can get away with this...and it actual does then they will take more risks in the future, more risks which don't really benefit us.

I mean take EA/Activision/Capcom etc they just throw it all out there at once, they've always done that and thats why people hate them. It's why people call them out but Rockstar knows that if it takes one step at a time and "transistions" these things in which as I've said won't beneift us and the same things we would call other companies out for then they will turn into a company who will know for a fine fact they are untouchable. No one will speak out, hardly no one will complain and nothing will be done about it.

It's the sad downside of having a great company who have become so respected over the years in the industry. Sooner or later money or power will go to their heads, I mean they raked in over a billion with GTAV in three days but do you think the higher ups and share holders think thats they don't because greed is always a problem in any type of industry. How do you think Capcom got to where they are today, think about the old Capcom from last gen to the one today.

So please don't think I'm saying this is what WILL happen to Rockstar, I'm just trying to make people have an open mind about the current situation. If you just shrug it off as "No big deal...Rockstar can't do no wrong" then your blind opinion could hurt not just you but the company and the rest of the fans in the process. I do not want to see another good developer go down the drain.

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