Mutant Football League Kickstarter – ++Interview with Michael Mendheim

Michael Mendheim, the creator of Mutant League Football and the proud operator of a brand spankin’ new Kickstarter project, joins the show to talk about everything from his original water cooler pitch his first Genesis game, what it was like to work at EA under Trip Hawkins, as well as his latest and greatest project, Mutant Football League.

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SuicideKing1704d ago

Loved that game, on the good old Sega genesis!

Deathdeliverer1704d ago

Me too! Having the quarterback start the game with 5 sticks of dynamite was the shit. Having the running back take super serum so he could literally plow through and kill a defender that got in his way. Do you remember the San Francisco 60 whiners?

Death1704d ago

Yeah, still have my copy. I am completely down with an update to Mutant League.


I want to see / learn more, but I would totally contribute to this I loved MLF. Favorite 2 teams were the skeletons (whichever one that launched their catchers over the DL) and the orcs (the gas, lol).

DoublePlusGoodGames1704d ago

To everyone that commented here, I'll pass along your comments to Michael as I'm sure he'd love hearing how well his game was/is remembered.

Additionally, definitely tell your friends, family and random passers by about this kickstarter and we'll be sure to promote the ever-lovin-crap out of this on our show.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback and I'll let you know what he says.

SuicideKing1704d ago

I checked out the website, any chance it will get released on Xbox one or ps4?