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Shuhei Yoshida Shares More Info on Remote Play Between PS4 and PS Vita: “It Will Be Amazing”

SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is a big proponent of the remote play feature between PS4 and PS Vita, so much that he’s the one that demonstrated it at the latest Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Keynote at Tokyo Game Show. Today he shared some new nformation on battery life and controls, in addition to his opinion on the feature. (PS Vita, PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   794d ago
Indeed, indeed. I can't wait to sit back and chill in my room when I don't feel like looking at a big screen.
Godoftheweek  +   794d ago
Agreed. My PSV has been sitting inside my couch console for months now. I know that when I get my PS4 that will be the day that my PSV has renewed value for me.
JoGam  +   794d ago
That's sad ur Vita sat for that long with all those amazing games to play. Honestly if you don't use it now I don't see why u wil use it later.
Eonjay  +   793d ago
"Since the screen is very large, with PS vita games of course, but even when it displays PS3 games via remote play. it looks beautiful. Combine that with PS4 games and it will be amazing. For those that have a PS Vita, the value of the console will increase."

Does this confirm expanded support for PS3
Thehyph  +   794d ago
Yeah laying in bed would be pretty cool.

I just want Diablo 3 at work. That's all.
I think it will be great because I can remap the buttons, even if Blizzard doesn't, and it looks fine to me at subpar resolution on ps3.
starchild  +   794d ago
Very cool feature. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.
Darrius Cole  +   794d ago
Why would you not feel like looking at a big screen? It's less work on your eyes to look at a big screen. That's why old people need letters to be bigger in order to see.

The only reason that I would prefer to use remote play when I am at home are
1) when someone else is using the TV that has the PS4 hooked up to it (Vita TV for the win) and
2) when I am on the can.

But I would never prefer to look at a small screen when I could be looking at a big screen instead.
PoSTedUP  +   794d ago
i perfer to look at a small screen. i can sit anywhere in any position, any where in the house and the screen will always be proportional to my face. if you lay on your side, your 40-50in tv isnt going to flip on its side. same thing with laying on your back. and if you think about it, besides resolution, me playing KZ:M on 5' screen- 8-9inches from my face, looks and feels as if i am sitting 9-10ft from 50' tv.

but i also feel as if the lower rez on the vita still looks like 1080 or 720p or higher than wht it really is because of the size. for example: you cant tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on a tv under 40in from what ive read and experienced, so the smaller the screen would be hard to tell the difference between a little sub 720p and 720p? so a 5' screen is actully mimicing 1080p or 720p even with sub-hd pixels. just like MPixel in cameras, pplare like "i got a 13 MP camera!" but youre not gonna see the difference unless you plan on blowing thoes pictures up many times its size, herp derp. but any tech gamers care to explain the truth? this is what makes sense to me but maybe i dont know the fact of the matter. +bubble for thoes that care to explain. : )
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   794d ago
I tend to get headaches (or, like...eye aches) easier when I look at a big screen for too long than a small screen. It's weird, lol. I usually prefer to look at a big screen until then.
black0o  +   794d ago
looking forward to it
SmokingMonkey  +   794d ago
One of my favorite next gen feature's.
DOMination-  +   794d ago
Its gonna be amazing indeed until there's a game that requires the touchpad, l2, r2, l3 and r3 buttons
Abriael  +   794d ago
Someone didn't read the article. between the other things, he addresses exactly that.
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GribbleGrunger  +   794d ago
It had just three quotes ... just three. Couldn't you at least have read them? I also wouldn't rule out Sony eventually allowing you to use your Vita as a controller.
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Abriael  +   794d ago
What is that thing called "read" you're talking about? Is it DLC?
solidsheep  +   794d ago
Split screen co-op with vita anyone? must have!!!!!
DOMination-  +   794d ago
It doesn't cover it at all. Of course you can map buttons you can do that on psp even..but answer me.. if a game on ps4 uses all buttons that I said.. are you going to have to keep pausing the game to keep reassigning? Doesn't seem ideal at all.

Sony didn't think ahead with vita. Its a cool feature but you have to admit my point is pretty valid.
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Hicken  +   794d ago
Um... the rear touchpad has at LEAST four simultaneous applications. That is: L3/L2/R3/R2.

That's not counting the touchscreen, which has the same number of applications, if not more.

So, no, your point is not valid at all.
DOMination-  +   793d ago
Yes it is Hicken because I actually have a Vita and trying to use the rear touchpad for just two buttons in for eg. A psone game is firstly really painful after repeated use and secondly doesn't always work (you have to hit a sweet spot with certain velocity) so if you think mapping four buttons to that thing is a good solution you either have never used it or simply delusional.
USA007  +   793d ago
I don't have any troubles with the rear touch pad . I still would only map two buttons to it though. The front screen can easily handle four (or more) different functions as it is easy to use accurately
MasterCornholio  +   794d ago
I cant wait to screw around with it.
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colinf438  +   794d ago
It will be interesting to see how different devs will utilize the vita's two touch screens as alrernate contolls.
DEEBO  +   794d ago
custom controller settings.you map the button's how you see fit.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   794d ago

It's basically remote play.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   794d ago
can't wait to try this.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   794d ago
< 53 days to go.
BABY-JEDI  +   794d ago
Yoshida is a pure champ. I think socially he would be a good laugh. He seems to have a good sense of humour.
Goku781  +   794d ago
The day long foretold to us by by the sacred Internet around the world is upon us. On that day you shall have to choose a side or find yourself lost. Will you side with the deceivers? Or will you choose the side where greatness awaits? The choice is yours.
Kidmyst  +   793d ago
Can't wait! I've been playing the Vita more, when my NFL team does crappy (Vikings 0-3) I play with the game in the background. Will be nice to play PS4 games come Nov.

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