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5 Things Capcom Should Do To Improve Their Finances

GameDynamo - "It’s no small secret that Capcom has found themselves suffering from their biggest financial loss since 2005. There are a lot of things that contribute to that, and a lot of things that could have been easily prevented. The company is already dialing back on things that they’ve made mistakes on in the past year or so, but there really is more that they could do.

With that said, here is a list of things that Capcom should consider doing in order to get themselves back on track." (Capcom, Culture, PS3, Xbox 360)

Tito08  +   650d ago
Capcom has done a huge amount of mistakes that so far I only have SFF4 & SFxTk. Never heard of a company that most of their devs have left to form other studios, without devs and games, Capcom is nothing but a logo with D-head execs, simple as that.
adorie  +   650d ago
Wellllll saiiid! !!
mikeslemonade  +   650d ago
Go back to exclusivity to PlayStation. No coincidence when RE5 the first multiplatform non timed-exclusive game was when capcom started making mediocre games.
FamilyGuy  +   650d ago
Here's an idea this article completely miss:

Capcom just developed a new game engine that that has shown very impressive graphical capabilities. They could go the Unreal route and sell licenses to use that new engine. They said they developed it because Japan was falling behind compared to the west, they could make money by selling the use of their engine to other game devs all around japan and anyone else in or out of japan that is interested in it.

It's definitely caught a lot of attention and something they should really consider.

Aside from that just make awesome games. They've got Lord of Shadows 2 on its way out and people seem excited. It's been getting positive preview summaries. Just keep up the good work and consumers will start buying again.
Run_bare  +   650d ago
Lords of shadow is Konami, not capcom
FamilyGuy  +   649d ago
LOL yeah I screwed up on that but what about the actual suggestion of selling the licenses to use Phanta Rei or however it's spelled?

Do people disasgree with that idea as well or were you all too focused on the lord of shadows mistake?
Vandamme21  +   650d ago
Capcom is my favorite videogame company but they have made some really bad decision lately.
GABRIEL1030  +   650d ago
Capcom betrayed its fans ( DLC at disk) , its beloved characters ( replacing Dante with an emo, cancelling Megaman Legends 3) and its most talented programers (Shinji Mikami, Keiji Inafune, and Hideki Kamiya, three developers who are amazing ), Capcom is a shame like Square, these companies need to fire all the executives.
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NaAsAr  +   650d ago
make good games
make good games
make good games
make good games

oh and make good games. :)
zeal0us  +   650d ago
Making good games isn't going to solve the problem. It's possible for a good game not to be profitable. Remember what SE said about Tomb Raider a while back? They need to make better decision with their games and who they outsource their games to. Not only that but stop sitting on games in their portfolio. I would be put old games on many platforms as possible, if I was them.
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Goku781  +   650d ago
Make the games they specialized in and stop trying to be something they've never been, a western developer.
3xkrazy  +   650d ago
Street Fighter Alpha 4, Dark Stalkers, Megaman, BoF.
-Revive the era 2D art in HD.
-None of that 2.5D BS
talocaca  +   650d ago
How about you release:

Monster Hunter 4 on Vita (easily sell 1 million copies)
Resident Evil 7 that is actually scary.
Make a new Megaman.
Breath of Fire sequel with a reasonable budget.

But I guess that would make too much sense.
paul-p1988  +   650d ago
I bet there are more Vita owners who are Monster Hunter fans than there are 3DS owners who just got Monster Hunter because it's a more mature game for the handheld.

I for one am a Vita owner who got it for an updated Monster Hunter game (would be logical after the massive success of the PSP versions), but Captain Cash has spoken and has uppercut Mr Fanbase once again...

If they sort their act out a Vita version of Monster Hunter would sell double, if not triple, of the 3DS version easily!
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Tito08  +   649d ago
I know some people might call me out on this, but I think Capcom's problems started with that Nintendo exclusivity deal regarding the Resident Evil series. I know probably Nintendo gave em a lot of money to keep the franchise exclusive to GC at the cost of their potential market, since RE has being their biggest franchise, why didn't they release it as a multiplat release instead, because the PS2 version quickly outsold the GC version after a year of exclusivity, & it likely would have made good #s on the original Xbox, RE:Revelations would have benefited greatly on the Vita because of the dual analogs, but those execs are stupid..

I know they likely making good money with MH4, but they're losing the opportunity of releasing it as a multi-format release, because the series easily has huge following on PlayStation handhelds, common sense doesn't get through their thick heads. It would be totally understandable to make a game a single platform exclusive if it's a new IP, but an establish franchise is to be expanded to more platforms.

To me, when it comes to their bigger IPs, they make the single most stupid decisions, even they screwed people up with two versions of MVC3, biggest rip off they have ever done so far IMHO.
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princejb134  +   650d ago
Hey capcom, how about you release a new onimusha game. A huge fan base is waiting
asiatico  +   650d ago
Lol capcom is doing everything possible to lose the fans they have
3xkrazy  +   650d ago
Past strategy:
MH series - middle finger to loyal PS customers
Resident Evil- Westernized
SF series - nickel and dime
Megaman - middle finger to the whole world.

New Strategy:
DLC - increase nickel and dime action, and microtransactions.

*Does not comprehend* -_-
Matt666  +   650d ago
@mikeslemonade don't you mean when they made RE4 it started going down hill, Re4, 5 and 6 are all action based and lost all aspects of survival horror. I don't see why people say RE4 is good, where the horror, wheres the atmosphere, where the creepy sounds and creepy music, wheres the proper monsters I.E. hunters, zombies etc.

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