Interview: SingStar - Your Questions Answered

So, you all asked the questions and Paulina Bozek was on hand to give the answers. Sorry it took a few more hours than intended but there were a lot of questions. Over to Paulina.

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heyheyhey3809d ago


its good to know that they're going to add all the content from vol.2 on the PSN

Hapimeses3809d ago

That isn't what the Q&A says. Only some of the songs and functionality will be downloadable (and, maybe, all the songs will be downloadable at some unspecified point). I am personally unimpressed, because I will not buy a second Blu-Ray; it is inconvenient and impedes fun play. Singstar is all about easy of use and conveniance -- well, for this gen it is, anyway -- this product appears to offer little of that.

Not cool.