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Deep Down and the Message it Brings to the Industry

Hardcore Gamer: Love it or hate it, the F2P model is taking root. This is not to say that the sky is falling. Games as we know them are not doomed, but the landscape is certainly shifting and many industry eyes will be studying Deep Down and just how well it does. (Deep Down, PS4)

SmokingMonkey  +   710d ago
The message:

MasterCornholio  +   710d ago
Well it is capcom. At least they wont be locking content to a disk with this title since its digital.

BTW Hows the Monarch doing with Dr. Girlfriend?
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SmokingMonkey  +   710d ago
The Monarch, Dr. MRs. The Monarch, and Gary are moving into the house the Monarch grew up in, because Uncle Vatred blew up the Monarch's mansion with his hover tank.

Also, Vendatta is probably the monarch's father who was made into a robocop/mandroid by Jonas Venture Sr.

Breaking Bad level stuff here.
GrizzliS1987  +   710d ago
this article is now about Breaking Bad.
MasterCornholio  +   710d ago
You never thought that i would be free to play now did you?

Thats the message that it sent me.
UnHoly_One  +   710d ago
I hate EVERYTHING about F2P.

This sucks. Crap cell phone games are ruining my hobby.
colonel179  +   710d ago
Pray that this game fails so bad so that companies get scared of this model in consoles.

The problem with games like these succeeding is that, just like COD, every single company will want to copy it. Look at Killer Instinct, selling you each character at $5 each! that is a rip off!. I don't want a world where in order to just play you have to pay for every single thing in the game (weapons, characters, maps, levels, items, outfits) *shivers*
UnHoly_One  +   710d ago
KI doesn't bother me because you can pay one flat rate and buy the "whole" game, so to speak.

Thereby eliminating the whole problem I have with the F2P model.
Fireseed  +   710d ago
Yeah how exactly is being able to buy the full game F2P?
3xkrazy  +   710d ago

You'd be silly to think you can pay a flat rate to buy the whole game. That's not how F2P works. It's more like a service package with a set of features. Think of it like Comcast Xfinity: Internet, Digital TV, or for bundle both for X dollars.
DigitalRaptor  +   710d ago
We're seeing the usual suspects praising one thing whilst calling out another for the exact same thing. Here are some facts for you.

Deep Down is free-to-play - you don't have to pay, but they will charge you for additional content if you want it.

Killer Instinct - you buy the whole lot for $40. That's 8 characters. Eight! That's nowhere near the standard of a fighting game being complete. Nowhere near. So what are they going to do after you've paid $40 for 8 characters? They'll charge you for more characters and other content. By their current rate, that's $5 per character. They've already confirmed a second "season".

So no, this is no different to Deep Down. But because Deep Down and many, many other great F2P games are on PS4, and not on XB1, of course it's a bad thing. Of course it is.
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FamilyGuy  +   710d ago
The complaint makes no sense, you never have to buy anything, if you want the game to be more enjoyable you pay, and you pick and choose the things you think are worth paying for. There's always some bundle price package making F2P games close to a regular retail purchase. You just said you don't have a problem with Killer Instinct because it has such a bundle yet for Deep Down you're instantly assuming there won't be one?

What kind of sense does that make?

No details on how they'll be going about this games F2P model has been released yet so why are people already bashing it?
At this point all it is is a free game till pricing details surface.
SignifiedSix91  +   710d ago
Well, this game is going to suck lol.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   710d ago
I'll still be playing it. I'm actually looking forward to it, as long as the model isn't too ridiculous. With high-quality, non-ripoff games such as PS2 and DCUO, I'll be optimistic. (But then again, it is Capcom after all...)

Just because it's F2P doesn't automatically mean it's going to suck. If that were the case, KI would be getting a lot of hate and pessimism.
yellowgerbil  +   710d ago
you are living under a rock if you don't think KI is getting hate and pessimism.
being f2p is only 1 minor reason, the main reason is the developers track record.
It isn't being made by rare, the people who are making have such amazing games in their resume as
Green Later: rise of the manhunters
and GIJOE: the Rise of Cobra
I hope they make a good game though, I'll never play it as I'm getting ps4, but they are also making the new Strider which is a game I want, and they better not screw up.
UnHoly_One  +   710d ago
The difference with KI is that you also have the option to buy the whole game and get everything.

So they are giving us both options.

I will buy the whole package and never have to deal with the F2P crap.
DigitalRaptor  +   710d ago
Deep Down is free-to-play - you don't have to pay, but they will charge you for additional content if you want it.

Killer Instinct - you buy the whole lot for $40. That's 8 characters. Eight! That's nowhere near the standard of a fighting game being complete. Nowhere near. So what are they going to do after you've paid $40 for 8 characters? They'll charge you for more characters and other content. By their current rate, that's $5 per character. They've already confirmed a second "season".

So no, this is no different to Deep Down.
UnHoly_One  +   709d ago
I'm pretty sure it's 20, not 40.
yellowgerbil  +   710d ago
I have only played 1 f2p game (dust 514) and I hated it.
The game forces you to pay to win and therefor is completely unenjoyable.
If games keep doing that then they won't be getting me on board f2p.
Joe913  +   710d ago
I have no problem with pay to win as long as what is needed to win is no more than 50 60 bucks worth of items. I say this because every game is pay to win if you really think about it just most games you have to pay up front but if you have to buy 100 worth of crap just to beat the game that is a rip off but if you only need 50 bucks worth of stuff and everything else is a option then I see nothing wrong with it. I have Dust and love playing it with the move sharp shooter combo but have yet to come to a part where I have to pay just to keep going I have the standard gun not sure if you have to pay to upgrade but with the sharp shooter it is easy for me to get head shots so I never needed to upgrade my gun.
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yellowgerbil  +   710d ago
I played it in the beta. might be better now but doubt it.
In the beta I had the standard equipment. I could put my entire clip into a guy at close range. only take down his shield. His shield would regenerate to 100% before my character could even reload.
That is what I am referring to.
And no it is not okay in any instance to be pay to win. If you HAVE to buy to have the game be playable, be up front about it and charge.
ssj27  +   710d ago
so just because of one game from a different developer and genre and I hope set up and system, you are going to hate them all?
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supraking951  +   710d ago
the message is Sony is making F2P relevant. Just lik mmorpgs on consoles. Sony wins
GodGinrai  +   710d ago
The Real question is, how many of ya`ll are actually going to support these games with your own pockets ( actually pay for any of the content). These kind of games work on PCs because that is the kind of audience that buys into F2P (I currently play hawken, planetside 2 and race online on my pc)

I get the feeling most just want games for free, and wont spend a single dollar on a piece of content.which in turn will kill off this buisness model on console. I could be wrong but...we will see, soon enough.
XboxFun  +   710d ago
F2P and Capcom? Not to mention Capcom in it's bad financial situation. Oh you just know they are going to try and squeeze every bit of juice out from your wallet with this F2P model.

I can see gated gameplay at a certain level, locked dungeons, locked gear and loot, locked storage, locked everything.

I wonder if it was Ono's decision to make it F2P or was it the brilliant upper management that made it?
BABY-JEDI  +   710d ago
I guess we will all try out Deep Down, & if its good value for money in relation to game play then Capcom will have a new successful franchise. But if Capcom try to pull a RE. Then they truly are going to get a big bag of pants from me.
Inception  +   710d ago
Right now, Capcom already in trouble and they in the situation that they can't make another stupid decision again.

So my prediction is Capcom will make Deep Down the best they can, so people don't mind to spend the time...and money to play Deep Down as long as they can. Besides, Capcom don't want to screw their relationship with Sony who help them to develope Phanta Rei engine and this game.
BABY-JEDI  +   710d ago
I guess that's a fair assessment. I just hope that they put a lot of character into the environments/puzzle/character set ups as it is looking a bit like a copy shuffle & paste job. But to be fair it is very early days.
hogfan76  +   710d ago
Just announce it's coming here already super excited for this game sounds awesome!
Goku781  +   710d ago
Don't think I like this message. Starting to look like apart of the Micro-Decipticons "Vision" for terraforming the video gaming world.
Roccetarius  +   710d ago
Deep Down pretty much looks like a Demon's / Dark Souls lite version. I doubt this will be worth the time, especially since Capcom is in trouble.
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cyril sneer  +   710d ago
Capcom will want to go deep down in your pockets for that last bit of money you have.
Remy_S  +   710d ago
Great, another pay to win game.
Inception  +   710d ago
Still, i'm gonna try it. I'm a fans of Demon/Dark Souls and i'm hungry for games that have vibe / gameplay like them.

Hopefully Capcom will give me an option like Namco did with Tekken Revolution (unlock characters without buying it) or Ace Combat: Infinity (finish the story mode without spend a dime). But if not, than i will see how much microtransaction Capcom put on Deep Down and how far it will affect my gameplay.
demonJAKAL  +   710d ago
Was interested in this game as I enjoyed Dragon's Dogma but as soon as I heard it was F2P and about weapon/armour realistic degredation I lost all interest
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