Rockstar looking into fix for disappearing cars in GTA 5

GameZone writes, "Apparently there's a glitch in Grand Theft Auto 5 that results in your car disappearing. Several players have reported vehicles mysteriously disappearing from their garage, or flat out losing upgrades following completed missions."

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xHeavYx1674d ago

Hasn't happened to me yet, but I better save my money until a patch comes out

badboy7761674d ago

Me neither must be the 360 versions.

AngelicIceDiamond1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


That happened to me and its been pissing me off.

I buy a car go to my garage it'll be there for a little bit. Then I leave that character for a while only to come back to my garage and it'll be empty.

No cars or bikes I bought, its retarded...

vishmarx1674d ago

i constantly loose my vehicles.
the game force switches your cars occasionaly and you most certainly loose it after your mission.
it can happen even during random events.

there should be a way to replace those default vehicles

Saints941674d ago

Happened to me with my Dominator on the X360 :/


I have to say it's just about the one and only issue I really have with the game that really takes a lot of fun out of the experience.

I am not a big fan of comparing saints row with GTA, in my opinion saints row is not even close, but if there is one thing that they got right in that game, it's the way storing your cars works.

now at first i thought R* have just kept the system this way based on how it worked in past gtas or just to try and make it more real or something.... but the thing is they have used the saints row system with the doc and the helipad inventory, so why oh why could they not do it with the cars??

you have a list for the "special" car, all they need to do is make it so if you buy a car and customize it, you then have the option to add that car to the special car list and anytime you want that car you can get it from the list.

if they want to go down the make it real rout..

they should make it so that when you buy a car you have the option of making that your default car. Then any other car you buy goes into the garage but it only holds a limited number. if you lose a car you the option to get a new version of that car + mods etc, by paying insurance in the game.

well, something like that anyway...

I love the game, really do.. .but it's not perfect and for me this is it's biggest problem.

and before anyone mentions it, I know that if you leave a car somewhere or you have to leave it because of a mission then it should show up in the impound. the keyword here is should, as I have gone to impound a few times to get cars I had to leave because of a mission and no joy, the car is not there..

SolidStoner1673d ago

I lost 3 cars and sometimes Map Icons are swiched places... My garage was shown like a plane or something... etc.. considering the scale of the game, it runs smooth and silk... couple of problems is nothing..

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3-4-51674d ago

I just use the garages you buy and can save 4 cars each in.

If I OWN the impound lot as Franklin, I should be able to fill it with my own cars. I mean I do own the place right ?

game is awesome though.

hellzsupernova1674d ago

My garage at home as Michael won't open lol but I don't mind I bought a storage garage in the city

d3nworth11674d ago

Lol you got to appreciate the irony of your cars disappearing in a game called Grand theft Auto.

MRMagoo1231673d ago

I think you mean coincidence right ? Irony doesnt make sense at all here, i did agree because its a funny coincidence and i gave you a funny bubble but its def not irony lol definition of irony is cut and paste as follows:

"The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect."

Now if the game was called "keep all the cars and never lose them"(not as catchy as GTA i guess) then it would be irony.

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pedrof931674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Yes, I spent a lot of money equipping cars and then they suddenly disappear after cut scenes, never to be seen again.

But seriously Cheetah and Infernus never looked so good :D

xHeavYx1674d ago

Did this happen on the 360 or PS3?

Schizoid1674d ago

It's happening to me on my ps3. Franklin takes a new pimped out car to his purchased garage only to return later and finds its not there. Franklin gets mad and starts killing people near the garage just in case they might have had something to do with it. Franklin usually ends up dead. I kept thinking I was doing it wrong. That splains it lol.

tcozzens1674d ago

Happens to my buddy and I on the 360. So with what @Schizoid said I guess it is both.

PoSTedUP1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

because the gamer is way more important than responding to the issues of the disappearing brains in the media. not sarcasm, the gamer Is more important.

ThatCanadianGuy5141674d ago

Yeah lost franklins fully pimped out buffalo.Such a shame.
No problems at all until i switched back to frank, went outside and it was a normal stock buffalo in the driveway.

tcozzens1674d ago

I haven't had this issue with the characters special car that they always have. The only time that mods disappeared on a car that was a special car to one of them was the elegy, the rockstar club one (looks like Nissan GTR), I fully upgraded and then crashed it lol

MRMagoo1231673d ago

I have had Franklins car fully decked out since the first time i had the cash for it (I think right after the first heist) and luckily for me its still fully decked out and out on the driveway in the new house on top of that giant hill.

Gamesgbkiller1674d ago

Happened to me as well.

I just turn my back to enter my car and it was gone.

lifesanrpg1674d ago

what system you playing on?

Gamesgbkiller1674d ago


Happened only once.

I thought somebody stole my car.

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