GTA IV Version Wars: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3

Grand Theft Auto IV is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated and massively hyped multiplatform release of 2008. With April 29th just around the corner, gamers are salivating in anticipation of getting to cause massive amounts of chaos alone and with friends in Liberty City. While gamers agree that this game is most likely going to kick insane amounts of ass on both consoles, people who own both a Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3 are going to have to make a tough decision. Are they going to buy GTA IV on the 360 or the PS3? Despite the fact that Rockstar officially stated that both versions will look and run identically, The Exploding Barrel's own Jeremy and David tackle the issue for gamers everywhere. Jeremy is here to explain why the Xbox 360 is the only console gamers should consider for GTA IV, and David tackles why the PS3 wins the day.

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Drekken3893d ago

ok I have never heard of these guys... BUT whats up?? PS3 is or isnt getting split screen? This article says it does.

This is a HUGE advantage for PS3 if so

pricklypete3893d ago

This issue on split screen is very hush hush if it is in fact an option for ps3.

Once a site like 1up, IGN or if gametrailers host it then we will know.

lol, note how i didn't put gamespot.

After realizing the anti-PS3 attitudes they shared i stopped caring. Then i saw the Condemned video review. That was the last time i'm ever clicking a gamespot link...again

Drekken3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

seriously good news if it does.

NO_PUDding3893d ago

Me too...

Starngely, all their most popualr games seem to be on PS3 though. As in user orientated populairty.

Anyway, I am not sure abotu this split screen. Eitehr way it's a PS3 buy for me.

sonarus3893d ago

The guy who started the split screen rumor said it has been removed. Whether split screen made it in or not is unknown as of yet but i personally doubt it. But hey i'm a pessimist :|

MikeGdaGod3893d ago

if the PS3 has split-screen, that will be huge.

especially since dlc is coming to both consoles.

Fallen_Angel3893d ago

pricklypete @ if you want an unbiased opunion from a site you need to cross off 1up and ign off that list cause both (more so 1up) huge ps3fanboy sites.

I honestly dont think split screen will matter. Not many people play games that way anymore most play over psn and xbl. I'd dont even know what split screen be used for cause they game isnt a co op game. They do have some mp modes that I think are some what co op but they are online only so far as we know.

Robearboy3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

i hate split screen, everything is small, scrunched up and not worth ruining what little eye sight i have left, give me live anytime, nice article though, rather well balanced all be it alot of it is based on speculation and rumour

Feihc Retsam3893d ago

Since online gaming has gone mainstream, I can probably count the number of games I've played split screen on my hands...
Call me greedy, but I like having the entire screen to myself. It's much preferred for me to have my buddy get online at his house, and connect that way.
Even my buddys who are brothers made the investment to have their own separate xbox 360s that they can play from different rooms of the house. Split screen is kinda old-school in my opinion

iceman28853893d ago

Split screen isn't really that old school. You have to remember a lot of people that have gaming consoles are families with more than 1 kid. I don't know about you, but back when I lived with my parents I had 1 console for me and my brothers to all play on; not everyone has money to go buy 2 consoles, 2 versions of the game, and 2 televisions to play the game on. Plus there is a certain comraderie (sp?) that comes with playing a game splitscreen. I personally loved play Gears of War splitscreen with my brother instead of playing with him over Live. Of course this is just my opinion, but split screen is definitely not dead by a long shot. There is a huge demographic of families with more than 1 gamer and not 2 consoles.

Of course the whole argument is null and void if the PS3 version doesn't have splitscreen, which it very well may not since its all speculation as of now.

dan-boy3893d ago

as 1.8 said, it's old school! i like a full screen, not half of one! i did'nt buy my hd so i could share the screen, even though it's big enough!

since going on-line 4 years ago, i would'nt give anything to return or even play split screen! definately not a plus in my book! but, rockstar does have to account for all the children who have ps3! and have to share with siblings and friends!

360 version for me! dlc, all my family and friends have them, and we're gonna be having a riot on-line real soon! just get the version you want peeps. don't listen to the opinions of others! especially uninformed know nothings that post in sites like this... just like me!

grilledgorlupa83893d ago

split screen would be sweet because in split screen games you can pass the bong

Blakzhuk3893d ago

Bundle for GTAIV announced for 360?

FreedomReign3893d ago


Looks like Photoshop to me... but I may be wrong.

androctonvs3893d ago

you people seem to be forgetting that split screen is an option, and you are not forced to play split screen.

it's better to have that option that having no choice at all.

right. right?!

gameraxis3893d ago

Must be the processing power, because 360 army of two DOES not have split screen co-op where the ps3 DOES... and that's a fact, see it with ur own two eyes like i have before u dissagree... ps. I couldn't find and sources on the internet, its actually pretty weird. and another thing is ps3 doesn't have the gun code option and 360 does...

so with that said i wouldn't be surprised if this game follows suite

Shortstop3892d ago

So, you'd rather your friends come over and then go to different rooms of the house and everyone is isolated? Yeah, that's the best way to spend time with friends. Have you played Warhawk with 4 players splitscreen online? Splitscreen is still a part of gaming and always will be. Not many people are going to get 2 TVs together, let alone 2 gaming systems, just to play on their own screen.

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Superiorrior3893d ago

That's subjective though, do you want more experience with the graphics, or DLC, etc.

NO_PUDding3893d ago

Depends, do you want to pay for Wireless Adapter, Live Years Subscription, an HDD and possibly even the DLC, or wait for the PS3 exclsive content and just pay for that, or not?

Fallen_Angel3893d ago

Actually most games have better graphics on the 360. I think the deciding factor or at least for me is what are your friends getting the game for. Mine are getting it for the 360 so I'm getting it for the 360 so we can all play together on xbl.

As for ps3 exclusive there are none tho its possible they could announce it at a later date. However I doubt think they will make any till they finish the DLC for the 360 but I do think you will get DLC that comes out for both the 360 and ps3. Probably more online stuff

SixZeroFour3893d ago

who cares which one is the better one, all that really matters is what system most of your friends are playing it on...cause id think that most ppl are going to be playing it online after they finish the game and wouldnt you want to be playing it with friends

in the long run, i dont think anything else matters, like dlc, graphics etc...

im buying it on the 360, not because of all the facts, but because i only own a 360, not gunna buy a new system for a game that comes out for both consoles, and the majority of my friends only own a 360 as well

InMyOpinion3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

We will know when the game has been released. How many of the guys who write articles like these have actually had hands-on time with both versions of GTA IV?

It's all rumors and speculation.

djcosta3893d ago


BrotherNick3893d ago

MrAnonymous shouldn't have gotten the disagree...who the hell would buy a new system for a multiplatform game, if the graphics are close to one another. Bubbles too.

JVIDICAN3893d ago

why are you in the gamer zone?
mods you know what to do ;)

RJ20003892d ago

Yeah like a few other stated. If you friends got suckered into a 360 and so did you. Might as well stick with it because (also like someone else said) a multi-platform game is not worth buying a new system. No matter how much it is.

For those who say split screen is "old", I am pretty sure the #1 requested thing for the new GTA was a co-op mode. So many people wanted it and now all of a sudden it's not a big deal? Sounds like some fanboyism if you ask me... But that is just my opinion

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crunchie1013893d ago

Damn I'm actually seriosuly considering getting GTA4 on both consoles now. I can always trade one in if neccesary - but if the PS3 version is smoother and controls better (Dualshock is the way I've always played GTA), then maybe I'll play singleplayer on PS3 and multiplayer/downloadable episodes on 360.

Is that crazy though?

TheExecutive3893d ago

i would get one version and then see if you think its "missing" some aspect of it. If you want to play it on the ps3 buy it for that one and wait for the DLC to come out for the 360 and pick a cheap one up!

crunchie1013893d ago

good idea. Allthough, living in the UK, because I've only preordered the 360 version, it might be a bit hard getting hold of a PS3 copy. Still that isn't so bad because in the long run the 360 version will have more longevity

TheExecutive3893d ago

yep, it will have more longevity.

Fallen_Angel3893d ago

crunchie101 I seen a lot of people say they are getting it for both. I'd never do that personally cause it seems like a waste of money. I dont know if they have it in the uk or not but I got a game pass (where you can rent unlimited games s for a monthly fee)with blockbuster. So what I'd do is just go rent both and decided what one I liked better and buy it. Other options be to read reviews and see how they say the 2 compare

Electricear3893d ago

If the Ps3 has Split screen I'm grabbing it first as one of my friends and I have a game night every couple of weeks. This would make it top the list for a must have for me, and then down the road when the 360 DLC comes out I'll just pick it up for my 360 as well.

RJ20003892d ago

You guys realize that you will be paying for another game basically with the DLC right? I will call it now and let you people start to accept it. The DLC will cost over $20.

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Stryfeno13893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Can't wait to jump on Xbox Live with this. My custom soundtrack is going to rock with this game.

RiseOfMonster3893d ago

You're not going to listen to the in game radio?

DJ Lazlow is the pwnage and the radio stations always kick a$s.

Superiorrior3893d ago

Yeah your not doing yourself a favor by listening to your music, half the fun is listening to the crazy ass radio stations.

MikeGdaGod3893d ago

if there was ever a game that doesn't need custom sound tracks, this would be it.

and i say that being a huge fan of custom tracks.

heyheyhey3893d ago


yeah man, VCPR FT!!!!

there was some funny sh!t

sometimes i would just pause the game, make some food and listen to the radio- its THAT good

Stryfeno13893d ago

At least I have a choice...After a while the radio stations gets dull IMO. I get tired of listening to the same loop over and over again. With custom soundtrack that will ease the pain and a bonus for when I jump online.

yesah3893d ago

cant go 5 minutes without britney spears huh?

NOLA3893d ago

to be perfectly honest, a big chunk of my enjoyment from GTA comes from listening to Lazlow lol. Sure, having my own radio station clad out with Metallica and Ozzy would be great but i can quite easily live without it.

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Hagaf223893d ago

exactly, almost (and i mean almost not all) everyone on this site is going to buy this game and with in 5 seconds there will be a console war over which is better, but does it really matter? whether you buy it on the ps3 or 360 you still will enjoy the game. there will be minor differences but in the end those who buy it will enjoy it. its getting alittle old arguing over the petty differences of multiplatform games. we are all gamers so why cant we just say thanks to r* for making another hit and stop the constant arguing over which version is better?

dachiefsman3892d ago

i could not have put it better myself....bubbles for you