Top 5 Xbox One Launch Games

"We are merely months away from the launch of the Xbox One. Its powerful hardware and great launch lineup had secured an impressive amount of pre-orders. Microsoft has promised revolutionary architecture including a robust CPU, GPU, and ESRAM for balanced performance. The Xbox One has said to be lightning fast and will be unlike anything gamers have ever seen. Today we want to look at our picks for Top 5 Xbox One Launch Games." -BootHammer

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Goku7811669d ago

Crimson Dragon coming out lunach day, that is cool.

BootHammer1669d ago

I'm psyched it made launch! Have high hopes for Crimson Dragon.

ContraCode1668d ago

Definitely a must have! Panzer Dragoon was so good.

JokesOnYou1669d ago

Well here are the 4 I want in order:


-I have to compromise and only buy 3 games at launch.

Ketzicorn1669d ago

Well KI only 20 bucks so you could probably save an extra 20 or get it shortly after.

The_Fat_Boss1669d ago

I would say buy the 3 big ones and wait a bit for KI. I'm pretty sure they will last you a good while.

JokesOnYou1669d ago

Yeah bro, thats what I'm thinking...I could actually buy 'em all but promised my girl only 2 then talked her into 3 but she aint budging on more than that.

The_Fat_Boss1666d ago


Haha, for sure bro. I'm waiting on KI for a while as well, while at launch I'm picking up DR3, Ryse, and probably Battlefield 4. Always been a COD fan, but I think it's time for a change, haha. All in all though, can't wait for the One.

Bigpappy1669d ago

Ryse for me, for sure. Then DR3 for online co-op with my brother. ! was looking forward to another Kinect Adventure or Sports type game at launch too. I like completing against my casual family members online. I have more fun with people I know and like.

XboxFun1669d ago

That is a great list but I would put Project Spark somewhere in there because that is definitely a game to be over excited about.

The launch line for the Xbox One looks so good, I can't wait for November to come around.

IanVanCheese1669d ago

Project Spark isn't a launch title though.

christocolus1669d ago

la,la,la,la,la.......nov22 : D

GodGinrai1669d ago

I pre ordered the forza 5 bundle. on launch day I will also be picking up:

KI (full game)

Cant wait for the 22nd of november.

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The story is too old to be commented.