Hands-On Preview: Titanfall - Electronic Theatre

"The one reason you need an Xbox One."

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hellrazor1728d ago

See you on release day Titanfall --:)

thrust1728d ago

Oh yes, it is one big reason to get Xbox one!

AnteCash1728d ago

or on PC ..or on xbox ....or on ps4 down the road....

thrust1728d ago

They have said they selfs the Xbox one version will be the best one!

The 360 version is done out of house by other devs.....

Hahahaha yeah you wait for it to come to ps4 I will be playing it. Oh yeshhhh.

AnteCash1728d ago

nah , looks generic like cod

akaFullMetal1728d ago

"in 2014" the rest of the quote says. haha Maybe grab the whole quote next time.

ShwankyShpanky1728d ago

Disagrees are cute. Disagree that the quote says "in 2014?" Too bad, that's what it says. Disagree that mathsman should have grabbed the whole quote? Why? Completeness and transparency are good for the consumer.

Godz Kastro1728d ago

Its the only reason 2014 exists!

TheFallenAngel1728d ago

I'm starting to think that they are over hyping this game. Only time will tell.

lastofgen1728d ago

if almost everyone's showering praises on the game, then that's telling.
it obviously has something that appeals to a broad group of gamers.

Brix901728d ago

The only reason lol...I guess if you have a PC or a 360 this reason is invalid.

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