Sonic: Lost World: Why Slowing Down is a Good Thing | IGN

IGN: "Sonic: Lost World isn’t about pure speed. The Blue Blur’s newest endeavor into the third dimension looks like his slowest outing yet at first glance. His normal gait couldn’t exactly be described as a sprint, and the breakneck, chaotic pace feels like it’s missing altogether as he jogs forward through the cylindrical levels.

But then, he runs up a wall. He flips over a tree, vaults over a low obstacle. He keeps his momentum going when, in past games, he’d be stopped dead in his tracks. He just keeps moving. It may seem like a small change at first, but the ability to keep the little blue ball in motion is perhaps the biggest change in the franchise."

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BosSSyndrome1639d ago

Fantastic article. Lost world is shaping up to be the best 3d Sonic to date.

animegamingnerd1639d ago

i don't know about that there is still the adventure games so maybe 3rd best then

Nerdmaster1639d ago

I loved both Sonic Adventures, but playing them again nowadays... They really didn't age very well...

mcstorm1639d ago

I agree not Been excited for a sonic game for a long time this one looks amazing though.

1639d ago