'Battlefield 4' and 'Need for Speed Rivals' built for Xbox One & PS4, says EA

One of the things that is in people's minds when it comes to buying games on Xbox One and PS4, when they are also going to be available on current-gen systems, is whether or not the next-generation version of a game has been sacrificed to accompany current-gen consoles? Is it worth it to buy an Xbox One and/or PS4 this November?

Today, we found out that both Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals have been built for the Xbox One and PS4 from the ground up. EA Games Label boss Patrick Soderlund talked about how these two titles have been made for next-gen.

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kizzle321707d ago

Well, at least they came out and said this to clarify...good to know the current gen systems didn't hinder the dev process and holding things back :)

3-4-51707d ago

that is why I would never buy a PS3 or 360 version of BF4.

with BF4, you NEED xbone or PS4 to fully or truly enjoy everything next gen about it.

decrypt1707d ago

"you NEED xbone or PS4 to fully or truly enjoy everything next gen about it."

How so? both of them still run the game in 720p :P

Just a get a PC, then you can claim "fully or truly enjoy everything next gen about it."

Majin-vegeta1707d ago

@decrypt *facepalm*There still isn't a set FPS of BF4 -_-.

Sevir1707d ago

Lol they don't run at 720p, they Run more likely at 900p or something above that but not quite 1080p

Nekroo911707d ago

@decrypt did you saw the gameplay at tgs?! because it was 900 upsacaled to 1080p

1707d ago
xKugo1707d ago

PS4 and XB1 will not be experiencing everything next-gen about this title. None of you will be gaming at 1080p/60fps at ultra settings because the hardware isn't capable of it, at least with this game anyway. More than likely 900p/60fps at medium settings which is OK, I guess.

nunley331707d ago

I would buy the current gen version if i wasn't planning on getting a ps4 or xbone right away. you'll enjoy bf4 just as much as bf3 on ps3 or 360,same goes with nfs rivals and hot pursuit. plus with that next gen upgrade deal,no worries about buying it and just upgrade a while later. i may not buy it right away myself.

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TheFallenAngel1707d ago

But was it made from the ground up from each system or made using one version and then ported to the other?

RuleNumber51707d ago

Don't think it matters for Xbox One and PS4, since they according to some devs, they are pretty much the same to develop for. I'd guess those two versions will be very similar.

MRMagoo1231707d ago

Well the dev did say one version will be better than the other between the ps4 and xbone, shu tweeted it with a grin emote add to that the fact the ps4 has the better hardware, one would logically presume its the ps4 version that is better so im guessing they did actually try to use the advantages of the better system.

DeadlyFire1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Mutliplatform developers/publishers fear creating favoritism for either console over the other. So they try to keep it the same across the systems. This likely means 1BX as the base platform to port to PS4. The resolutions I have heard about are roughly 900p for 1BX with TV upscaling to 1080p, and 1080p without need for upscaling PS4 games. I believe that to be 85% certain. Any multiplatform PS4 title running with less than 1080p is likely a 1BX port. That shouldn't hinder the game though like before as both consoles are pretty similar with tech. PS4 should have performance advantage later on with the more demanding games come out. :)

Imonaboat11707d ago

Wait isnt wii u next gen aswell? Ohh right it has the hardware of a current gen

LOL_WUT1707d ago

Ouch! ;)

But yeah BF4 on next-gen over current gen any day

7sEvEn1707d ago

I believe this game it's meant to be played on PC IMO in this state of next gen at least. Of course later in 2 yrs the frostbite engine w/ PS4 will more likely be optimized.

Obamanationn1707d ago

1st person shooters were made to be played on KBaM
thats were they started and thats were the best competition is , although one day PS5 or xbone 2 could announce native KBaM support and destroy the PC ecosystem but they wouldn't because they need to make money off of ppl breaking their controllers and "charging stations"

Goku7811707d ago

One of the things that will never leave my mind is repeated RROD with need for seed on 360. I may check the new one out on PS4.

XboxFun1707d ago

Yea, the same for me with YLoD for Mirror's Edge.

I'll definitely check out the new entries for the Xbox One though.

Goku7811707d ago

Did this really happen to you or are you just trying to go tit for tat?

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