Love the System: Our Favorite RPG Battle Systems

PixlBit | "Argue all you want about which RPG has the best characters and story, but neither of those things matter nearly as much as a game’s battle system. Since we typically spend upwards of forty hours in an RPG, the bulk of that time is spent fighting foes within the rule set the designers created, so it has to be compelling enough to keep pulling us along. Sometimes, a combat system is formulated with just the right amount of intricacy, a satisfying splash of spectacle, and exactly what was needed to get in our heads and keep us plugging away until we save the world on the brink of decimation. We’ve picked our favorite RPG battle systems and wanted to explain why we love them so dearly. Maybe you’ll gain an appreciation for a combat system you felt was a drag or you’ll decide to dig into a game you never tried before. Maybe you’ll think we’re daft and forgot the real greatest system around. We’re bound to have a big assortment of faves, so read through our picks and tell us what yours is too."

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Lucreto1672d ago

Grandia or Suikoden for me.

izumo_lee1672d ago

Valkyrie Profile & Xenogears!

GrandpaSnake1672d ago

i really like the shinning force style, chrono cross , legends of legaia , star ocean , valkarie profile , xenogears, suikoden , especially saga frontier and vagrant story.

SolidDuck1672d ago

My favorite battle system is knights of the old republic. Or dragon age origins, there very similar. I love how strategic u can be with your party, or set tactics and focus on your character.

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