Nintendo Wii crosses 100 million units in lifetime sales

The original Wii crosses a sales mark that only two other non-handheld video game consoles ever have before.

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sloth33951520d ago

im pretty sure it was announced months ago that they were over 100 million

Sev1520d ago

It was, on June 31st:

It wasn't buried by GTAV buzz, it was buried by the months of July, August, and September. LOL

jcnba281520d ago

I'm pretty sure this already happened but congrats to Nintendo none the less!

Death1520d ago

I wonder if these sales count yet? ;)

Congrats indeed.

Hicken1520d ago

Well yeah. I mean, they're not inflated numbers like the 360's, so why wouldn't they count?

Death1520d ago

You're on fire today buddy. Hopefully you didn't have that bad a weekend. Cheer up, things can always be worse.

Fishermenofwar1520d ago

Good feet..

But PS2 155 Mil...epic!!

AWBrawler1520d ago

DS did even more at 160 mil

Fishermenofwar1520d ago

Its a handheld...Did you notice any handhelds in the list???

Misaka_x_Touma1520d ago

but not as profitable as Wii. Wii has high attachment rate to games.

Fishermenofwar1520d ago

LMAO you really said that......

Misaka_x_Touma1520d ago

Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii, Just Dance 1-4, SSBB, Super Mario Galaxy and NSMBWii prove my point.

rainslacker1519d ago

I don't think you understand the concept of what attach rate is to a console.

Attach rate is the number of software copies sold per platform vs number of hardware units sold. To get the attach rate, you take the number of total games sold and divide it by the number of systems sold.

For most of this generation, after the first year or so of each console's release, attach rates were pretty even, and they swapped places here and there, with the Wii dropping off sharply the past few years. The PS2 has an LTD attach rate of 10.5-15.4(depends on what source you go by), and Wii has an attach rate of 6.1-8.9(again varies by source).

Wii was profitable off the bat because the hardware wasn't sold at a loss. The software was generally also cheaper to make, hence more profitable. But that has nothing to do with attach rate, although cheaper made games can at times negatively affect attach rate.

You can't take single(or several) high selling games to prove attach rate is high. You could do that for any system, but saying that 360 sells a lot of COD and Halo games, doesn't mean that it's attach rate is sky high, just that it has popular games on it. Although, PS3 and 360 attach rates are pretty close this gen, before anyone decides to hate me.

mcstorm1520d ago

Well done big N now lets see you push the Wiiu.

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