Square Enix Shares Details and First Screenshots of Dragon Quest X’s Upcoming Expansion

Today Square Enix Shared some details and the first official batch of screenshots of the upcoming expansion of Dragon Quest X titled Sleeping Heroes and Allies on the Road Online.

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Crystallis1637d ago

Ag, why cant they release these on Sony's platform?

Goku7811637d ago

Perhaps playing it safe? FF on everything else.

Abriael1637d ago

They're avoiding direct competition between their two MMORPGs. Final Fantasy XIV is on Sony's consoles, DQX is on Nintendo's. Personally, I think it's a good business decision

Crystallis1637d ago

agreed. i love DQVII on the ps2. Shame haven't played a DQ since.

3-4-51637d ago

We really need this game in the US.

If not the MMO, at least a single player version of it.

No point in creating all that gameplay, art, music and story and not letting millions of us experience it.

Drithe1637d ago

Even though I LOVE the DQ series, it would not do well here in America. Play FF 14. You will love it.