Curriculum Vita

Chris re-examines the PlayStation Vita after 5 months and makes another terrible pun.

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Gridloc1729d ago

Another worthless opinion. Don't like it, don't buy it.

Hicken1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Most people's opinions are full of crap.

Edit: Or, I should say, full of themselves.

Locksus1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Really? when a person's opinions don't align with yours, they're immediately crap?
Cry me a river

3-4-51729d ago

Sometimes people's opinions ARE "crap" though.


It's your opinion that GTA 5 won't sell more than 2,000 copies total over it's lifetime.

* While that IS your opinion, it's an unintelligent one and therefore it's "crap".

Understand now ?

Locksus1729d ago

Yes, but that doesn't apply to this article, though.
While the opinion you used as an example doesn't make any sense, the author's opinion is well presented and he really makes some great points.

Locksus1729d ago

Nah, the author actually makes some pretty decent points and it's not all criticism. He said that he actually likes the Vita now.
But you would know that already if you had actually read the article and wouldn't be clouded by your fanboyism.

Gridloc1729d ago

Didn't realize saying a opinion is worthless, would make me a fanboy. Just what am I a fan of? An opinion? Not this one anyway....

Locksus1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

But why is his opinion "worthless"? That's a stupid thing to say. He raised many valid points, but also commended the system.
Plus, you proved that you hadn't read the article when you said "Don't like it, don't buy it", which is wrong, since he did state that he likes the system now.

strigoi8141729d ago

What worries me is, i dont see any psvita on my local bestbuy im wondering arent they selling one..

dcj05241729d ago

I'll have to agree to disagree. The vita just isn't for you i geuss. You don't really like the games, when touch is implemented in meaningful ways (Gravity Rush, Killzone:Mercanary, TearAway, Little big planet Vita ect...) you don't recongnize it then it simply isn't for you. Its the same reason I don't have a XBOX 360 it has many fantastic games but most don't appeal to me. Just switch XBOX 360 with PSVITA and I/me with you and itsvthe same thing. Some people still don't like PS2.

ruefrak1729d ago

This guy won't buy until there are great exclusives he can't play anywhere else. The counter to this is people who want to cross play games where they play on the PS3 at home and then continue on the Vita when they're on the go. For me, it's not either or. The Vita has a ton of great games and the Vita is the most convenient way for me to play them. I'm mostly playing it around the house when I have a burst of free time.