GTA Online will support 16 players, not 32 - Rockstar Confirms

Rockstar dismisses increased player count report as "rumour".

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Stuntz1730d ago

Man with this and the pay to win theory gta online could be very disappointing this sucks

Feralkitsune1730d ago

Pay to Win? Are there Micro transactions? Also, is this even a competitive multiplayer game?

hobohunterz1730d ago

You can buy money for online characters, allowing you to buy properties and upgrade cars etc.

DoctorJones1730d ago

Where does this info come from?

Stuntz1730d ago

Doctor Jones it was posted that micro transactions will exist so yes more money more equals property cars ammo etc. It was posted on n4g like an hour before this article.

3-4-51730d ago

Easier to make it lag less with 16 players in the world rather than 32.

I'm assuming with a PS4 or xb1 version they could easily do 32 or 64 players in the world.

Still, it's 16 more players than 0, which is what we could have.

As long as we get to sell stolen cars, and stop bank heists or do them ourselves and try to get away without the other team catching us, then I'm fine.

Blaze9291730d ago

kinda disappointing - especially if you played SAMP before lol

superterabyte1730d ago

Some good times spent on SAMP. The RPG style mods were amazing.

thejoker10001730d ago

well that's disappointing

Starbucks_Fan1730d ago

Damn. 32 would have been so much fun, though it might be too chaotic.

Xsilver1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

i thought in a GTA game chaotic is what we wanted shit thats what i want. but 16 isn't bad either maybe if they make next gen versions we might see 32 players.

DeadlyFire1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Open World multiplayer on PS3/X360? No chance of 32 players with the amount of things they put in GTAV.

32 players likely would be PC or next gen versions if true.

We all know PS3/X360 top out at 24 players in 90% of their games and that is small scale games most of the time.

Gamesgbkiller1730d ago

On the back of the game case its says " 2-16 players "

I was surprised when I heard 32 players.

But its cool :)

Outside_ofthe_Box1730d ago

Exactly, 32 players surprised me when I heard it. 16 players is still good. I think GTAIV had that many as well and I still found it fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.