The Last of Us DLC Details Coming This Week

The Last Of Us DLC news coming this week - Bruce Straley announced on his Twitter profile.

xHeavYx949d ago

About time. I just hope it's coming out soon, otherwise I'll lose myself on the GTA V Multiplayer

Eonjay949d ago

I am literally frightened by the awesomeness sure to ensure.

Ripsta7th949d ago

Whoaaa!! This site sure does take brand loyalty serious, Heavy a very well known Sony fanboy disagreed because prefers GtaOover TLOU

CaptainSheep949d ago

Probably the ONLY DLC I'll buy on day one!

xHeavYx949d ago

You should get the season pass for discounts, if you plan on getting it day 1

Conzul949d ago

Same for me, xcept for Festival of Blood.

goldwyncq949d ago

I hope it's not multiplayer dlc.

Jack_Of_All_Blades949d ago

It's just outfits for the characters


Ezz2013949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Finaly, was waiting for this Singleplayer DLC since my first playthrough with the game
can't wait

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