It's Nintendo's 124th birthday today

Today, Nintendo is celebrating its 124th birthday.

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TekoIie1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I remember when I first looked up how old Ninty was. Got a BIG surprise when I found out they've been around for over a century :)

Thehyph1426d ago

That happened to me, too.

Even more crazy for me was a Wikipedia article of the day being about some plane Mitsubishi made and how it was probably the most commonly manufactured suicide plane in WW2.

3-4-51426d ago

it's weird to think that for whole generations of people, Nintendo meant something OTHER than video games.

-Mika-1426d ago

And judging from the lack of comments and heat. Noone cares.

DoctorJones1426d ago

You must care though, because you took the precious time out of your busy schedule to post a comment. You little Nintendo lover you.

Goku7811426d ago

Best times were playing NES River City Ransom with my nephew!

DoctorJones1426d ago

Wow, and I thought my Nan was old.

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The story is too old to be commented.