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From the interview, "When it comes to an ”entertainment app” on the iPad, that’s pretty much just hi-falutin’ language for a game, but The Winston Show takes entertainment in a new direction. Winston is a talk show host, with a sidekick (of course) Ellington, and he talks to and interacts with the iPad user. Yes, it’s been sort of done before, with toys like Teddy Ruxpin or even on the PC like with Seaman, but only takes a few moments to see that Winston is several cuts above what’s been done before. Part of this is almost certainly the Pixar effect, as developers ToyTalk employ a number of former Pixarians (as they call themselves), including ToyTalk co-founder and hair model for Mr. Incredible, Martin Reddy.

Gamertell was fortunate enough to track down and talk to Scott Ganz, story writer for the show (and former writer for The Muppets), about the new show with you as the guest star."

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