PlayStation Plus: Rayman Origins Free for Members

By Kristine Steimer: "Ubisoft Montpellier recently released Rayman Legends, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Rayman Origins. An ever-charming, colorful platformer, Rayman Origins will get you reacquainted with the armless, legless hero who first appeared on the original PlayStation. Rayman is perfect on the PlayStation Vita, and PS Plus members will be able to experience this game for free when it enters the Instant Game Collection tomorrow."

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Majin-vegeta1703d ago

Man i wish there was a way to get some of the older titles.I barely got PSN+ and I missed a lot of games :(,

pedrof931703d ago

I wish we could have PSone classics with Ps+.

Imagine that.

xHeavYx1703d ago

Funny, I was thinking last night how cool it would be to play Driver 2

WeAreLegion1703d ago

Did you not get any of the PS One classics while they were a regular feature of PS Plus?

Thehyph1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

What Legion said.
They did offer a few PS One classics last year for a while. I believe they got rid of doing them when they took up PSP and Vita games on the service.

edit: PS One classics are great on Vita, albeit not free, of course. If anything, they should be played on Vita instead of PS3. I say this because PS One games did not age well when thrown on a modern HDTV. The Vita's smaller screen makes them look better.

pedrof931703d ago

I actually just subscribed in june.

vigilante_man1703d ago

I play the ones I bought on the Vita and they play great. My PSP games even look and play better as well!

In Europe we got this Origins already. Its a great looking game.

FamilyGuy1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

They were giving out PS1 classics before they started passing out the bigger titles that we see nowadays. I think I remember seeing Castlevania SOTN go on PS+ for free and that being one of the few moments when I first started considering the value of subscribing.

The games got better and better but they never revisited any games that came and went so I eventually jumped when I saw some games I really wanted pop up. I didn't want to miss out on anything seeing as once it's gone they (so far) never come back.

I wish they'd give out PS1 classics again though, those ones you got to keep forever, even if you didn't resubscribe you got to keep them with no restrictions.

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Anon19741703d ago

I'm quite happy to be playing this title again. My toddler lost my copy months ago and I assumed I was just SOL. Now I get a chance to finish a great game. :)

Mr-SellJack1703d ago

Haha i have it already on the eu IGC long time!

DeadManIV1703d ago

Far Cry 3 on Wednesday for EU!!!

strigoi8141703d ago

Im really pissed when i own the game already then PS+ send it as part of the game collection...sigh

ShwankyShpanky1703d ago

Thankfully this is for the Vita version. I say "thankfully" because I just bought the PS3 version a couple months back because it was like $5 with the PS+ discount.

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The story is too old to be commented.